University of Virginia-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The perfect student for the University of Virginia is someone who is extremely driven. The school is full of students who are willing to put their all into not only their academics, but extracurricular activities as well. The students need to be willing to spend long hours working to complete assignments to the best of their ability, and take criticism to become better. Also, students should be willing to ask for help. The only way you can get better is through the help of others!


People who are engaged in learning and wish to be challenged should definitely consider attending this school. Many kinds of people currently attend the University, and there seems to be no specific kind of person who attends. As a result, any bright, thoughtful person who is serious about their education should attend. There are many opportunities available which would definitely be able to suit any kind of strong student who is willing to put in the energy to seek them out.


Anyone. There is a place for every type of person.


Any person who is dedicated to their education. UVA is a place that welcomes everyone and makes everyone feel like part of a family.


The school is perfect for people who are looking for friendly competition but also looking for a laid-back environment. As a world heritage site, the school's architecture is a beautiful melange of European renaissance style and Southern colonial taste. Anyone who is a lover of history would love it here. UVA is a harmony of different races, religions, and political views.


Someone who is versatile. Someone who can handle having a lot of different activities going on around them but knows when it's time to focus. Someone who knows that there are a lot of fun things going on but the primary reason why they are in school in the first place is to do well and attain a degree. After they have finished their work, they can have fun. Someone who is willing to sacrifice free time initially in the semester in order to have more free time towards the end.


The University of Virginia is meant for competitive, hard-working students looking to get a great education. If you want to get a foot ahead in your career path, the University of Virginia is for you. It offers a wide variety of classes for many different kinds of majors. If you are looking to be challenged in your field of study and you love to learn for the sake of learning then I would suggest applying. You will also develop great relationships with professors who truly care about you and how you are doing in school!


To sum up the kind of person who should attend the University of Virginia in one word is: motivated. The people around campus are very goal-oriented and are determined to accomplish their objectives. Also, students who attended UVA are very well rounded; not only are they highly intelligent, students have many other talents. A person who is willing to challenge him or herself should attend UVA.


Preppy, motivated, exceptionally bright (I believe the average HS GPA for UVA students is right around a 4.0, if not above that) students fit in best here.


I think any kind of person could attend this school. UVA gives off the image of being a preppy school, but there are all sorts of people here. UVA has artsy people, punk people, music people everyone.


Someone should attend this school if he/she is extremely driven, academically superior in high school, open to diversity, and socially competent. These are the most prevalent attributes students display on campus, and should be required of each student wishing to join the community.


People who want to attend the University of Virginia should be intelligent, but they should also be willing to work hard. Because UVA strongly encourages self-governance, prospective students need to be responsible enough to manage their time wisely and complete their assignments on time. The campus incorporates a lot of history, so people who appreciate history should definitely apply. Lastly, those who enjoy feeling accomplished after completing a challenging experience would be happy at UVA. The classes are difficult, but the satisfaction one recieves after studying hard and getting good grades is very rewarding.


A person who is academically motivated, independent, and likes to do fun stuff should attend this school.


If you want to attend this school you should believe the stereotype and be ready to deal with a lot of flip-flops, sundresses, and pink collared shirts; but I'd say to look past all of that if you are short on cash because this school is a great value.


College is not for everyone. I believe that inorder to attend any college there needs to be a personal drive, self motivation and a great deal of determination. My school is like any other college or university, is student driven and education focused. Being independent and asking the right question with definitly get the job accomplished. So, therefore being motivated, driven, and with determination on your side, I believe anyone can be a successful and thriving student at my school as we as any other College of University.


The University of Virginia, despite its' reputation of being preppy and snobby, is accomodating to all kinds of people. The University is home to local, national, and international students who all contribute interesting cultural aspects to the community. This school, however, should not be part of a person's "Possible Schools" list if they plan on doing minimal homework and studying. The school is prestigious for a reason; the reason being that most classes are mildly to very difficult. There wasn't a single day in my first semester when I had no homework, so be prepared to work hard.


