University of Virginia-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are not serious about academics should not go to this school because it is very academically rigorous. Also, people who are very introverted and don't like big classes shouldn't go here because intro classes tend to be very big and it's difficult to get to know your professors if you don't really make an effort. Closed-minded people also shouldn't go here because this is a place where critical thinking, debate, and challenging assumptions are the norm for students and professors.


People who aren't looking to participate in activities shouldn't attend this school. This school is full of over-achievers, which has been the benefit of the university. There are dozens of organizations dedicated to any cause you can think of, and people are generally a member of at least 2 or 3. If you prefer to work on your own, spend time dedicated to studies, and find a small group of friends to be with, you'd feel out of place here.


Someone who is not enthusiatic about learning and has little motivation to study should not attend. In addition, students who are unwilling to reach out and discover new opportunities might have a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle of this school. Those who are unable to independently seek out opportunities may find themselves unhappy.


Someone who is driven.


If you like being in an urban setting with lots of diversity in then this school might not be for you.


UVA is the perfect balance between a city and a rural school. It offers vast amounts of entertainment including concerts, plays, sports games, and comedy shows just within the grounds itself, not including what the surrounding city possesses. Someone looking for a big city atmosphere should not attend UVA, nor should someone who is looking for a small school that has a five minute walk across the entire campus. UVA provides the ultimate college experience with sports, Greek life, academics, the arts to name a few characteristics. People who aren't looking for that experience should look at different schools.


There is truly a place for everyone at the University of Virginia in terms of diversity of interests, culture, religion, etc. I think that the only people who won't fit in here are students who are not serious about their work. Everyone socializes and is involved with activities, but academics usually are the highest priority.


A person who would not do well at the University of Virginia is one who lacks the simple desire to learn to think.


You should not attend UVA if you don't want to be involved. There are so many wonderful organizations and community events to be a part of - it would just be a shame to be somewhere like UVA and not use the experience to its fullest extent. There is so much more to UVA than its wonderful academics, so don't miss out!


People who are uncomfortable in large classrooms.


Someone who isn't self-motivated or passionate should not attend the University of Virginia. The University runs on an Honor System, so basically everything is student-run, and we the students are always accountable for our actions and making sure we are where we need to be and get what needs to be done completed. Students here strive to always uphold the Honor System (which basically means no lying, cheating, or stealing) to preserve the high standards of this university. The fact that there is an Honor System makes us more responsible and organized students and people.


As a student if you are not willing to spare time daily to things other than school work and studying then the University of Virginia, UVA, is not the school for you. As mentioned in the previous question we allocate lots of our time to volunteering throughout Charlottesville. More so than volunteering the student at UVA are also extremely involved with clubs and groups run through the college. If one is not prepared to live a diverse life on our campus then they should not bother to apply here!


Close-minded need not apply.


Someone who doesn't like a big school atmosphere. I feel that nearly anyone can fit in here and enjoy life at UVA.


A student that is interested in small classes with a lot of one one one attention should not attend the University of Virginia. When I was taking the courses I needed to major in psychology, nearly every class I had was in a lecture hall with an average of 200 people in the class. There was little opportunity for one on one interaction. Lectures also lacked student participation due to the large size of the classes. Student's must make deliberate effort for their professor to know their name. UVA is not the best for one on one interaction.


People who are not committed to serious learning in a competitive, focused environment. UVa has some of the best undergraduate programs in the country; class life proves so. There are incredibly high standards and expectations for everyone. Everyone was #1 back in high school, so everyone still tries to be #1 here too. The course work is very time consuming and intensive, and a lot of emphasis is put on learning material outside the classroom then coming prepared to add value and contribute to the class.


someone who is extremely intolerant of other people--especially if someone is intolerant of homosexuality. UVA supports diversity, and if you do not feel the same way, you do not belong here.


The kind of person who doesn't want to. This sounds a little ridiculous, but I think in order to make an adjustment to any new environment, people have to be open-minded. There are some stereotypes here, like anywhere, but in order to really dislike the school you really have to want to dislike it. There are so many opportunities to find a niche here, and though it may not happen right away, I think if people want to be here, they will find a way to make it work for them. Keep looking for new experiences!


People who do not take their work seriously should not attend my school. Although everyone puts a lot of effort into their schoolwork, most students understand how to balance work and fun. There is probably more emphasis on the work here than at some other schools, and students must be motivated enough to tackle all the obstacles in their paths. Addtionally, people who are not open to trying new experiences should not come to my school. If you are not interested in expanding your mind and views of the world, you might as well stay home.


