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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Ski and Snowboard Club.


Most popular activity- skiing and snowboarding. The ski and snowboard club is one of the largest on campus. After that hiking , biking, and anything else outdoorsy. We have a great outing club that provides excursions every weekend for a small fee. The fraternity and sorority scene is small but tight nit, students involved generally enjoy being a part of them. At any given time at UVM there is someone awake who wants to hang out, which is a nice feeling. Most people meet there close friends in their dorms, but this is not always true. I have met many friends from various places, including my job, my classes and parties. There are concerts almost every night of the week and free movie tickets to the theater downtown. For 21-year-olds, there are a whole slew of bars to choose from, and for those under 21 there are parties every weekend although they often get broken up by the police.


The Ski and Snowboard Club is definitely the most popular club on campus. Although there are many, many people here who love to ski or snowboard, there are still those of us who don't own skis or a snowboard (like me...). At the beginning of the year, there's a huge club fair and all the clubs are out, trying to find new members. If you can't find something that interests you at least a little, your eyes are probably closed. I'm mostly in business related clubs, since I'm a business major. However, I'm also in juggling club (and am very proud to admit it!). In the beginning of the year, some people keep their doors open, but we started shutting the door in our room once the workload increased. The halls aren't too big, so you pretty much have at least seen everyone on your hall before. One thing that I must warn you about is the Naked Bike Ride. I have heard that it is quite the experience, but I have never participated... If you don't want to have anything to do with it, just stay away from Central Campus on that evening. Like every other college, there are parties on 'Thirsty' Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. If you're like me, and actually care if you're awake for your Friday classes, the parties aren't distracting, and some of them are off campus so they're not distracting to you say, if you're doing homework for Friday. Then again, feel free to party hard. It's all personal preference. If you're not a partier, there's plenty of stuff to do that doesn't involve drinking. Church Street is just a short walk or bus ride down the hill. For those of you who have never heard of Church Street, it's a street just for pedestrians - no cars. It's filled with all sorts of shops and restaurants - it's a nice place to be.


Technically speaking the most popular student group is the Outing Club. Basically this is a club on campus that leads 3-5 trips a week. These trips range from a simple hike to yoga at the top of a mountain, rock climbing, ice climbing, backpacking, etc. These trips are lead by certified students and provides a really great way for UVM students to get outside and challenge themselves. This is the biggest club because upon receiving your acceptance letter to UVM you immediately become a member of the outing club. With this membership you also get access to using various outdoors equipment for free or very cheap. The second largest club on our campus is the Ski and Snowboard club. 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our students are part of this club. With your membership you get discounted season passes to surrounding mountains (Jay Peak, Bolton, Stowe, Sugarbush, Mad River Glen) and transporation to mountains on the weekends. You don't have to be into either of these things to fit in at UVM. We also have greek life (10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body), and over 150 other clubs and organizations on our campus!!


The most popular activities and groups at UVM are the Outing Club and the Ski and Snowboarding Club. UVM is really active and most people like to hike, participate in club sports, and ski a lot! Students participate a lot in sports and regularly attend the hockey and basketball games. I cannot talk much about the theater department because I am not really involved in that part of the school, but I know that my friends who are in it love it. School-wide traditions like the Naked Bike Race, and broom ball have a wide-range of participants, and most people meet each other through extra-curricular clubs like the Running Club, the Alpine Ski Club, etc. Because UVM is in Burlington, there is also lots to do off campus from yoga, sailing, to working in coffee shops, etc. Usually, in the winter, I ski on the weekends, and use the week to finish homework, intern, and work, but there is lots to do if you have the time.


