University of Virginia-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the well roundedness of the school. In addition to having a prestigious academic reputation, UVA also runs an excelllent basketball team and has a comfortable campus environment as well.


How we simultaneously excel academically and at partying.


Other than being a top-tier university and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, University of Virginia has many alumnis who later became successful. Notable examples include Tina Fey, comedian of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, and Katie Couric, renowned television journalist. Also, Stephen Colbert and Peyton Manning have given graduation speeches because of their relationship with the University of Virginia.


Not only was my school founded by the former President of the United States and the Father of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, University of Virginia is the only college in the United States that is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its most famous building, the Rotunda. Also, many of the alumnis have succeeded in their careers; the two most famous alumnis are Tina Fey, comedienne of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, and Katie Couric.


The match of academics and social life. "Work Hard, Play Hard" is the UVA student motto, and we truly live by it. People want to succeed, both at college and in the future, and people want to have fun. There is a huge social scene in terms of house parties, clubs, fraternity/sorority life, but also more casual things such as going to sporting events (how many top tier academic programs have quality Division 1 Athletics?), concerts by a dozen a capella groups, and more. It's a very friendly social sphere but also pressing in its academics.


How beautiful the campus is; how jovial the professors are; how great my friends are; how much fun I have.


The quality of the professors and the material you learn is unparelleled. In the humanties especially, professors strive to really open your mind and diversify your perspective and outlook on life. There is always active discussion and a variety of student involvement on campus. Plus, we have a beautiful campus to boot with all the modern advances to support your research and learning.


I cannot shut up about the sense of community at UVA! Going in, I thought a big university would be somewhat cold and not as familial as a smaller one. However, I was soon proved wrong. Everybody is so accepting and welcoming of everyone, whether you're from another country, have different political views, or anything! The staff and student body make the community feel like one big loving family.


Beautiful campus, tonnes of events/parties, smart students


The size and prestige of the school afford so many oppurtunities for the field of your choice. Plus, it's kind of cool to think that you are daily trekking a piece of living history.


The fact that the campus is absolutely stunning! It is filled with a historical background and presents. All the building have are white with red brick, some have columns others do not, but each follows the Jeffersonian architecture. Another positive attribute is no matter what season it is, the campus gets more and more beautiful.


I brag about the type of classes I have to take. For example, we have to take a english writing class...I got to choose from a list of classes that included "I love the 80's", "Rap as an Artform", and "The Mommy Wars". My school, unlike theirs seems to try and keep me interested by allowing me to take things i'm interested in!


The campus and surrounding area is beautiful. I love the City of Charlottesville. There are lots of things to do away from the university as part of the community as well as within the university community.


The people I am friends with are the people that I'm going to be friends with for life. College is all about making those connections with people who have similar interests, and those are the people you'll be getting Christmas cards in the mail from 20 years from now.


I tell my friend how much my university has expanded my social and educational circles. I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the country and all over the world. Having spent my entire life in the same area, I relish the ability to gain new perspectives from my classmates. So many of the professors here are extremely well known in their fields and for the books they have written, and I feel honored to be able to attend their classes and learn from the very best.


Its academically challeging to get in. It has a great array of networking opportunites because of faculty were used to be in big time positions, or they are very prominent in their research fields.


That it is so easy to meet and make new friends and there are always people to hang out with when you have free time.


The campus is gorgeous and I feel like I've really found a home here. I've met my best friends, and generally find the population and friendly should you need some help. There is room here for everyone, and with student-directed government and extracurriculars you can create a club if it is not available. As a history nerd I find the library and surrounding area nirvana.


The spring sports teams.


People are so friendly. I grew up in Chicago, and its totally different. The people here, especially girls, would just come up to me and say hello. I was shocked


The education program!


Our school is well known for strong sense of unity and cohesion among strudents, which will give you a sense of belonging at the University. Attending University of Virginia will give you a strong academic background as well as diverse social experience that will help you to grow and develop as a well-rounded individual. Furthermore, our professors are not only engaging, but they are well known in their respective fields, which will enhance the value of your learning experience.


The pride we take in our academics,our social lives, and our traditions. UVa is the perfect school for the all-around individual. The person with a multitude of talents.


Parties, how smart and attractive the girls are, the jobs we get when we get out, and the overall scenery.


I love the academic freedom and the people that make up the University of Virginia!


The alumni, who tend to be very successful in their respective fields, are extremely willing to help students further their careers after college. It's a rigorous school, academically. Only the brightest high school students attend this institution There is an abundance of school spirit. Our school is featured under the education section of the "United States of America" wikipedia page.


the strong Greek life, traditions, social life, academics, in addition to the beautiful atmosphere and environment, and the work hard play hard attitude


All you need to say is UVA. Everyone already knows how badass it is.


UVA offers the full package. It has top-tier athletics, social activities, the arts, and a world-class education for the price of a public university.


It is the best public school on the East Coast.


I tell my friends about the scenery at school, like the Blue Ridge Mountains, and how the school is faithful to its traditions, such as Lighting of the Lawn and Spring Fling. Most of my friends already know that UVA is a good school, and that any degree from there is good, but I tell them that to get a degree from there, your mind has to really stay focused on your academics. You've got to really want to stay focused and committed to your work to succeed at UVA.


I tell my friends that the University of Virginia is a very high ranking public university. And to be accepted to school with the caliber of the University of Virginia is a great honor. It is a big melting pot because the students are very diverse so you will be able to learn so much from people with different ethnic backgrounds and religon.


price value of the school


The intelligence of the people and the dedication to community service.


Its really tough to get in for out-of-staters like me and its one of the most respected schools out on the east coast. Also the financial aid is really great.


The advantages of UVA are the professors, courses, and perhaps the expectation that one will do well by virtue of attending this school.


Beautiful campus, #1 public university, great social scene, great academic reputation, fun traditions (football, Foxfield, lighting of the lawn).


Beauty of campus. Glee club. Charlottesville. Climate


How pretty the campus is and how much the town has to offer


I live in Virgina- so I tell anyone I go to UVA and they are immedeatly impressed. I don't need to brag the schools reputation speaks for itself.