The University of Virginia is a community, not only when you are an undergraduate but continues when you graduate. In order to fully appreciate UVa a student must enjoy being part of a community and an institution larger than one's self. I would advise those who do not wish to fully engage themselves in a university and all of its attributes to stay away from UVa. Mr. Jefferson and the long list of traditions towers over the student body which for most creates a community with an intangible bond, as for others it would be something to avoid.


Someone who wants to slack off and party 24-7 would not succeed here. They would barely pass, but would not gain anything from their educational experience. At UVA we study hard, but we party hard too. It's the best of both worlds and you can find what balance suits you, but you will have to exert at least some effort at your studies.


Someone looking to focus in Art Education (music, drawing, photography), UVA is not a very liberal arts school


Someone who isn't willing to work hard or keep a balance between academics and social life.


When picking a major, just do what interests you, not what you think you should do.


Someone that doesn't want to make lasting friends or attend exciting sports games, plays, musicals, concerts, or any other type of entertainment. Someone that doesn't want to work hard and play hard too.


every1 should attend this school


Close-minded hermits.


Students who do not care about education or learning should not come to this school. The classes here are quite challenging, so if they are not willing to put in the work necessary to succeed in these classes, they will probably not get very far.


Someone who plans on free riding or cheating their way through. Those are the kids that drop out. Most UVA students take the honor code very seriously and, though they will usually not turn anyone in for cheating, they will not share work or allow students to cheat off their work.


Someone who does not want to socialize.


One that wants to receive extreme benefits from the reputation and employment prospects. Will receive an Ivy league education for low cost.


unmotivated, not willing to work students. it really takes effort to do well here


A student should not attend this school if they desire the following: a small school, a school with smaller classes, a non-competitive school, a school with no stress on athletics, or a school with no partying.


very anti social or closed minded people.


A person who is not ready to accept people from different back ground than they are from should not consider attending this school. This school comprises a diverse array of people from various racial and cultural backgrounds, and if a person cannot accept this, then the person should not be a part of our school population. Also, a person who does not have a clear and motivated outlook on life should not consider this school, because although we do have fun, the fun is equally balanced with work and responsibility.


People who take academics and leisure/social activities seriously. Work hard play hard. There is a lot of drinking on campus which can make it a blast if you're witht he right people. Football and basketball suck, but the tailgates are fun. All other sports are great. I wish more conservative would attend.


Those who are lazy and are not willing to sacrifice considerable amounts of time towards their studies. At the same time, neither should students that solely focus on their studies as well. Only balanced individuals should come to this school.


People who are not academically committed/focused or naturally intelligent, because the academics here can be killer and really break your spirit.


Racists and bigots.


Someone interested in agriculture. This seems to be a very white-collared school.


Someone who is not independently motivated


Anybody who craves being "unique" in ANY way.


A person who is not willing to work towards a goal or who is dependent on help from those around him/her should not attend this school, because even though assistance is always available, the University of Virginia definitely encourages self-reliance and the fostering of honest, strong character.


Students who always require small class sizes probably shouldn't attend this school, since there are often large lectures. Students who are looking for an extremely diverse student body probably also shouldn't attend this school, also there is some diversity. Students who aren't dedicated to their academics would most likely not enjoy UVA, since the courses are often rigorous.


Someone who doesn't like a big school. If they like knowing everyone in their classes, this isn't the school for them. If you're really conservative, take a second....this is a really liberal school.


Pretty much anyone, but a lot of people here are rich and preppy.


You should not attend this school if you are not ready to hit the ground running. You have to be able to balance the many opportunities outside of the classroom while maintaining the workload of the very intense (& often overcrowded) courses. You should not attend this school if you do not know how to ask for help. Those who don't ask will be allowed to fall by the wayside and flunk out. There are many resources but they will not be handed to you.


UVA students are highly competitive and, consequently, someone who dislikes the competition involved might not enjoy themselves in discussions amongst students that can sometimes become contentious due to their driven nature. That said, the students are also out to have a good time, so if you do not enjoy going out (you can find events and groups of people who do not drink) UVA might not be the school for you. Bottom line, its difficut to imagine someone not being able to find something about UVA to enjoy, they just need to keep their eyes open,


The cool smart kid