The University of Vermont provides a nearly limitless number of student activities and organizations to choose from, but perhaps the most popular is the Ski and Snowboard Club. Situated in northern Vermont and bordering the Green Mountains to the east, UVM gets a lot of snow during their long, cold winters. There are numerous winter resorts within reasonable driving distance of the main campus, and all give UVM students discounts on season passes. As the majority of the student body originates from Vermont and the rest of New England, winter sports are extremely popular at this school. I myself have greatly enjoyed being a member of the Ski and Snowboard Club since I arrived at UVM. If you don't like cold weather, then this is not the university for you; however, if you simply don't ski or snowboard, then UVM provides many other social opportunities from which to choose. For example, I am also involved with the Fly Fishing Club, the Wildlife and Fisheries Society, and the Rubenstein School Student Advisory Board. Be it student government, community service, or simply getting outdoors to have fun, there is something for everyone at UVM. There is even a Greek fraternity/sorority system, all of which promote student unity camaraderie. Athletics are also very popular at the school, especially hockey and basketball, both of which have gained national attention by advancing to the Frozen Four and March Madness tournaments in recent years. Without a professional sports team to cheer for in Burlington, the Catamounts are the greatest source of athletic pride for the community. UVM is also frequently host to an abundance of guest speakers of national recognition within their respective fields, including the Vice President and First Lady within the last year alone. As for the party scene, weekends are hardly ever quiet. No matter what organization or event you are interested in, UVM provides social opportunities for everyone.


The students mostly drink all weekend in the dorm rooms.


Tons of things to do. lots of guest speakers, great clubs...def. join up! I wish i had more time to do all of the things here....intramural sports, partying downtown, swimming at the beach in the summer. Students are always throwing a frisbee out on the green or playing wiffleball. The naked bike ride is great, same with springfest. People definitely party a lot, you can always find someone who will go out with you, but on the other hand there are always people doing other things, like watching movies or going biking or doing something outside like with the outing club. The big thing here is that people are very active!


There's always lots going on at UVM. Each week UVM sends out a calendar filled with guest speakers, films, concerts, events. During the week, people stay really busy with classes, school work and extracurriculars. Most partying only happens on the weekends (thursday for some too). Most people do drink but it's not a huge deal if you still go out but don't like to get drunk. Lots of nights my roommates and I will just stay in our dorm, chill, play games, watch a movie. Frats/Sororities, not here! Only a few but they're mostly just the small group of business students. Athletics are not so popular unless you're into the jock crowd which is fine too. Intramurals are great though.


UVM students sometimes tend to leave their doors open unless they themselves are inside their rooms. Athletic events are somewhat popular: Basketball and Hockey. If I was up at 2am (which i usually am) I would watch a James Bond movie. Naked Bike ride is probably UVM's Legendary tradition. I swear that event really loosens a lot of people up before finals. It makes me and my friends want to come back and see UVM again. Fraternities/sororities aren't as big as I thought but the tend to be "exclusive".


I think that sororities and fraternities should be banned.It breeds for an unhealthy dynamic between those who wear the letters and those who don't.It perpetuates the ridiculousness of popularity contests that should be left behind once graduating high school.There should be more involvement in regards to bettering the community that the campus resides in.I think the athletics department gets far more funding than it should.What do games have to do with education? Off campus I have a real life already.This is a blessing as well as a hardship.I appreciate school more than many of the students I have met but I have so much on my plate regarding adult responsibilities that I'm sure I miss out on the fun of going to college.It also makes it difficult to prioritize aspects of my life so that I can succeed in all of them.Being a single parent and going to school is hard.


Parties are a lot of fun, thats if you can get into the greek life houses. Otherwise the dorms are a lot of fun, especially in harris/millis. Students houses downtown are good if you're with your good friends. The best bet is probably if you are of age to get in the bars though. Students almost always leave their doors open and people party for a four day weekend usually. Thursday are a lot of fun. If you aren't into drinking, there is a concert hall down the road called Higher Grounds, which attracts some really good bands like State Radio and the Disco Biscuits.


Hockey is the most popular diversity one sport. SGA (student government association) is popular too! Students in residence halls leave their doors open! athletic events are popular, hockey being the biggest, guest speakers we've had -elie wiesel a holocause survivor and author of Night, among other famous speakers. On a sat. night that doesn't involve drinking there is UVM program board which puts on movies, dancing, bowling, and other activities to keep students busy!


There are so many clubs and extracurriculars on campus that is virtually impossible to be involved with everything. You can dance, take gym classes, do theater, join the ski and snowboard team, be on student government. I mean there is even an Elfish speaking club....yes from Lord of the Rings. UVM has everything, and even if you have never tried something before college is the perfect time to try new things! As for the night's amazing. You can go out drinking or you can have just as a good of a time watching a movie posted up on a big screen outside. There is a lot of partying, but that is not what UVM is all about. If you want to party you can, but if you don't want to, you won't be pressured.


