University of Washington-Bothell Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Everyone, it was such a welcoming and open school. It was hard to leave.


Students who wants to get a great educational experience in a supportive and flexible environment. The UW is known for it's teaching, science and social services programs. Anyone wishing to enter these fields will find the school's programs comprehensive and challenging.


I think all people should attend the school if they have ambitions and goals to better themselves. It doesnt matter if they have money or are struggling- everyone deserves a chance to better their life, education status and job opportunities with a degree. Obviously people with a drive, goals, and desire to learn should attend. the ones that shouldnt are the ones who have chosen to follow a path of no formal education from a school but rather life and job experience- i would like to have job experience and educational experience to better myself.


Any kind of individual can atttend the University of Washington Bothell campus. I am a female, Asian who speaks English as a second language, had a unstable financial situation, unemployed husband, two young children and also had a full-time job. In this circumstance, I attended UWbothell campus, and magically I got through all courses and graduated. Without facuties, staff and accomodation support, I would ever made through the college. We have a such diveristy on campus and it brings a wonderful cultureal enviroment. My opinion, University of Washington Bothell campus is the best campus ever in the world.


Someone that is searching for a small, intimate campus, and focuses on interdisciplinary studies, with a wide variety of perspectives and cultures coming together. If they want to get the benefits of the University of Washington and the benefits of 1-on-1 interactions with professors, and a small, intimate campus, then this is his/her choice.


Someone who loves reading because students read all the time. Each class assigns about 50-100 pages each week. A few classes even assign more than that! For instance, American literature classes may assign 200 pages for one week-end. Moreover, students should be open to new ideas and ways of thinking about the world. Students out of high school may have the most trouble with this because they are asked by professors not to find the "right" answer but to argue for a position.


A student at the University of Washington Bothell should have an open mind towards others' opinion, life style, and/or experiences. A person who will contribute to the vivacious and diverse community UW Bothell offers with their experinces and be willing to learn from others. Lastly, a person who is not affraid to stand up for what they want, and if they don't know what they want, a person who is not affraid to seek their passion.


The kind of person who should attend UW Bothell is a person who is motivated to be their absolute best. This college has a great reputation due to highly skilled staff as well as highly motivated students. Each student is responsible for their own success and at UW Bothell students take this seriously. Each UWB student brings a passion for academic excellence. It is this passion that creates an enviroment that fosters success.