University of Valley Forge Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school is not a good place for a person who is strongly opposed to Christianity.


The only person who should not attend my school is the one who is unwilling to work hard, make no friends, and refuses to have an open mind. Otherwise it's fair game.


A person who doesn't believe in God and who is not religious at all. A person who has problem with authority figures or has moral issues.


Individuals who are not interested in being in the Christian ministry field should not go here.


A homosexual. An athiest or anyone who doesn't believe in God strong.


The type of people who shouldn't attend this school are ones who are double minded. When one goes off to college, they can start a completely new life and nobody will know it. Especially at our school, we have a policy towards no partying, drinking, or drugs, sex, or anything along that line. In some ways it's a little harder to have good relationships on this campus because many people hide things about themselves due to these policies. I have seen a lot of friendships and relationships broken from this.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard and learn alot.


Someone who is into the partying scene. Drugs, smoking and alcohol are not tolerated, and neither is sex. If you care little about moral values or a relationship with God, this is not the school for you.