University of Vermont Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


I loved living on campus! I lived on campus a total of three years. I was a resident adviser (RA) for my sophomore and junior year. There are different varieties of res-halls some are suite style, some are traditional doubles, some are traditional triples, and then we also have private style housing. Our suite style options are programed based options. This means that the students living in that suite are all interested in one common topic, passion, or activity. We have programs that range from the "criminal minds" suite, to the "disney" suite, to the "greenhouses" where students live environmentally consciously...this is only a VERY small sampling of what our programmed houses actually offer. UVM reserves places in each of these programmed style suites for first years-you just need to apply in during your first-year! Aside from programmed style housing we also have traditional housing where there is a common bathroom on the floor and you share a room with one or two other UVM students. Overall UVM reslife is incredible. They create a safe and fun atmosphere to grow and develop in. Your RA plans programs on a monthly basis that helps you bond with other students on the floor (plus you get lots of free food!).


A 360 degree view of the lounge on my floor in Wing Hall


A quick tour of my dorm and surrounding area.