University of Vermont Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I can't just pick one thing that is the best about my school. It has all the perks of a big school but also has all the perks of a small school because its right in the middle sized school. It has tons of extrcurectular activities, and always something going on, even in all seasons. Everyone at the shool is so friendly and the school is beautiful.


The diverse amount of majors. We have a school of agricultural sciences, health sciences, business, community studies, and arts & sciences. You can find everything from Classics to Neuroscience here.


Campus life. There are always new people to meet. Everyone is so friendly.


everything. I love everything about UVM. This school is where I found myself. I became comfortable with who I am here, found the friends who I know I will have for the rest of my life and have been the happiest I've ever been. I love the option of going to the backcountry here and the opportunity to spend time outside.


There are a lot of good things about UVM but I suppose the best thing would be the student / professor interactions. It's not a small university but most class sizes are small enough that you really get to know your professor. I was on a first name basis with a lot of my professors and they really knew me and who I was. You are not just a number or another face in the crowd at UVM. I consider this a valuable reason to attent UVM.


Besides the learning enviournment, the school attempts to make every individual comfortable. Unfortunally, I battled with a vicious eating dissorder during high school and college food is not known to be healthy. Even though this is not a major aspect of the school it is important to me. The school has a unique food system with different meal plans allowing me to construct one for my needs. There are blocks (traditional cafiteria) and points. Points allow a student to get freshly prepared food. I knew exactly what was in my food. I felt comfortable with this hard transition.


Location is certainly the best aspect of UVM, with close proximity to mountains and Lake Champlain. The area is beautiful and Burlington is a fun town.


The best thing about UVM is the courses. I have loved every class that I have taken and I've had some pretty great professors. UVM has a multitude of majors and minors, which means a ton of courses to choose from. Everyone is guarenteed to find courses that fit their interests. Also, college courses are not as hard as one might expect. I have found most of my college courses to be easier than my High School classes.


The best thing about UVM is the relaxed nature of the students. You don't feel pressured to act in a certain way and there are plenty of options for weekend activities that don't involve drinking.


The best part of UVM are the people here. Everyone is so nice and helpful in the beginning. I have met friends that I will keep for a lifetime.


The University of Vermont has free subject tutoring available to all students. I find this a great resource because I can get one-on-one help, which allows me to focus and study more effectively. This is extremely helpful, and I find that when I attend tutoring sessions, my grades increase.


The best thing about my school is the ample opportunities in science. I'm the type of person who is always having random, crazy inspirations for invention ideas, theories about science, and research projects. Before I went to college, people would just laugh at me and ignore my ideas because I was "too young" or too "idealistic". At college, I feel like my ideas are valued. I finally have an outlet to unleash the fury of my random, syncopated brain. The support and endless opportunities available in science are more than I ever could have fathomed.


I love it all. I love the city and how the school is ig enough where you can meet someone new every day but see a familiar face every day as well.


Everyone is friendly and helpful. This is really important because it makes it easier to get help not only from the teachers but from classmates as well.


My freedom to be anyone I want to be is probably the best thing. It's closely followed by the sense of community here.


The variety of areas of study it offers.


The environmental program and the teachers associated. The friends you meet and the town of Burlington.


The (social) environment and atmosphere.


The campus is welcoming to new students and the academics are excelent. The school as been called a baby ivy.


The quality of the education I am receiving.


It's a nice campus in a beautiful area that has the benefits of a city but the quietness and safety of a small New England town.


The people I've met and the friends I've made have profoundly influenced my experience. The best thing about my school is its location. Many of my friends are citizens of Burlington rather than students of the University.


My professors let me think outside the box,


The environmental initiatives, and integration of disciplines across schools. The surrounding area of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains, and also the acedemic value


For me, the best thing is that it's free. Also, Vermont is a nice place and people are friendly and open-minded.


My school has a beautiful campus and a relaxed atmosphere. Teachers here are much more concerned with you learning the material than you getting everything done on time. There are so many opportunities here for learning, since there are 5 colleges. You can Major in Business or Environmental Science, and Minor in Art or Dance. The teachers are fun and engaging, and everyone is very accepting. There are even gender neutral bathrooms in our new student center!


Everyone is incredibly laid back and real... very accepting, for the most part (unless you are a republican.) Burlington is amazing and the social life is great, there's always something to do.


It's extreme dedication to being environmentally conscious and the excellent quality of its professors.


The best thing about my school is the endless list of things to do in the area. The Greater Burlington area is very active with outdoor and indoor activities. Many students choose to go to the mountains, bike ride, swim at the lake, play sports and also play music, go to concerts, parties, shopping downtown. There is so much to do the possibilities are endless!!


The best thing about the school is the laid back atmosphere and the community around it. Burlington is a great place to live, the people are nice, lots of good beer, and great skiing is right around the corner.


Very liberal school, get to know plenty of people but not too small, land of hands on learning, beautiful setting between the lake and the mountains, not far from big cities like Boston, Montreal, NYC, study abroad opportunities. Burlington is awesome.