University of Virginia-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


UVa has this great ability to come together in times of crisis. We had a student get abducted and mostly everyone tried to help in the search efforts. We have had the press attack our image and we fought it. We have had members of the community defile what it means to be a UVa student and come together to show them that it will not be tolerated. We are a communtiy that supports each other when push comes to shove.


UVA is everything you expect a college to be. I think that is what makes it unique.


The best thing about my school is the positive environment of the college. The quality of the education is superb, and the cost of the education is reasonable when compared to the quality of the education. The professors are approachable and excel in their expertise. Because our university is in the middle of the city of Charlottesville, there are many opportunities in which the students interact with the community. This is a plus since the community and the school benefit from each other. Because of the positive environment, I cannot imagine going to another school.


The absolute best thing about the University of Virginia is the people here. Everyone is friendly, outgoing, and kind which makes the campus, or "grounds" as well call it, an exceptional place to be. The excellent character of the students and staff allows UVA to have an honor code, which in my opinion, is the best of the best. I can comfotably leave my laptop and wallet on a computer desk for close to an hour and return with both items undisturbed. UVA does not allow for lying, cheating, or stealing, and everyone actually commits to following those rules.


Our honor system and student self-governance are incredible. One time I lost my key and about an hour later, got an email that someone had found it and it was waiting for me at the office. In regards to the student self-governance, just about everything on Grounds is student-run. We have our own lingo. Grounds, not campus, first, second, etc. years rather than freshmen, sophomores, etc. SO MANY ABBREVIATIONS, E School (Engineering), A School (Architecture), Lawnies (people who live on the Lawn), COLA (College Advising Seminars), USEMS (University Seminars), U Guide (University Guide), RAs (Resident Advisors), OLs (Orientation Leaders), O'Hill (Observatory Hill Dining Room) the list goes on and on


The campus is beautiful, the coursework is challenging, and the students at UVA are brilliant.


What's unique about the University of Virginia is the rich history that can be found all over grounds, the diverse student body that occupies this University, and the cool traditions. First off, simple terms at UVa make a huge difference when talking about stuff. For instance, the students always refer to the UVa campus as "on grounds" or "grounds" instead of just "campus." At first it seemed a bit pretentious to always be heckled into saying "grounds," but once I got used to it, it is really unique to UVa. Second, students refer to their grade at the University in years instead of the usual freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior; so instead, they say either first year, second year, third year, or fourth year. Again this seems a bit pretentious or stuck up at the beginning, but it really begins to stick the longer you are at the University. Furthermore, supposedly that tradition began when professor explained to a student that one never truly stops learning, they only gain more years of learning.


The Rodman Scholars program which allows me to be in a close-knit group with other first-year engineering students who are serious about academic study and who enjoy just having a fun time doing projects. This group has helped me transistion by providing me with a great oppurtunity to make friends.


There are many campus traditions at UVa, Going to Bodo's Bagels has always been a big UVa tradition. Going to the UVa football games is a must, even if you don't like football they are still a lot of fun. Also, Pancakes for Parkinson's is another really great UVa tradition. Whenever you get to your third year, make sure you go to the Infinity Ball at Alumni Hall. Whether you go with a date or a group of friends, it's always a lot of fun and definitely something you don't want to miss out on.


There are many unique traditions on grounds at UVA. Above all, the students are very prideful in participating, upholding and continuing the traditions year after year.


The best thing about U. V. A. is its history. It is a plethora of events, achievements, and academic wonderment. Created by Thomas Jefferson, the school lies amongst the mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia, once home to Jefferson himself, James Madison and James Monroe. "The Lawn", an area situated in the center of campus, was Jefferson's idea of a central meeting place . I would like to believe that Jeffereson created U.V.A. to be an institution that operates democratically, by the people and for the people. Students do not just "attend" U.V.A., they are U.V.A.


I learned a lot about myself. I realized the restrictions I need to put on my life in order for me to succeed academically.


I'm not sure.


When considering the University of Virginia, many people are hesitant about the size of the school. Actually, the school's size allows so many great communities to form. Additionally, you'll find that the communities you decide to be a part of overlapp and intermingle. Soon you find yourself thinking "UVA isn't so big after all!"


The best thing about the University of Virginia is the Honor System. This system was instated when the University was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, and still today students uphold this high standard of excellence. During the convocation ceremony, all students sign an Honor System contract that states that we will not lie, cheat, or steal. It can be trusted that everyone does their own work, and if you leave something in the library for over an hour, it will still be there, untouched, when you return. Professors give more freedom to students too, since we're so trustworthy.


The education is high-quality and the coursework is serious so that when we get into the real world, our degree will be taken seriously. Along with the honor code, the education at UVa makes for many opportunities after graduation.


I have incredible access to educational and academic resources, including a superb teaching staff. Despite the large class sizes, I am learning an incredible wealth of information.


The best thing about my school is the enviroment. It provides a great learning environment with high learning standards. Teahcers and you peers push you to be your best, making you achieve things you never imaginied. Also everything is student run, therefore, students take a lot of responsibility and accountability for their actions. This is nice because not only are they pushing you to get good grades, they are pushing you to be the best person you can be. Along with the great students, the teachers also want you to succeed. It is an all around great school.