Outdoor groups are cool. Students also organize outdoor activities amoung themselfs often. Lot of great guest speakers, which students should take advantage of. Big party scene, dating sucks. Fraternities/sororities are not extremly important. Most people are very friendly, I found it very easy to make friends from the first day which I kept all four years.


There is so much to do at UVM both on campus and around Burlington. There are a ton of clubs, greek life, activities both within dorms and the student center that students can get involved in. People are also really friendly and open, especially in the dorms. Most of the freshman dorms especially, people leave their doors open, or if the main door is closed, just a simple knock and you'll be greeted. It's very easy going kind of an atmosphere, but don't let anyone fool you, we still know how to have fun and party in quiet Vermont :)


Frat life is here but by no means prevalent. There are always activities for some club or event being promoted. There will always be concerts in the burlington area. Not everyone drinks or gets stoned but finding someone to do that with is almost never an issue. People tend to gravitate towards those that they get along with. In turn they end up figuring what it is that they really like to do. The friends i made freshman year really helped define who i am.


I lived on central campus, where the dorms were smaller (and kind of gross). Most students lived in Harris Millis, where there was more action. But you go out anyway on the weekends so it was nice to live in a smaller dorm during the week when I was studying. It may seem like the end of the world when you get a dorm that is not Harris Millis, but really you will make close friends in any dorm. And in the winter, people will chill in your dorm anyway because they have classes on central campus and want to get out of the cold. The social life is awesome, but it is easy to get sidetracked and pressured to forget your work. Just study during the week because the weekends are always good no matter what you do.


I live off-campus, and I do most everything off campus. If you want to go out Saturday night but don't want to drink, you could check out the Radio Bean, a nice cafe with live music nearly every night. 1 am in downtown Burlington can be a bit of a meat market--I'm glad I'm not in the dating scene much these days.


House parties are where it is at now that the campus police have really cracked down the dorms. That is good and bad. It means more freshmen ending up at seniors house's sometimes not that welcome there, but it also means fucking awesome house parties like you can't even imagine with live bands and costumes. Although the city is a bitch about noise. Dating: lots of hookups, lots of love. Probably the only real yearly tradition is the naked bike ride. Frats are not that important, but some of the less interesting people at UVM belong to them, if that is your scene.


I am a part of Feel Good, an organization that sells grilled cheese. All the profits are donated to The Hunger Project, which helps to find a sustainable end to world hunger. All of the food is donated and all the money we makes goes directly to the Hunger Project. All of my closest friends live in my dorm, are a part of Feel Good, or are in my classes. The dorms make you and your closest friends become a little family. If I am awake on a Tuesday night at 2am I am studying. Weekends (Thursday-Saturday) nights are different though, a dry campus? I think not! I know people that party once a week and I know people who party at least 3-4 nights a week. If you aren't drinking on the weekend, then you can catch dinner and a movie down town or hang out in a local coffee shop, you can even go bowling if you want to! The naked bike ride is a well know celebration of the last day of classes.


Athletics are a big part of UVM, but there are a lot of other clubs to be a part of. I personally enjoy the Marketing Club. We have a lot of speakers in the Business School, but at UVM as well. It's great. Fraternities and sororities aren't a big deal...Greek life is really not what it is at some other schools.


Hockey is the most well-attended Varsity sport. Soccer games are great. Basketball is getting better. Ski & Snowboard Club is the most popular student-run organization. The Student Government Association does a good job fostering student involvement and creating new opportunities for clubs and organizations. Students do not leave their dorm doors open. Tradition- Naked Bike Ride - Midnight on the last day of classes every semester. Yes, I have done it. And yes, you should too. Frats and Sororities are not that big, but are growing.


