University of Washington-Bothell Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students at UW Bothell are incredibly grateful for their opportunity to attend this university and as a result are ambitious and have an incredible work ethic.


They are open-minded and diverse people who are motiavted to learn.


UWB is a very diverse and intelligent group of students.


Very mature students as most of my classes are in the evening.


I have always felt great pleasure in sharing the knowledge I have gained through working and studying in campus with other students. I enjoy seeing students taking benefit of using different teaching instruments and accessories in their classroom along with the great technical support that the IT department offers.


Mature, highly interactive students thriving to reach a better knowledge in their area of study as well as support one another on or off campus.


My classmates at UW Bothell are friendly, supportive, fun, and talented; we all have our different strengths which makes working together a pleasent experience.


My classmates are diverse and friendly.


My classmate are honest, friendly, knowledgeable, open-minded, and interesting.


My classmates are mostly very eager to learn, dedicated towards receiving a good grade for the course, and willing to help other classmates.