University of Washington-Bothell Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The diverse population!




This campus is very supportive of working students. The advising process is very personalized and helpful, extremely communicative and available - staying with the student throughout their program length . Some courses meet only once per week in a large time block, allowing students to further their education while working. Many classes are hybrid, they meet several times each quarter and the rest of the class is held online. This gives the student face to face time to work with instructors and fellow students as well as the flexibity to engage in discussions and submit assignments from anywhere with internet access.


The best thing about the University of Washington Bothell Campus to me is the small size of the campus, but you're still able to recieve the best education.


I believe studying CSS would open the door to my future career opportunities. At UW, I realize and appreciate the great opportunity that America’s educational system offers. The University of Washington will be a great help to my personal and academic goals with its wonderful courses. The education and skills that I would acquire at UW Bothell will enable me to come up with beneficial ideas and technologies for the community.


In a world where you start to expect the worst from your experiences, there are many man pleasant surprises at UW Bothell. Everyone is friendly and open to chat and hear your story. Faculty and staff genuinely listen and care. Administration go to battle with the state legislature and wherever else to remove barriers for students. Buildings are LEED certified and there is more than 60 acres of restored wetlands. We have solar panels and composting bins on campus. The lawns are watered with compost tea, and some are left as wildflowers. This is the greatest campus in Washington State.


The best thing about the University of Washington - Bothell Campus is that it feels like you are going to a private college and getting that quality of an education but for the price of a public university. Additonally, the staff at this university are very informative and know the subjects that they are teaching and they are willing to help you or to direct you to where you can get the help that you need.


The convenience of University of Washington-Bothell Campus for the working professional north or east of Seattle is its greatest attribute, especially when one still has access to all of the resources of the main campus of UW down in Seattle. Students get the benefit of a world class research institution, tops in multiple disciplines, without having to combat Seattle traffic or battle over parking. This marriage of convenience with commitment to scholastic excellence is unmatched in the Seattle area and perhaps beyond.


The best thing about the University of Washington Bothell correlates closely with the class size. Unlike most college students, my fellow pupils and I enjoy small class sizes. This allows individual and personalized attention from every teacher. This also leads to the introduction of class-wide discussion and seminars that include every person and their ideas. Most importantly, every student knows and feels like they actually attend and have the ability to effecively emmerse themselves in the class without fear of reprisal.