University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Football, computer science, lots of rain


UW is well-known for its emphasis on research and academic rigor. Due to this, it draws many students for its nursing, business, and engineering programs. UW also has a passionate liberal agenda, which includes a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, social justice issues, diversity, and study abroad. I had a wonderful study abroad exprience in Rome with the Creative Writing department. It was one of the best decisions I made in my undergrad. At times, I did feel that the arts and humanities were underfunded at UW, but I understood its research-based focus from the beginning.


The University of Washington has one of the highest rated medical schools in the world.


My school is known for its incredible graduate science departments. These departments do an incredible job of incorporating various research projects into the coursework. One example is the graduate chemistry department which contains several two million dollar HNMR machines and the students are performing cutting edge research in to the structural chemistry. Within these departments the medical school is the most widely known and well respected aspect of University of Washington. The quality of students and professors has propelled it to be one of the top medical schools in the nation. It is my goal to attend this excellent program.


My school is best known for its Husky pride and for all of the support that it has given to the Seattle community.


Seattle and its tech industry. The Huskies football team.


The University of Washingon is known for its beautiful campus (especially the cherry trees in the quad and the buildings that look like Hogwarts), as well as its highly regarded programs and large campus size. The UW is especially known for its well regarded and rigorous medical school. There is a ton of research that comes out of this university, so as a student, you will have easy access to great, relevant information and professors from all disciplines. It's a really great school!


The University of Washington is a school strongly grounded in research and science. We do have a diverse campus with a wide range of curriculums but we focus more in inventing the furture. This school is known for its research.


Univeristy Of Washington is known for being a diverse school. Going to school here is an expereicne that will change your view of the world and make you become aware of cultral diveristy of the world. The Student spirit at UW is really awesome, everyone is so nice and inclusive. Even though the campus is huge, you will not feel out of place.


Research facilities and studies, pretentious students, many many international kids


The University of Washington has some beautiful cherry trees. I mean, we have an excellent computer science program as well and some pretty wicked stem cell research, but once a year people from accross the globe come to see our century-old cherry trees bloom just in time for Sakuracon, Seattle's Japanese anime festival. It's actually rather bothersome, because the crouds make it difficult to get to class.


My school is best known for its medical program. The UW medical programs is a world renowned prgram that has taken part in innovative research that has helped the medical community tenfold.


Its is the largest school in the state, its where everyone goes and its where all the money goes. UW is a premire research institution with a rich and culturaly diverse student body. It's where anyone can feel comfortable because there is honestly something for everyone, you just have to find. Which scared me alot because I have needed to be more proactive about my education, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Computer science.


The University of Washington is probably best know for its beautiful and large campus. Academically UW is also known to have an excellent medical program and having two of its own hospitals on campus. The university has strong programs in many other majors including a vast Engineering program, biology, and dentistry. Lastly the University of Washington is known to have an exceptional study abroad program sending students to numerous countries around the world. Students have the option to study abroad for the quarter, the year, or even two weeks during breaks allowing students to schedule what works best for them.


There is nothing quite like the cheering of "GOOOOO" "HUSKIIIIIIIIIES" across the football stadium. It gives me chills every time. The energy of the "Dawg Pack" on a chilly Fall night under the stadium lights just doesn't get any better. I'm going to miss football at our home stadium this year more than almost anything else while I'm abroad in Spain!


I think that the University of Washington is best known for being a 'public ivy' school - it offers an education equivalent to an ivy league school for the price of a public college.


My school is being known as environmentally friendly and being innovative.


Personally, I'm not aware of many campus-wide traditions, other than wearing purple on game days or for other special events. There is also a quarterly game of zombie tag that hundreds of students participate in, and you'll see kids running around campus with bright bandannas around their heads and arms, occasionally shooting each other with nerf bullets. Unofficial campus traditions include lounging or throwing a frisbee in the Quad on a sunny day.


The University of Washington is best known for it's math and sciences. The school boasts 9 Nobel Peace Prize receipients. The school is best known for its counselors that lead students in the right direction. As an individual who has used those services, I can personally say that students are given the best advice leading to future endeavors.


Our school is best known for its research programs. I read somewhere once that we get the most federal funding for research than any other public university. I think that's really crucial for getting experience in your field before going out into the real world and gives you an edge above other students coming from other schools.


