University of Virginia-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Virginia is known for dedicated students and faculty. The professors at UVa show that they want the best for their students, and they are around at all hours to make sure that happens. It is known for academically challenging courses that will test student's knowledge every day, but at the end of the day, the school is known for being fun as well. On the weekends, the school turns into a place where everyone wants to be, and enjoys each other's company.


Although the University of Virginia is a top-tier university in the nation, University of Virginia is best known for being the only school in the nation that is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Rotunda, designed by Former President Thomas Jefferson and the UNESCO World Heritage Building, is located at the heart of the university. Other examples of World Heritage Sites include The Great Wall of China and the Palace of Versailles.


Streaking the lawn is always amusing, it is hilarious to watch people streak the lawn and watch other people interfere by stealing their clothes or whatnot. Also, singing the Good Ole Song is fun and provides a sense of unity and school pride. Also, dressing up and wearing a bow-tie to the UVA Football games is fun and provides a sense of school unity with others!


Lighting of the Lawn was...breathtaking. I didn't think the Rotunda could look any more beautiful, but it did. The best was sitting front row, watching my friends perform in their a cappella groups, and counting down to watch the entire Lawn light up. That will always be one of my favorite traditions at UVA. Another less awe-inspiring, but still impactive tradition is the Good Old Song. Watching the other team's faces as we stand up with our arms around each others' shoulders, swaying as we sing our victory song is priceless. Even if it's just a field goal, the school pride is incredible.



My favorite UVA traditions include the Lighting of the Lawn and the Fall Convocation for first year students at UVA. The Lighting of the Lawn is in December to celebrate the winter holidays. It brings together students, staff and the Charlottesville public. The Fall Convocation invites the entering class. The best part about this event is that there is a nickel placed under each student's chair. Personally, I have saved the nickel as good luck and a reminder that I am part of the UVA traditions that Thomas Jefferson had established. Also, during the convocation students face the Rotunda but upon graduation will face their back to the Rotunda as a symbol of all the knowledge they are taking away from the college.


Being founded by Thomas Jefferson


The University of Virginia is best known for its well rounded students. Not only do we study and "do school" but we also make sure to allocate any free time to giving back to the community. There happens to be a program here called the Maddison House in which students can sign up to volunteer in many different places in the Charlottesville community. For example you can help ESL student, adopt a grandparent, tutor at local schools, assist veterinarians, and so on and so forth!


I think it's best know for our school spirt. The people who go here genuinly love their school and the alumni are always eager to come back.


It is best known for being one of the best public schools in the country. It is also as great varsity sports!


The University of Virginia is best known for its rigorous education and honor code. Our honor code here is a one sanction honr code that is student run. This means that one strike and you are out. This creates a great environment and really brings the students' morals out. The shops around grounds also follow this honor code, so if you forgot your money at home you are on your honor to come back the next day and pay it, and everyone does. It's curriculum is one of the hardest in Viriginia, sometimes called 'A public ivy league school'.


The name "University of Virginia " arouses awe and jealousy among other as it is well reknowned for being one of the most diverse, difficult to get into ivy league schools of Virginia. They are adamant about seeking out the best scholars and motivated students for their community. It offers the best of all venues; including bright engaging professors, diverse student populations and classes, activities and unique invicdual opportunities, career help among many others. In my experience, words will fail to explain how truly amazing this school is.


My school is best known for its history, obession with Thomas Jefferson, traditions, and the Commerce School.


My school is best known for the legacy of Thomas Jefferson, especially the beautiful architecture. In addition, there are many traditions that make UVA unique. One such tradition is referring to freshmen as First Years, due to the belief that education never ends. It is these traditions that instill a sense of history which makes UVA notable. In terms of academics, The University Of Virginia?s rigorous demeanor and challenging course load, in addition to the stringent Honor code make it stand out. The honor code is powerful yet simple as it states ? I will not lie, cheat or steal?


Academic prowess, Thomas Jefferson, Honor Code, beautiful campus, great people, knowledgeable professors, opportunity


The University of Virginia is most notably recognized as one of the top public universities in the college. The unrivaled aesthetic beauty of the grounds also keeps UVA a household name. Although, the fact that it is the only university in the United States to be designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the only one to be founded by a President of the U.S. helps too.


An outstanding liberal arts and sciences program based on Thomas Jefferson's tradition. Also, strong programs in engineering, architecture, and business which are constantly getting better. All programs are ranked high in the country. Also, the Law school is extremely reknowned, and it's alumni contribute large amounts to the university.


The success of its students.


Of everything UVA is known for, its history and reputation stand out the most. It was founded by Thomas Jefferson so there's always a lot of talk about him when you're on campus. Besides that people regard UVA as a stepping stone towards a successful career, so not surprisingly a lot of students already have goals in life laid out and are the type-A people who will do everything they can to accomplish these goals.


UVa is best known for striking a good balance between studies and life. The school and its students recognize that ?college? is an experience, not just a school. UVa students can study, party, and volunteer almost simultaneously, then graduate and have more than just a degree. They are experts at tailgating and socializing, and then spend the next day doing work in the library.


Most students are known for being somewhat pretentious and elitist. There is a very strong sense of school pride in terms of its academics and reputation and the alumni network is very strong in that respect. Sometimes I am somewhat ashamed however of our school's snobbish reputation. To non-UVA students, I often find myself embarassed for our reputation for its students' arrogance. Athletically most students really could not care less.


UVA is mostly known for it's high caliiber of expectations in regards to academics. Though the school has a snobby repuatation in comparison to others I have found this to be completely false. UVA is great school encompassing the gamut of personalities, ideas, and goals. There's something for everyone as UVA.


Economics and pre med majors.


UVA is best known for being a school where people go to get a good job after college. It's known for its beautiful campus, its fantastic setting in Virginia, its historic founding, and great grades. UVA is known for being an extremely well rounded college environment, where students can have a fantastic experience because it's a big school, but not too big.


We are known for our academics and research. We pride ourselves on school spirit and being the best public school in the nation.


Our school is best known for our amazing campus, friendly and engaging students, and our high quality education.


Frat/sororities, football games where people wear suits and sun dresses, hard classes, cool college-town stuff to do, the corner, etc


The University of Virginia is best known for its' superior academics and rich history. Thomas Jefferson designed the school to advance society and unite those with a passion for learning. Although the focus here will be your studies, there is a thriving social life should you desire to take part as the University is a place to learn and grow, not just in the classroom but life itself. As TJ put best, "We are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it." Wahoo-Wa!!!


A class poem is read before the Lawn is finally lit up with holiday lights. After the lights are turned on, students sing the "Good Old Song."


Cassandra has come to every Lighting of the Lawn and explains what the tradition means to students today.


Kevin, a member of the a cappella group Academical Village People, discusses UVA a cappella and the importance of Lighting of the Lawn.


The Lighting of the Lawn is an important night in UVA tradition. A cappella groups sing carols before the actual Lighting.


Academics, the students here take their classes and grades very seriously.


Tradition, excellence, polish, academics, love of Thomas Jefferson, Southern charm, Jeffersonian architecture, lush lawns


Producing business leaders and politicians.


Thomas Jefferson. Second best public university nationwide.


The Homer statue at the south end of the Lawn plays an important role in the student tradition of "streaking the lawn."


The sciences.


UVa is best known for being the best school in Virginia, where many undergraduates come as pre-med students.


Academics, alumni, football


The honor system or its affiliation with Thomas Jefferson. Perhaps for being one of the best public schools in the nation.


A holiday tradition on UVA's campus.


Football and academics


Being academically challenging, having the "best of both worlds" large school but some small classes