Many of the students who attend the University come from Northern Virginia (or as they call it NOVA). As I have heard, NOVA has one of the best public school systems in the country. The students who come from NOVA are exceptionally bright, energetic, talented, and well prepared for this top college. People who attend and succeed at UVA must be prepared to compete with these NOVA-ers. There are an over whelming large amount of "type A? personalities who prove that they can handle a rigorous course load, executive office in their respective organizations, and the busy social scene.


Someone who is very academically focused, but also very social.


To be perfectly honest it should people either really passionate about art, culture, or music or people that are very career oriented. These people should be high middle class to upper class and come from schools with high credentials. In addition foreign transfer students that are highly skilled at mathematics generally. A majority of these students are very mature and tend to jump on bandwagons. People who enjoy being a part of organizations primarilly without any individual expression, but a collective. People who generally do not like to cross paths with others of a completely different socio-economic status.


Someone who is achieving, doesn't mind putting up with tradition, and capable of managing time wisely. A prospective student also needs to be able to compete with other high-achieving students and able to accept some failures without getting discouraged and losing track of his or her ultimate goals.


Someone who is here for the academic opportunities but also wants to become involved in the community through any number of different ways. Someone who embraces diversity and likes discovering new things. "Work hard, Play hard" mentality.


Open minded individuals who are ready to work and enjoy themselves.


The Univeristy of Virginia is a college in which anyone can attend. The school does not discriminate. In fact, no matter who you are, such as race, gender, sexuality, age, etc. you are welcome. Everyone is very friendly and is willing to hear the point of views/opinions of others. The University of Virginia is a liberal arts college so we offer different amounts of subjects/classes. A majority of the students interest of studies are met.


Anyone who is comfortable being involved socially and in the classroom, but also hardworking enough to do what is required as it is hardly ever easy.


driven, motivated students who want to be involved in their school.




someone who has a lot of school spirit, and wants to have a college experience that is all about being in college. if you want to focus on work, or family, or something else, you are missing out on the best part of uva


work hard, play hard


very outgoing, intelligent people.


Smart, intelligent, focused, and determined.


A person who is outgoing and optimistic about life. UVA is a place where people are extremely driven and career-focused, which can be a bit off-putting at first, but if you are a positive person, it can be an extremely fun place as well. UVA is fantastic for people who can balance fun and work,


Someone motivated and determined to do well, no matter what, and not willing to sacrifice their ideals for the "easy way" out.


Someone who wants to pursue a college career that will satisfy their career goals later on. Also someone who wants a big school experience, especially a school that has a lot of school spirit. Those who know what they want to do in life after college are also good candidates.


UVA is a great school with great resources for learning and wonderful professors. However, I feel that those who would truly enjoy their college experience here are generally "Old Money" conservative, Greek-life oriented Caucasians. Otherwise, most of my friends who come from the same socioeconomic background as me, as well as from my minority background, have expressed feelings of depression in regards to their time here.


UVA is a great place for people involved in the Greek scene, but I wasn't and I still really enjoyed my experience. I think it depends on the people you meet and how confident you feel about yourself. I recommend a goal-oriented, fun-loving person who likes to work hard and play hard and loves learning and natural beauty should apply to UVA.


Highly motivated people with strong social skills and diverse interests.


Someone who places importance on the wonderful resources the University has to offer and highly motivated.


Someone who is driven, ready to succeed in the real world, and enjoys a community of trust


Any person who wants to attend a school that offers more than its reputation. Not only is UVa held in high esteem among other univesities, but it never stops the quest for a better education for its students. The University prides itself on sending out well rounded, capable graduates into the world, not just the workforce. Mr. Jefferson had a clear view of what education should be and any student wishing to attend the University should hold integrity and the global community in the highest esteem.


The type of person that should attend this school needs to have a firm grasp on succeeding academically and quickly finding what venue they want to study. A student who will succeed at this university cannot be afraid to ask questions. The University has many resources but they are not readily available. You have to seek out our help and always be persistent. It's ok to be shy but you cannot be passive because this school will take your money and fail you at the same time.


The academic environment is very competitive, so someone should be willing to work hard and be very bright. They should not expect, however, to impress anyone immediatly as most people are also very bright. Additionally, being social and willing to try new things and meet new people is important for success at UVA.


Anyone who is dedicated to their education.