University of Valley Forge Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Valley Forge is the ability to offer a real fusion of faith, spirituality, and academics. There are teachers at this school that are brilliant and can and will challenge you and help you grow in your relationship to God if you let them. All this combined with chapel allows for a lot of mental and spiritual growth to occur if you put in the discipline.


Deffinatley the support from faculty and students alike. Everyone is encouraging, and wants the best for you. The faculty helps you to complete your education to your fullest ability. It is nice to be encouraged both educationally and spiritually.


The professsors, they have such passion to see us suceed.


The people here are diverse, and extremely friendly. It is not uncommon for a whole class to come in and do a study group together to make sure everyone passes the exams or papers. The professors here are well qualified indiviuals, who engage the class rather then lecture.


I think the assistance they provide is the best thing! They help with school work if it's not understood and they help financially!


The faculty is by far the best thing at this school. They are all very experienced in their different fields and they are also great and caring people. They really know what they are talking about and they really care to help the students.


The professors are the best part about the school. They provide much insight and care deeply about the students.