University of Vermont Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Administration doesn't value a lot of the things that the student body values (like supporting the arts and paying faculty well) and it takes a lot to get them to listen.


The lack of parking for students who are commuting to class. Also, professors don't seem to take commuters into consideration when thinking about classes, if the weather is bad they still expect you to stay.


The land lockedness


I Iove UVM overall but it is very pricey for a state university. I feel I am getting a great education but I am also a very focused and goal oriented student. I may have to leave UVM because I have run out of financing to pay for my last 2 years


The University of Vermont is not exceptionally proficient at providing internships, research opportunities, or working positions to students. The university is large and prides itself on having many resources and networks. However, those resources seem to be specifically located in certian departments and not available to the general student population. Furthermore, the university's networks are reasonablly sized on the northeast, but lacking in other parts of the country.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost of tuition and fees ($498 per credit)! As a non-traditional adult student paying for college on her own, this is a huge expense. The school is state-funded; however, very little funding actually comes from the state, so the costs resemble those of a privately-funded school. To make matters worse, the school does not offer much in the way of grants and merit scholarships and offers very little to non-traditional students.


I find that the most frustrating thing about my school is how spread out the dorms are. My classes are all approximately a 20 minutes' walk away, and some of my friends live up to a 30 minutes' walk away...and we all live on campus!


The most frustrating thing about UVM for me would have to be the financial aid department. I have never had more trouble dealing with a part of a school or program than I have had with them. They are not good at listening to your needs, and are very slow to respond, as well as deal with the work in front of them. Most of the employess [espcially that of the study abroad group] tend to look down at you and not fully fufill what you need for your specific program, or answer questions fully to your understanding.


Job placement


Dealing with getting into classes and finding more financial aid. Also, the high out of state tuition is ridiculous.


Good question. There may be things that i do and don't like, like the addition of the Davis Center, or the food point system, but i cant say that anything is all that fustrating. I guess the most fustrating thing is the pricing of the school. Way too much for what we do and get along in that school when it comes to services living on campus!


Finding affordable and convenient off-campus housing. My senior year I moved into an apartment and the nearest one I could afford was a mile away, downhill, just inside the ghetto. The apartment itself was fine, but I wished it were a lot closer.


I can't think of any one thing that is most frustrating about UVM. At times there are some people that don't posses the qualities that I described above, and that is frustrating. I think a problem that the university has is its growing student body. This year there are more people living on campus than ever before. Because of the increasing student population UVM has been forced to put students into "triples" and hire new faculty. With the hiring of new faculty sometimes the teachers are not as experienced in teaching as they should be.


When to file FASA and when to file for a parent loan.


The amount of wealthy students who pretend to either not be, or that are out to save the world from all its troubles. Or, the somewhat frequent freezing weather




campus dining, off campus housing


Not enough diversity.


Too much money for a state school. I don't have to worry too much about finance but I have friends who will be in debt for a dacade after graduation. The meal plan is also bogus.


UVM is great school. However, it is not perfect. The beautiful city of Burlington offers most neccessities. But if you want to go to a better selection of movies, bowling or food shopping at a bigger store you best have a friend with a car. The bus systems are useful but the extra half hour of riding on the bus to get to a place 5 min away can be tedious and annoying. But this usually doesn't matter too much, because there is always so much going on that you don't need to leave campus.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that it is sometimes difficult to get the classes you want right away due to the amount of students versus the amount of courses offered.


That you have to live on campus for 4 semesters.


The most frustrating thing about my school are the students who do not consider learning a priority and choose to try for good grades rather than expand their minds. This is present in many of my classes, especially the general education classes students take early in college.