The biggest group on campus is the Ski and Snowboard club. I would have to say that almost everyone who ski's or snowboards on campus is part of the group (but not me for some reason). Living in the dorms is a great experience. Wether you live in the brand new University Hights suits, or in the old 1970's central campus dorms, you will leave swearing yours was the best floor ever. The most important tradition at UVM is its naked bike, where on the last night of classes the UVM community gathers along the road thru campus and watches as those that wish too ride, run, rollerblade and even walk by naked. It is a crazy scene and defiantly something to participate in.


Greek life has taken a few hard hits the past couple years, but it's still the biggest group on campus. Hockey games are the big events to go to; tickets go fast and kids have a grand old time at Patrick Gym cheering for the Catamounts. Dating is a bit of an oxymoron at UVM, either you're hooking up with someone or you're boyfriend and girlfriend. A lot of the people I know who have been in serious relationships have eased into them from hooking up with someone on a regular basis. Almost everyone I know has been with their best friends since day one. You usually make friends with the kids in your hall freshman year, and they will probably end up being your best friends of all. People party hard at UVM. Administration tries very hard to suppress drinking on campus, but it's hard to get in trouble if you are smart about it.


There are a ton of different clubs for almost every interest. For example, I am currently president of the juggling club here. How many schools have juggling clubs? Students love going to hockey and basketball events, and you will find our student sections a lot louder and a whole lot more hilarious than other schools'. Greek life is not really popular here, so while you do get your run-of-the-mill frat boy and sorority chic, they do not influence the campus social scene. Many students now go off campus to drink since UVM initiated a dry campus rule, but drugs are probably even more popular now because of that policy. For those who do not drink (and for those who do), the school holds fun events every night on campus so there are plenty of things to do for everyone.


Frats and sororities are somewhat important. Theres always a ton to do here...downtown, movies, parties, speakers, camping trips, skiing....


The most popular organization would have to be fraternities and sororities. This includes weekend partying.


Some of the activities that I take part in varies, due to my wide variety of likes and dislikes. I am part of the gymnastics team, sass(salsa) club, alianza latina member, active alana student, an active Medlife member, and an AdvoCat(tour guide). All of these groups are part of a enormous amount of activities available at UVM. There are sports team, student government, dance teams, outing clubs,etc. The list goes on and on due to the fact that students have an option to start their own club if non of the clubs available fit their liking.


Parties all weekend and downtown is hoppin, fraternities and sororities have lost importance and are really a waste of time and money


There are so many groups to join aorund campus. they range from 3 people to hundreds of people. Im in the UVMSSC ( ski and snowboard club) which includes about 700 students. It's a fun group that provides transportation to the local mountains and has alot of random fun activities throughout the year. Frats and sororities are not very common. I believe there are only 5 or 6 active frats. My friends and i probably venture to frats about twice a month. You usually need an invite though. There are alot of random house parties. Last weekend i was at the frisbee house one night and the snowboard house the next night. The only problem is, it's usually a 10 minute walk if you want to go out and party.


Not much to do in Btown but drink and party. Dorm life is a drag unless your a loser who enjoys the lame stuff that the RD's think is cool. Naked Bike/Run is something a lot of fun, always a blast with body parts flying everywhere. The school likes to push people off campus to eat and party so pretty much they are trying to get you screwed over.


The outing club is very popular. It organizes a large number of outdoor activites every semester. Many of the activities off campus are very expensive and/or involve skiing. One of the most worthwhile activities I have done was renting a bike and riding along Lake Champlain. It is gorgeous and worth every minute of it.


I live on campus, so I do a lot of stuff off campus. Me and my friends usually go to Pizza putt, before they added the laser tag arena, in the summer we go to the lake. We do go to church street, but mostly for food. THe sushi is great at Sakura bana. If I'm awake at 2 on tuesday I'm probably watching TV and dreading the next day. I work and go to class most days, haha. and my closest friends I met in highschool, and we have been friends ever since, we all grew up here and one of them goes to UVM and the other to Champlain.


men's basketball, ice hockey, concerts at higher ground, sga. suites are awesome, you're limited, but you have a family like setting. Larger dorms are great for meeting more people, but still have close bonds with a smaller group of friends. athletic evens are popular. Good guest speakers. we have one. this is college, people date, people fish around. Ills. Chillin with friends. Mardi Gras, 420. Party, a lot. not real strong, but present. Partied, and found the meaning of life. IRA and other organizations offer alternatives, movies, guest speakers. see what burlington has to offer, food, waterfront, and like noted earlier, we have some of the sickest mountains.


