University of Washington-Bothell Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Out of all of the University of Washington campuses, I think UW Bothell is known for being green; we are very environmentally aware and do our best to maintain a green campus. We are also a rapidly growing campus, and can take pride in many of our degree programs that are known with prestige and recognition.


My school is best known for its interdisciplinary approach to all fields and its multiple pedagogical methods. There is no one discipline that refuses to touch or branch out into another. Even business or science majors must incorporate a vast array of humanities and social sciences into their learning. Class sizes are small, leading to a sense of community in the classroom with the instructor a part of this community, not just the orchestrator. Students leave with a rich, holistic learning experience.


I think our school is best known for being on the rise and all of the future possibilites that our campus has to offer. We are getting a lot more students and word is getting out that our school is a great school. We are probably one of the fastest schools to gain students in the state of Washington.


Its title is attached to the prestigious University of Washington Seattle. It is known to have legit programs and a respectable curriculum, along with a great set of teachers. The Bothell campus is known for its suburban, not-too-crowded, campus, with access to all the resources claimed by its sister campus in Seattle.


Small class sizes, and close relationship with UW Seattle campus.