University of Vermont Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UVM is widely known for its spectacular surroundings. Between the mountains and lakes, beauty is not lacking at the University of Vermont. UVM's education is also ranked very highly. Their school of medicine is among the higest ranked schools in the country.


The University of Vermont is perhaps best known for its student activism and scenic location. Burlington, Vermont is a beautiful city nestled in the Green Mountains. It is home to a great deal of culture and vibrant energy. The students of UVM take the civil responsibilities seriously but seem to always have fun while doing it. It is not uncommon to witness multiple demonstrations in any given week at UVM. There are many passions, including the environment, workers rights, and international affairs, that are often discussed at public forums. Overall, UVM is a fun, energetic, and scenic community.


The University of Veront is known as one of the most up-and-coming neuroscience schools in the country. They are currently focusing on their Transdiciplinary Research Initiative program, and have dedicated a specific spire to Neuroscience, Behavior, and Health. The undergraduate Neuroscience major is only in its fourth year, but is already gaining credibility. It was because of this undergraduate program that I moved to Vermont from Oregon last summer. There is also the fact that the two individuals who wrote Alfred Adler's book about his theory of Psychodynamic Therapy were once on staff at UVM.


The University of Vermont is best known for its beautiful surrounding nature. Everywhere you turn on campus the mountains follow you. It is especially beautiful walking back to your room during sunset and looking at the sky over the mountains. During the nice weather you can go down to the waterfront and eat at a restaurant overlooking Lake Champlain. The proximity to the mountains allows students to go enjoy the winter nature and go skiing or snowboarding. When it's nicer out, students often enjoy the mountains by hiking or climbing. The nature possibilities are endless at UVM.


Liberal views, green environmentalists, hippies, agriculture and environamental fields, and the outdoors.


UVM is located in Burlington, which is a beautiful small city known for it's delicious food and shopping. UVM has an increasingly positive academic reputation.


hippies, environmental science & engineering majors, great skiing, cold winters


The Medical School, and the Environmental School.


UVM is best known for its activism amongst its students. Refered to many as a liberal school, many students will fight for social, enviornmental, and political change on both the local and national levels; many times proving that few people can have a large impact on society. Locally, many students educate others of the need to recycle. There are also advocates for the LGBTQA at UVM who fight for rights at the national level. Activism in this school has given vermont students a sense of pride in diversity.


It's eco-friendly lifestyle.


My school is best know for it's great academic quality, closeness to beautful mountains for skiing and hiking and emphasis on community and environmental involvement.




Very community oriented, friendly, green, liberal, active and fun.


Being environmentally conscious.


The school is best known for it caring and respecting environment


Very green, very liberal, fantastic school for people who are interested in exploring diversity among gender. Is not very racially diverse, but does promote acceptance and ultimate equality. Has a reputation for pot and drinking, but it can be avoided if you do not want to get involoved with it. VERY outdoorsy and most people ski/ride.


My school is best known for its accepting and welcoming attitude. Any alumni that I have ever spoken to about the University of Vermont has always had a positive experience to share with me, and I think that the majority of students and alumni are truly proud to be /have been a part of such a wonderful community. I love the atmosphere of my school.


Being "green" and offering a wide variety of options in every type of environment whether it be academic, social, athletic, religious, ect.


It's probably best known for being green, although in actuality the University is not as green as it claims to be. There are a lot of students who are environmentally-focused, however, and are into forming networks such as local food buying groups.


Being liberal and skiing.


Groovy UV


Being green!


University of Vermont is best known for it's great location. During the warmer months, kids can go to the beaches on Lake Champlain ,relax for a day, kayak or canoe. Or students go hiking on one of the surrounding mountains Camel's Hump and Mt. Mansfield. During the colder months, there are numerous ski areas from half an hour (Bolton Valley) to an hour and a half away. (Jay Peak, Stowe, Smuggler's Notch, Mad River Glen, and Sugarbush. All of these surrounding areas are accessible to students and make a great playground while getting your undergraduate degree.


UVM lies at the heart of Burlington and it happens to be one of the cleanest and healthiest cities in America. Church Street is stocked full of great eateries, shopes, and culture. UVM has a great sports culture, you name it, it has a court or field for it.


Environmental, liberal, hippies, laid back, weed


ECO-FRIENDLY/ Amazing people


This school is best known for its education and students wanting to strive to do well and perform their best. I think this school also does a great job of helping you find out who you are and becoming well rounded. There are so many opportunities for you to do here and new things to try to do and new experiences to constantly have.


Pretty good mens basketball... and mens hockey. Great Nursing school, engineering is pretty big, and agriculture.


UVM strives to be the premier environmental university. While this is always a changing struggle, environmental fields at UVM are some of the best in the nation and they are staffed by leaders in their respective fields.