University of Washington-Bothell Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who do not have an adequate, efficient work ethic, or who tend to procrastinate or avoid homework.


A person who is looking for a college experience. This is more of a commuter school, there is never really much to do on campus. All the fun is at the main campus which is much mor difficult to get into. Greek life isn't allowed although many students have tried. CLubs are limited. Academically it's an ok school.


The type of person that would most likely not want to attend this school is the type that wants for a large campus feel. Someone that wants to attend a campus where you have to walk long distances between far larger buildings would definitely not be interested in this school in the least bit.


Well, at UWB, there aren't a lot of programs available. There's about 15-20 programs, and those pragrams might not suit you.


The person that is looking for a large campus/sutdent body, and a student that spends his or her time partying the night away.


I think everyone is welcome but if you like big classrooms then you should not attend.


This question seems to dictate that there must be a person that should not attend the University of Washington Bothell. I believe every student should look towad attending this exemplary example of a University. With that in mind, students who should not attend this University include the torpid student that possess no motivation to strive for nothing less than excellence. One can skate through life half-assing assignments and general tasks but said person will most likely assume this type of behavior. If one only strives for excellence then only excellence will follow.