University of Virginia-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UVA is a school that encompasses its' rich history while providing its' students with the resources to do their best andprogressing toward the future in a professional, modern way (especially with all the news that's been happening recently.)


An unwavering and ever-sure home.


UVA has a lot of pride in its history and provides a great place to explore a wide range of interests.


The University of Virginia is a great place to study and has so many different opportunities to help you have a great college experience.


All the buildings on UVA grounds are very spread out. It would take a while to cover everything on foot. You can tell how rooted the history is in the school by the buildings. The pillars, murals, etc. all encompass our rich tradition. The gem of UVA is the Rotunda though. It was based on the Pantheon in Rome. Right in front of the Rotunda is the Lawn (literally a giant spread out grassy area), where people play frisbee, tan, study, picnic, etc.


All the buildings on UVA grounds are very spread out. It would take a while to cover everything on foot. The gem of UVA is the Rotunda though. It was based on the Pantheon in Rome. Right in front of the Rotunda is the Lawn (literally a giant spread out grassy area), where people play frisbee, tan, study, picnic, etc.


My school is focused, academically challenging, and fast-paced.


Everyone, including friends visiting from other schools are amazed by the rich history present at the university. The old fashioned buildings with pillars, especially the lawn contribute to the history of the university. The Rotunda on the lawn is the main part of the grounds that captures everyone's attention. It's structure with dome and pillars along with old fashioned rooms on the Lawn where prestigious students can live all contribute to the history that Thomas Jefferson left behind. The University's library is considered the backup to the Library of Congress and also shows the wealth of resources present at the university. Families and prospective students are usually amazed behind the traditions and history unique to the University of Virginia.


To be honest it’s one of the most beautiful campuses in the US, just ask anyone. It looks like an estate of old southern architecture, with a colonial flare. The Rotunda and the Lawn at UVA are one of the most beautiful areas at UVA and at any other campus. When you first step on grounds it is just magnificent, every building has its own character. It’s as if your back with Jefferson and Franklin themselves since the buildings are all well preserved and mirror the buildings of that era.


Work hard, play hard.


UVA is the perfect college experience.


As a college that seeks out students, who are highly involved and academically excellent in high school, UVA has an incoming class each year full of ambitious and competitive students with a mindset not only to receive a well respected degree but also make a network of connections with friends and future employers.


University of Virginia is unlike the rest!


UVA is a great place to be, there are so many people and so many oppurtunities to do anything you want. It is a unique place that everyone would love.


The Univeristy of Virginia is a large, organized, diverse, and charming campus at which anyone can exceed.


UVA is a beautiful campus filled with driven kids and almost any sport or club you could imagine.


UVA can be a challening school, but it's worth it and there really is something for everyone there.


The University of Virginia is a school that is literally run by the students; almost every aspect of the school is run by the students, most clubs and organizations are runned by the students, even the judiciary committee is entirely ran by the students.


The University of Virginia is a diverse school with a lot of friendly people, with great minds, who are just as excited about what they are doing as the faculty themselves.


The University of Virginia is filled with intelligent, focused students, who can study hard in Thomas Jefferson's Academical Village, relax on the beautiful grounds and lawn, shop at the historic downtown outdoor mall, let loose at quintessential college parties, or cheer for the Cavaliers at Division I athletic games, and after a few years at a college that offers almost everything a student would want, they walk away with one of the best educations in the nation.


UVA is an exceptional school that balances its focus on academics as well as developing a network of social ties, both for pleasure and business.


UVA can be as big or as small as you make it due to its wealth of opportunities


it's the best school in the united states.


UVA runs on tradition and excellence - anything less does not meet the standard.


The most stereotypical, perfect college experience.


The University of Virginia is a pleasant environment which promotes students of different backgrounds to be persistent, dedicated in their fields of study and hardworking in order to be prepared for life after college.


The University of Virginia is filled with intelligent and competitive students who are involved in a wide variety of activities, but still know how to have fun.


UVa is difficult


Huge, competetive, insensitive, rich, snobby, intense, busy, priveledged, intimidating, unrelenting, expensive, very white and slightly sheltering.


UVA is known for its academics, traditions, and beautiful campus.


Thomas Jefferson's dream turned into modern student-centered reality.




UVA has one of the greatest groups of people there is as its student body, and almost everyone is determined to succeed in whatever they choose to do.


A place of diversity, yet at times socially and academically intimidating for some.


My school is a friendly, diverse, progressive, and historical university that Mr. Jefferson would be very proud of.


work hard play hard.


A great place to grow as a well rounded individual and become a great member to society.


It is a fantatsic balance of competitive, fast paced eduacation and people who are interested in forming lasting relationships and remembering that college is one of the most fun times you can have.


The University of Virginia is often though of as an elitist place, but under its' prestigious exterior, UVA is a welcoming, energetic, fun school that will prepare you for your future (which with a little hard work will be very bright).


This school is one of the best public universities in the country, and everything from its academics to its social sphere reflects that.




UVA students are generally very proud of their school.


In the final part of the tour, Craig shows the lobby, cafe, and sports store.


Craig shows what the downstairs of the AFC has to offer and takes us out to the pool deck.


The tour continues upstairs at the track and a multi-purpose room where fitness classes are held.


Craig continues the tour, showing the main fitness area and basketball courts.


An amazing opportunity for those who can just attend to learn and socialize but very frustrating if you have to support yourself on your own.


Craig gives a tour of UVA's Aquatic and Fitness Center starting with the pool and the largest hot tub on the East Coast.


It's a very homey big college that has an amazing ability to feel so small; it is so filled with tradition and honor that it's hard not to be proud to be a Wahoo.


My school is high esteemed academically and is a very lively place to meet many groups of diverse people allowing you to learn inside as well as outside of the classroom and being involved in the University community and the Charlottesville community are important.