University of Vermont Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Great academics with a ton of super supportive professors. They WANT you to succeed.


I brag about the University of Vermont's close-knit community and approachable faculty as well as the administration's efforts in having outstanding customer service regarding their assistance to students in becoming the best that they can be while at the university. I brag about my post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at the University of Vermont and its staff's eagerness to ensure that I am prepared to enter into the professional school of my choice and informed of all requirements and difficulties that I may face.


There are a lot of opportunities to enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. And ice hockey team is great. It is very quiet and everyone here is friendly. All the seasons except middle winter are great.


I brag about the the Neuroscience program! There is so much information that has come out of the biobehavioral labs in the Psychology department at this university! In fact, it was here that many important aspect about brain structures such as the amygdala and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis were discovered. Not to mention the fact that the University of Vermont was founded in 1791, the same year that Vermont became a state. So, the amount of history is just incredible. Plus, the arcitecture on campus definitely reflects that time period.


As far as talking to my friends about my school, I probably brag about the location the most. It is absolutely beautiful with the lake and the mountains right there. Burlington itself is a great college town. Big enough so there is a lot to do and you can get everything you need but small enough not to feel overwhelming or dangerous. I always felt safe there. The natural beauty and easy access to the great outdoors is worth bragging about!


That the environment is very chill and theres something for everyone,being on campus is like living on a playground 24/7 but you still know that your getting a good education withouth having a care in the world.


beautiful mountains, laid back atmosphere, friendly people, cute/convenient downtown area, lake, availability of outdoor activities [hiking, canoeing/kayaking, walks, skiing, biking, swimming], the beach


THe location and the great academics,


The library, the city of Burlington and my house I am renting.


When telling others about my school, I tend to speak about the openness of my campus. Everyone is so open and respective of the opinions of others. The UVM campus is also very environmentaly conscious: recycling and composting stations are all around campus, and many students are involved in environmental programs.




I usually talk about how simple life can be at UVM. A typical day could be sitting on a porch with a grwler of Magic Hat and some friends. The summers in Burlington are very slow because most of teh students go home. i always felt bad for them because they missed the best weather Vermont has to offer.


I feel like we have a little of everything; no matter what your social scene/hobbies/interests, there's a place for just about everyone. And there is no shortage of groups and activities to get involved in that represent a broad variety of interests. And I can't speak for the whole university, but the department I was in did a great job (for the most part) of applying our education to real-world issues.


I loved the location...the beach/lake, mountains, and downtown areas all make Burlington unlike any other college town I have seen.


people are very friendly, worldly, good community


friendly people, parties, town of burlington, campus concerts,


The surrounding area and the challenging coursework.


How great the Burlington area is and how fun my classes in my degree are, Recreation Management. How much fun we have in small classes with our proffesor's, and how hands-on they are.


How much fun it is, the bar scene, the quantity of quality girls and the snowboarding


That we are one of the greenest campuses in the US.


Good social life, burlington is a great city


My cool science classes and opportunities for hands-on learning


Best skiing to be found in the east.


The urban ninja population here is prolific and active.


Home city is much larger than most cities other students come from


If you've never experienced Burlington Vermont, you've truly missed out on what i consider to be one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. If you love the fresh-air and the outdoors it doesn't matter what time of year it is, Burlington is magnificent. Downtown Church Street is full of life and one of the most unique streets you'll find anywhere and whether its 85 degrees enjoying the summer sun at the waterfront or 30 degrees in the winter cold on the slopes, Burlington is truly the place to be!