I think the best thing about the University of Virginia is its homely appeal. People always talk about how beautiful of a school it is and how its classic look is timeless. I love that, but I like the school even on the rainy days where it might not look as good on the outside, but the inside is filled with students and professors who are glad to be there. We emphasize a solid well rounded foundation and that is apparent when you step inside the halls. On the rainy days you appreciate the insides a little more.


The best thing about my school is that it is such a prestigious school where there is a beautiful campus and many beautiful girls. Seriously, there is a lot of beautiful girls that attend this school and the thing is, they are all very smart. The campus is as beautiful as the girls are. Its size is not huge but not small either. I'd say it is a perfectly adequate size to explore and a size that you can easily get accustomed to at the same time. People know how to have fun here and they study very hard!


The best thing about my school is the academics. Every teacher, proffessor, and advisor wants you to do well and as long as you come to them with the right question, they are very willing to help you succeed. Free tutoring is also available on campus, so whenever you're struggling in a class, you can always get help.


You will never be bored. You always have reading to do, a paper to write, or a problem set to finish. Your friends always want to hang out and the parties and activities never end. You never have to be bored.


The best thing about my school is the amount of classes they offer. They have so many things to learn about, the classes are the right size and its set up great system with advisors and faculty to prevent you from failing at school. I think its the best in-state school, racially diverse and once again, the professors make the difference.


the academic focus and the variety of extracurricular activites available.


My school creates such a community that makes people never want to leave. That's why people transfer here in such high numbers, but very few ever transfer out.


The University of Virginia offers its students so many quality things. The competitive atmosphere always keeps me at my best, which helps me to excel in the classroom and elsewhere. The pride that each student exhibits daily is so invigorating. Our football team had a deplorable season this past year and students still came out in their blue and orange ready to cheer them on. The fact that I can attain an "ivy-league" education and balance that education with an exciting social life all without busting my parent's bank accounts makes me love the University of Virginia!


The best thing about the University of Virginia is feeling of being a part of something that goes back so far in time, from the beautiful old buildings to the long-lived traditions.


Price for the education




The best thing about my school is the architecture and its high rank. I have a very close group of friends that I love.


UVA's best quality is probably it's galvanizing ability to encourage students to do their best. Though teh environment is competitive, this creates an atmosphere that enhances the work of the students to their personal benefit.


The University of Virginia is an ideal place to attend if you are unsure what you would like to study because the University of Virginia excels in many various academic programs so no matter what you would like to major in, chances are the University of Virginia is prepared to offer a sophistocated academic program to meet your interests. Also the student body is very diverse which allows you to interact with people of different backgrounds outside of the classroom.


the social life, the class selection, professors


The people. Every person I interact with its very intelligent. With this intelligence is also a deep pride of the things in their lives. The people at this University, students and professors alike, are deeply motivated and have great aspirations for themselves. There is a great diversity in the types of people at this school that never bores me.


Best thing is the school spirit that you can feel by just being on grounds. People are very proud to go to UVA and it shows. We are tight community.


Everyone wants to succeed, and the majority of students work very hard to achieve their goals. People reach out and form study groups and willingly help fellow students who are struggling. We know that we attend one of the top schools in the state and country and are very proud of that fact. People at UVA go above and beyond normal workloads and aren't afraid of taking on challenges to pursue their dreams.


The healthy competition


everyone is enthusiastic


The best thing about my school is the people. Everyone wants to learn, wants to help the community, etc. Everyone is zealous about at least something, so i can tell that UVA is making adults that will make a difference in the world. We have fun, balance a heavy workload, pull off a decent GPA, and help others, all at once! I love being around these people!


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Beautiful campus.


The best thing about this school is that it is student-governed. That means that if there is something you think needs to happen or you would like to be involved with, all you have to do is speak up! Students are the focus, and I think the education you get here is comparative to that of an Ivy.


The Seven Society is a secret society at U.Va. Take a look at one of their painted symbols outside the Rotunda and a look inside the Rotunda to see how requests to the Society are made.


I love that it's big and has so much to offer. I'm the Vice President of New Membership in a sorority, a member of the club swim team, and a volunteer with Madison House (a student-run organization that sets up students with volunteer programs all over Charlottesville). There are so many ways to be involved with the school.


What I love the most about UVA is the amount of events that go on - there's always some acapella concert, a game, volunteering, or some play. The best thing about it - is seeing how involved students are at UVA and how passionate each of them are about their org or a cause.


My school is not elitist. I visited Harvard and they were not friendly at all. UVA's faculty and staff opened their arms to me in any way that they could have to make me feel comfortable. The campus here does not feel like a top tier school because the people are not snobby, but the academics are very challenging. They also have so many resources for people who want to go to medical school as well as graduate school. They literally do everything that they can to make sure you can succeed if you try your best.


School spirit. Great professors. Fun people. Smart, motivated classmates.


The best thing about UVa is that it is the best of both worlds. All students are very intelligent and academically driven, however there is never a lack of social activities in which to partake. Most students have long resumees after graduation because of the endless opportunities to get involved in student organizations and clubs.


The competition and focus on academic achievement.