University of Vermont Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is not uncomfortable with sharing their point of view.


Students who value both a quality education and a qualitiy experience. Student who love the outdoors and are interested in leading an active lifetsyle will love Vermont. Those looking for a downtown that is fun but not a huge city will love Burlington!


A liberal person that isn't a afraid to work hard and is driven towards their career goal.


Groovy UV offers a wide variety of academic, extracurricular, and social activities. For a free-spirited lover of life and all that it offers, this is a beautiful place to be. Get to know yourself here and in the meantime get to know the lake, the trees, the mountains, the people. Surround yourself with whatever makes you a happy and healthy human. Find the field of study that draws you in close and grants you a newly enlightened understanding of the world you live in.


Earthy people.


Someone who loves the outdoors, likes to get involved in campus groups or communal groups, someone who wants to be at a big school with lots of spirit, but also wants the feeling of a small community within a town like Burlington.


When I say that all different type of people attend the University of Vermont I am not kidding. Burlington is one of the most friendly and accepting places I have ever been to and at times I have even described it as a fairytale town. We have people on the whole spectrum of gender, sexual orientation, race, what interests you, etc. There are clubs for horse back riding and hiking and making grilled cheese to sell to students and pass the money on to charities that need it. The people here are really open-minded and everyone is amazing.


Anyone with a passion for the outdoors should come to Vermont. It is easy to appreciate the area's beauty and there is constantly something to do outdoors, no matter how cold it gets. Also, if the student is environmentally conscious and wants to find new ways to live well, UVM offers a great platform for being green.


A fun-loving, academically savy, person who loves the outdoors and enviromental friendly living.


Anyone can attend this school because it is very diverse and there are people here from all over the world and all types of social groups.


Someone with enough money.




All different types. Smart, drinkers, outdoor enthuesists, skiiers, hikers, bikers, environmentalists, fraternity/sorority.


Someone who loves the outdoors and cares about the environment. Also someone who likes a small town.


Enthusiastic Driven Smart Determined Nice


A liberal student who is focused on research, networking, and practical hands on training


adventurers, lovers, hikers, bikers, skiers, boarders,


Anyone that is into a chill atmosphere and has a relatively strong desire to learn will fit in well here. Prospective drug dealers usually do well until they get caught or fail out. This school is also well suited for those that have no desire to learn and a strong desire to experiment.


The school seems to invest in the environmental science, business, or engineering programs, but there's something for most interests. The outing club hosts all kinds of outdoor activities. In general, the campus is beautiful and Burlington is great. You're education is really what you make of it anyhow. Almost any personality could fit.


A thoughtful, well rounded student who likes winter. Politically liberal leaning, tolerant, good student who likes to have a good time.


Anyone not afraid of winter, who likes skiing/snowboarding, who wants to go into business, engineering, environmental studies, liberal arts, is very liberal, likes a good bar scene, likes cannabis, and likes a combination of a laid back rural setting mixed with the energy of a college town.


Someone open-minded, social, liberal, and environmentally conscious - If you aren't these things, you will feel left out.


Anybody with an open mind and eagerness to learn.


Outgoing, relaxed, fun, liberal, likes cold weather


Someone who is for green/environmental friendly living, liberal, and wants world peace.


Anyone who loves the mountains, lakes, the environment, being outdoors; anyone who is a liberal, an activist; anyone who likes having a sense of community without having to go to a college where you know absolutely everyone there.


a student not distracted in the least bit by an active social life.


The kind of person that should attend this school can be anyone, there are a variety of people at this school and everyone fits in. It doesn't matter if you are athletic, a prep, punk, artist, nerd, anyone can come to this school and not be judged and fit in.


A very independent, driven person.


A person who is open-minded, love diversity, is motivated to learn, loves nature, is social, and has respect for their environment and people:)


A person that is academically advanced and also a social person. It is a fun school with a lot to do and a lot to offer. Burlington just may be the best college town in the nation in my opinion, but I am biased.