Biking, music, coffee




The University of Washington I believe is best know for its immense research on campus, liberal atmosphere of the school, highly credentialed teachers, hospital, architecture, and competitiveness, to name a few things.


Research -- medicine.


Very diversed and beautiful campus. There are numerous students acticities on campus and if you are determined to get something out of your college experience UW is your answer.


The medical research, thus the pre-med program is very competitive. The business school and law school are well known as well. But people generally know us as being a great beautiful campus.


My school's campus is beautiful. The buildings and the trees really make the school have a relaxing atmosphere. My school also has a really good medical program which is ranked really high in the country compared to other schools.


The University of Washington is know for their world class medical program, top rated nursing program in the nation, prestigious law school, and the well known Foster school of Business.


I believe the University of Washington is best known as a research institution with incredible internship opportunities, especially in the field of science. The Department of Medicine is particularly strong here, and is considered to be among the best in the nation.


We have an excellent engineering school, business school, and medical school which draw many students. Although the UW isn't incredibly well-known, it is one of the most well-rounded universities on the west coast and is competitive in most areas. In the past our football and basketball programs were relatively well-known as well


University of washington is best known for their medical school. The fact that the school is so competitive, it means a great big deal to a lot of students. It means that the medical school has a lot to offer and can help students establish their careers, dreams, and goals.


The University of Washington is best known for its outstanding collection of great minds.


Husky pride, rainy days in the city, recycling, a Harry Potter reading room in the Suzallo Library, and COFFEE. Basically everything that comes with Seattle--Pike Place market, grunge music, all types of ethnic cuisine, Mt. Rainier, alternative everything, coffee shops, theatres, etc, with the added effect of intelligent conversations, new people, open minds, and caffeine.


The University of Washington is one of the best research univerisites in the Pacific Northwest, and I believe the entire West Coast. Excellent funding also means that scholarships and loans are available to many students. It is a big school, but the professors and TAs are attentive and extremely helpful, so large classes don't feel overwhelming. The size of the school means there is a wider variety of programs, opportunities, and classes offered. Also, the campus is beautiful.


I believe the University of Washington is best known for it's pre-med and engineering programs. I know the pre-med program was recently ranked first in the nation by a prestigious scholarly journal, and attending UW is great for any engineering and computer science major due to being located in Seattle and the close relationships Microsoft keeps with the university. The school is also best known for basketball when considering athletics; Issaiah Washington is on the cover of some college basketball video game.


My school is best known for its strong academics and competitive nature. UW is a great school to graduate from and find jobs. The sports, especially football and basketball are very competitive with surrounding are schools like WSU and SU.


The university of washington is best known for its medical and engineering sciences, and its business school. It has about 40,000 students on campus so it is always busy and crowded. The school seems to be mostly dominated by the greek system. Many students are stressed out and unhappy with their majors that they have chosen. Many feel pressured by parents and by the school system to get a certain degree. Often times to take the edge off of all the stress students resort to partying, drinking, playing video games, and watching television in their free time.


My school is best known for its medical program, which is one of the best on the west coast, and its reputation has brought people from around the world just to be there and experience it for themselves. Our hosiptals are also training schools, and while providing a hands-on experience for students, it also allows low income families better care rates versus many clinics, especially for those who don't have medical insurance.


We are best known for our med school. It is one of the top ranked in the country. After that I would say the business school, law school and international studies school.


My school is best known for its research. It does a lot of research in many different fields.


I think the Univeristy of Washington is best known for it's medical school and technological and research advancements in other fields.


Gorgeous campus, football spirt.


It is a small private college not far from Portland. It is known for its small class size and low student to teacher ratio.


microsoft and boeing academe


My school is best known for one of the best medical school.


The University of Washington is best known for their amazing campus. The architecture is amazing and the buildings are beautiful. The whole campus is clean and very well kept. It is also known for its size because the school in general is very large. Out of all the other schools in Washington, this university is considered to be one of the hardest to get accepted to.


Its teachings in law and medical, it also has a good overseas program and is involved in much R and D


The University of Washington is best known for being a university based on a lot of research. They have the number one nursing school in the nation and have great programs in engineering, pre-med, and pre-law. These majors are all very competitive, but there are classes that can prepare you for them well.


School of Medicine