Ski and Snowboard Club is probably the biggest club. I'm personally involved with the UVM Pep Band, which plays at all of the home hockey games as well as some of the basketball games. It follows the hockey team on the road for playoffs. Not many students leave their doors open. Hockey games are very popular. Basketball and other sports are fairly popular, but have a long way to go. My closest friends transferred in with me from my former school. If I'm awake at 2AM on Tuesday, I'm either studying or drinking or maybe both. The Naked Bike Ride is something that happens at the end of each semester. Huge snowball fights always happen when there's snow. People party a lot, mostly at the end of the week. My fraternity is very important to me, and greek life as a whole gets great exposure campus-wide. On Saturday nights, there are usually athletic or other events to go to. Off campus, I like going to North Beach or going to downtown Burlington.


Most people in my dorm do leave their doors open, and i feel that we have a strong community. People party as much as they can, which can range from once a week to every day, but in almost all cases, I've seen it done responsibly and everyone watches out for one another. Saturday nights there are movies in the CC theater, but if you want you can pregame it... there's not much to do at night off campus, as the Burlington night life is pretty much aimed at people who are old enough to drink.


Frats do not matter, are fun for first semester freshmen girls but get old quickly.. Students leave their doors open, I try not to but never worry when it is not unlocked. 2am on tuesday im probably on the internet, sleeping or seeing a few friends if I do not have a lot of homework. Springfest is one of the best traditions in my eyes, as long as the celebration of 420. Saturday nights without drinking are boring, but I have only experienced one. Dating scene is completely non existent for some and others think there are a lot of selections. People party every fri and sat, sometimes on thursdays.


Ski and Snowboard Club, Outing Club. Raging party scene on the weekend. Just avoid the frat parties, where you'll get wasted, to be sure, but you'll also be surrounded by d-bag frat boys.


Hockey games are huge but SA Concerts is pretty big and there are always other groups on campus. Almost everyone leaves their doors open if they're home in my building, its a great way to get to know people. I met my closest friends through orientation (no, seriously I did) my freshmen residence hall and my fraternity. If I'm awake at 2AM on a tuesday I'm either eating, studying or watching a movie. Most people party 3 nights a week (thursdays are huge). My fraternity is hugely important to me but the presence of greeklife on campus is not that big compared to other schools. Last weekend I hung out with my roommate and sister who came up to visit and we went downtown for some food and relaxing. On saturdays you can catch a concert, head to church st. with some friends or just hang out with your hallmates.


Freshman year consists more of hookups and meeting as many people as you can. Sophomore year is when students discover who their true friends are and begin to date more than the previous year. A lot more relationships develop sophomore year. I made my closest friends by living with them in the dorms. By living with people you find similar characteristics with, you learn a lot more about them and form special bonds with them.


I am a writer for one of our school newspapers, The Water Tower. It is an alternative news source and I absoloutely love being a part of it. It makes me feel political and aware though I usually end up writing more from a social, personal aspect. I as also an orientation leader for incoming first years last summer. It was an amazing experience. I made some of my closest friends at UVM over the course of 6 weeks and I felt like I was really part of a great cause of helping people love UVM as much as I do. If I were awake on a 2 am on a Tuesday I would definitely be just hanging out with my roommate, watching TV, and totally just laughing and joking around. I would probably be tired in the morning, but somehow not regret having a silly time really not doing much of anything. Every year UVM has The Naked Bike Ride on the last class day of each semester. Anyone who wants to can participate and there are always a few hundred. Everyone always goes outside to watch, lining the sidewalks, cheering and laughing. It's sort of a weird tradition, but we all love it because it makes UVM unique and funny. People definitely party here, though mostly its on the weekends and not really during the week. It's really something students have to make a choice about. You can take it and party hard every weekend, or you can leave it and party responsibly or not at all. There is a lot of drinking and drugging, just like at every college, but it definitely isn't something every student does. Fraternities and sororities are kind of low-key here. Only 8{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body is part of Greek Life. Unfortunately, Greek life tends to be the butt of a lot of jokes among non-Greek students. It just isn't that popular up here in Vermont.


