University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a prestigious university and sets students up to succeed.


The University of Washington is a public research institution that values the growth and diversity of the students attending this commonly labeled "Public Ivy League."


The University of Washington is located in a beautiful area, with a diverse population, offering a multitude of majors, clubs, sports, and activities for all students, while being a world renowned learning institution that creates opportunities for successful careers.


Environmental friendly


Awesome school.


UW is education, diversity, choices, opportunities, support, family, home, fun and over all AMAZING!


A school where there are individuals striving for their future career comming together to win friendships and a rewarding education.


Grand. Most of the buildings are brick, adding an elegant, old personality to the campus. Beautiful. For a city school, the UW campus has plenty of green--the sprawling lawns in the Quad and Rainier Vista, the roses and trees near Drumheller Fountain, the famous cherry trees that bloom only once a year for a couple precious weeks.


The most famous image of UW is our quad. That is literally a quadrilateral shaped patch of grass in the middle of campus. The grass itself is not phenomenal, it's the cherry trees that make it stand out. Every Spring, they blossom like no bodies business and literally people from not only around the country, but around the globe come to take their pictures with falling petals. People even get married here. Regularly. Encompassing the quad are four similarly styled buildings that compliment the red brick, while our oldest building can be seen from the exact center. We have a beautiful graduate library, Suzzalo, and a hideous building (Kane) and undergraduate library (Odegaard). Building for the most part vary, as the architecture spans decades and newer buildings become more and more modern. The other visual highlight would be our Drumheller Fountain. From our main "Red" Square, straight to the giant fountain is an uninterrupted view of Mt. Rainier. And by uninterrupted, it is actually illegal to build anything that would impinge on the vista. Go ahead, google it.


We are the Dawgs and we fight when times get tough until we get through it, so its the perfect school for me!


A diverse community of intelligent young adults and their mentors that strive to better not only themselves but the world around them.


The people are friendly, it is always clean but it looks lived in, the people that are there are excited to be there, something is always going on.


Benedictine University helps its students build strong foundations for their future.


The University of Washington is very research-oriented, with faculty experts in many fields, and also offers a range of academic resources and extracurricular activities.


The University of Washington is a very exciting and unique school that provides a wide range of oppurtunities for many different types of people.


The beauty of the campus makes you stand in awe and appreciate fully where you are, the city is always alive and exciting, and people are friendlier than any I have met, and the workload is more than worth it.


There is a really strong sense of community and progress that makes the atmosphere really appreciable.


My school strives to be diverse not only intellectually, but amongst its student body.


The UW Seattle is a beautiful university that offers a professional music program where I can study with a renouned classical guitarist and draw closer to realizing my goals.


High quality education at a low cost of attendance.


The University of Washington is a premier University with a lot to offer students of all backgrounds and interests, featuring some of the best academic programs in the business school, engineering and healthcare across the country, while also providing non-academic opportunities to work on campus, join student groups or the greek system.


Go Purple Be Gold.


My school has a rigorous, demanding, and stimulating academic atmosphere that also allows me to express myself, my work, and my traditions in an environment rich in multiculturalism, equality and diversity.


The University of Washington combines world-class academics, unrivaled facilities, and the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Northwest to create one of the top universities in the world.


My school is gigantic.


The University of Washington is a culturally diverse school, in terms of ethnicity, religion, orientation, and beliefs, which gives students the opportunity to grow in their education by learning with and from their peers, allowing students to refine their education academically and enrich their college experience socially.


The University of Washington could improve its service to students by becoming signficantly less departmentalized. As a student, it is very difficult to get a straight or consistent answer from any department. Usually the student ends up getting juggled from department to department and only getting parts of the whole story. Not only is this damaging to the student, but the university may also miss out on opportunities concerning the student's education. If more communication was established between departments, much frustration could be saved and the Univeristy could achieve some coherency.


UW is everything I could ask for in a school; top-rated professors, incredible research opportunities, a beautiful campus, an outstanding location...what more could you want?


University of Wahington is huge, diverse, and friendly.


My school is fantastic- very well known and has a good reputation and great professors.


The best of both worlds: a large university with lots of activities set in an urban city setting.


My school is beautiful and cultured and offers an incredible education.


A research institue giving birth to many people of greatness.


A really large school, which revels in it's diversity and multiculturism... but is very politically one sided. (Liberal.)


It is a huge research university located right outside of Seattle, Washington.


I like UW although it really isn't the perfect school, but it does have medium level of... everything (the effort i need to put into classes and the size of campus and stuff)


Diverse and welcoming to the veriety of students that attend.


My school is spirited, loyal, spunky, true, diverse, kind hearted, welcoming, tolerant, understanding, large, athletic and full of driven people.


My school is filled with an amazing rapport of knowledge, involvement, and awareness to thrive and change the world.


Beautiful campus with lots of rain, large population, and ability to make the experience as engaging as you choose.


The University of Washington is one of the most beautiful campuses in the entire northwest; It shows great school spirit, the alumni are very active, the researches are positive and succesful, plus the athletic department is VERY succesful!


My school was a great place to get an education. There was the ability to make a lot of great friends and connections in the real world. The location made it feel like it's own city.


A great school with lots of diverse course offerings that would meet the educational needs of almost any student.


University of Washington is a great school with most teachers having a PhD in their respective area of teaching but one of the most negative aspect of this school is the high tuition.


Open, large, green, nice libraries and some nice buildings, but make sure you seek out the good teachers; if you don't ask for recommendations from friends or other teachers you like, you're always going to get in the lecture classes with boring mcboringson.


Populous, fast paced, competetive, diverse.


My school is inspiring.


The University of Washington provides a liberal and active learning in environment, a well educated staff, and opportunities for research all driving at improving the students critical thinking and anlytical skills; all against the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


A fun university where students are tolerant of each other's views, and where everybody is constantly learning in and outside of class through social networking, extracurriculars, life experiences and friendships; a school that maintains a suburban feeling while maintaining close proximity to a large city that offers valuable experiences to its students.


UW is very environmentally aware, prestigous, but expensive and large in population.