University of Valley Forge Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Valley Forge know before they start?


My college experience has been one that I am very grateful for. At first I was a little nervous because of the unfamiliar surroundings and the educational requirements that I would have to meet. Although after a couple weeks I got so comfortable that it was easy for me to talk to anyone in the college. Everyone there is so friendly and the close friends I made took my college experience to a new level. The classes were enjoyable because of the content, the professors, and the interaction within the class. My advisor made my college life easier. When I transfered so many of my classses that I was advised to take, benefited me later and I am grateful for that. My community college education was one of the best because it did not only prepare me for my bachelor's degree but gave me the opportunity to have a fall back which was my associate's degree. If I could I would do it all over again.


My college experience has been a very rewarding one, and because of it, I have been able to discover what I want to do with my life. When I began, I was undecided on what I wanted to major in, and actually changed majors twice before I settled on the right one: music. I am very passionate about the performing arts, music, piano, theatre, choral conducting, etc. and I didn't know how to streamline all those interests into one field. Because of my excellent college experience so far, I have learned to know myself so much better and have been able to discover exactly what I want to do the rest of my life. Not surprisingly, I want to become a choral director, and teach at a highschool or community college. I want to help students like my wonderful teachers have helped me. I have been able to keep up a 4.0 GPA for my entire time at college (around 2 years), and I can only say that it is because I am so enthusiatic about my education. I love being a college student, and I am very blessed and grateful that I have this opportunity to learn.


I have gotten so much out of my first semester at college. Experimenting with people, classes, professors, and even the time different from home. Managing my time has been something I have learned much more, and it has been preparing me for the next semester. Some classes are more difficult than others, but it doesn't keep me from striving for an A in each one. I value my education, because I want to be successful in life later on. I don't want to be living on the edge, and would rather be safe and content knowing I have a good substantial job to pay the bills. I love being at college, and being my own person. Independance is something I value almost as much as my education. I want to be able to be good at what I want to do. College is the place for me.


I was fortunate enough to attend college in my junior and senior year of high school, and that experience definitely helped me grow in maturity and as an individual; being in a setting where teachers treat you as an adult and with respect I think made all the difference in making me the mature and confident individual I am. I think that the way high schools treat students is completely degradating and confuses students on how to aproach college as an adult, as until they reach an adult age they're treated just like small children and constantly constrained and told what to do. Now, my peers in college treat classes and teachers with the same level of concern and importance as they did in high school; or, none. As long as high schools don't give students choices in they're education, or allow them to be responsible for themselves, they'll enter college and adulthood the exact same way, and I believe are set-up to fail themselves. For students to respect themselves, others, and they're futures, they need to be respected themselves. After all, children are simply small adults.


During my college expirience, I discover more and mroe of who I truly am on a daily basis.


Thus far I have not yet enrolled in college. I am currently searching for college funding. To me a good education is key. It will allow me to better my skills and obtain a good job to help both myself and my family.


My college experiencehas been fantastic. I have had the privilege to work with people that know my field of study. They have provided me with the tools I am going to need to suceed. The teachers work side by side with you to make sure you understand wich is really nice since I get easily lost. Since they are helping me learnso much it has also improved my confidence levels about working in what I want. For that matter they have tought me beyond what I wanted to do wich is be a chef to running every part of a restaurant. The curriculum also has financial planning and other classes to help if I disiered to have my own buisness. The students there are great because they have the same passion I do so it releaves a lot of tension since we are all on the same page. Honestly going to Le Cordon Bleu was the best thing I ever did.


I have gotten so much information that has been applicable to my career and also to my personal life. I have grown so much stronger through my studies at Valley Forge, and have really begun to develope who I am and where I fit into the world. It has been valuable to attend here because it has given me strength and direction for my life after college, and has helped me know who I am and how I can help strengthen others as well in my life.


It was valuable for me to attend college because I learned a lesson that will stick with me for the rest of my life... Be prepared! When I started the first semester of my freshmen year in college, I was extremely unprepared. I did't have the money to pay for room and board, nor the funds to even buy books for my courses! Without much help from Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), finacial services at the unveristity, or my parents, I had to drop out of school my second semester in order to pay for the first semester. While my first semester was a great college experience (learning new things, meeting new people, and going to places I had never been) I wish I had been financially prepared so I could continue my education.


In my little time being here I have already grown spiritually and have learned so much. I look forward to the following years and dread the day I have to leave. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone and have made some lifelong friends and mentors. This was most certantly the best choice I could have made when deciding which school to attend. I have enjoyed being here and am excited to see what else I am going to learn, who I'm going to meet and what other plans God ahs for my future. Being here I have not only grown spiritually and academically but also as an individual I have been able to explore my own independance and I have learned how to deal with and make right decisions.