What did I do last weekend? Well, it was spring break...I was in the good ol' south, volunteering with a school group [another really big part of UVM...volunteering and student activism!] And athletic events? We get roughty, usually intoxicated, and incredibly proud of our Catamounts! Athletic events are by far one of the best parts of UVM.


the ski and snowboard club is enormous. since they instituted the no tolerance policy for drinking on campus kids only pregame in dorms and then go to off-campus houses to party. Kids end up spending a lot of time dealing with small disciplinary infractions that other colleges dont even bother with. at 2 am on a tuesday there are probably kids drinking or smoking somewhere nearby, and even more just watching movies (when its cold), and when its warm outside doing hookah or just hanging out. montreal is a great thing to have close by for a weekend of debauchery. And there are plenty of kids who ski 3 or 4 days a week at the best ski mountains in the east (Jay Peak, Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Stowe, night skiing at Bolton's park). Frats are not very important, mostly just freshman girls go to those parties, or guys who are rushing.


Men's Hockey and Basketball are quite popular along with the ski and snowboard club. I am involved with UVM Hillel, which is a Jewish organization that is growing rapidly. The number of Jewish students at UVM continues to rise. While Hillel has the students that want to get involved, they don't have the resources need to keep expanding. When RA's don't tell you to close your doors students will leave them open. Students can go out and watch movies with their friends on a Saturday night. Go for long walks or go swing on a playground. I go biking off campus and hiking. I go for long walks and see what is happening on church street.


I'm getting tired of this survey...but there is a ton to do here. it's endless. music, activism, sports, good food (stone soup is the shit). right now students for peace and global justice, star (animal rights), slap, and students against war, vstep (environmental group) are all great groups with many inspired people. im know im missing a bunch too. without these groups im scared to know what the administration would do. i worry the school is getting way to corporate, and there's little connection between their decisions and what the students, faculty and staff want. right now im part of a group called gathering of the minds that is bringing all different campus groups together in a coalition to divest from corporations that go against our values, and also to bring our workers livable wages. gathering of the minds is all about free range debate and collaborative art and music. the group was inspired by open mics at slade hall, which everyone should check out, and also the music festival gathering of the vibes. we saw that people at open mics were singing and reading about social change, and so we decided to make a group that combines activism with art and music. we're doing pretty well now, and will be holding gathering of the minds all summer at vermont roots reggae festival and hopefully at gathering of the vibes. ive been spending way too much time on the computer, like right now. i like to make art and play music


Athletic events are gaining popularity but they still don't dominate campus at all. The social scene is dominated by house parties. It's pretty cold out though so sometimes you don't want to go out, but prefer to stay on campus. It's hard because the UVM police department has totally stepped up their activity since the murder of Michelle Gardiner Quinn last year, so that means it's really hard to drink on campus. I can't wait to be off campus next year.


Apparently we get a lot of thefts on campus. It's generally a good idea to lock your door.


Dorms are okay to live in the first two years (there's a residency requirement before you can move off campus). It's fun to live with a bunch of kids but of course it sucks dealing with RA's for two years. People usually drink thursday-saturday and if you really want to find someone to drink with on one of the other of those days you probably can. Frats and sororities aren't that big, and most of the parties are house parties down town. The bars downtown are also pretty fun. The music scene is really good in Burlington, so if you want something else to do on the weekends you can definitely find a good show at one of the many venues around town.


The most popular organization of campus is the ski and snowboard club. Im involved with the Ski and Snowboard club, the international careers club, and im a manager of the ski and snowboard club. Athletic events vary in popularity with basketball and hockey being the most popular. Students often leave their doors open or unlocked in the dorms so people can come and do. The dating scene is good everyone is looking to meet new people. I met my closest friends in my dorm last year and this year. Im usually hanging out with friends watching TV or Movies at 2am or on some occasions im studying at that hour. Marti Gras of the North happens each year and it is an amazing experience every year. Frats and Sororities are not very important on campus. Last weekend I went to two seperate parties at two seperate houses and hung out with some friends and drank some beers.