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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Look around before you decide...Make sure that you know that the college you will choose is the right one for you! Make sure you understand all the rules BEFORE signing up for a college...


When looking for a collge, I wouldn't look for popularity or what school has better sport teams. Instead I believe that it is more important to look at the academic side of the school and the relationship that will there be between the students and the adminstration/professors. I do not think that name of the school is as important at the morals and beliefs that the school has. That is a key necessity when searching for a college. You want to make sure the college you are going to shares the same beliefs as you do because if not that is going to make your learning experience more difficult. You will find yourself debating with the Professors because that have a different stand point than you do. So, I believe that key factor when searching for colleges is beliefs.


Firstly, i would ask them what their passionate about and what they love to do. Then i'll ask them how they would make money doing what they love, wht kind of profession would they need. I'm going to school for music performance, and it's sometimes hard to think about how i'm going to provide for myself. it's not like i'm going to be a rock star, and i can't teach. So hear i am, paying twenty thousand dollars to be good at open mic nights. I'm chasing a dream. That's good, but i also need an income to survive. The advice i would give to you is this: figure out what you want to do with your life; don't just go to a certain school because your friends are going there or your parents went there. Find the answer in your heart and let it lead you.


I'm not sure.


My advide to parents and/ or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is first of all to be open to some of the standards of the school. We can often learn things from those whose views differ from those of our own. Another important aspect in choosing the right college is to make sure the overall experience would be one that offers you everything you are looking for. If ypu are choosing a school because it is known for it's party atmosphere you may want to ask yourself why you are going to college. The world needs people who take their field and studies seriously, and put in the required work and determination to be prepared for a life of service. Grace and peace, Frank Strauss


Visit the colleges that you are considering and get a feel for the atmosphere. Nine times out of ten, you'll know where you feel comfortable right away. Once at college, be confident and outgoing and make good friends who will stand by you. Balance time for academics and there will be plenty of great social time. Work hard, and have tons of good fun!