University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

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It rains a lot.


1) There's a large Asian American population, but you don't often see racially integrated social groups. 2) Because there's so many people, it's hard to make friends unless you join a club or group. 3) UW is incredibly research-focused - there will be requirements for it in most programs you apply to.


I love the supportive atmosphere at University of Washington. Everyone is smart and talented but they are really nice and humble, there is no crazy competition. The school has good name and reputation without the elitist mentality.


I began with a list of criteria that was necessary in my pursuit of a university to attend. The list included: within my state of residency (for financial reasons), a reputable school of engineering (my field of study), a campus that I felt fit my lifestyle and personality, and after meeting the basic criteria... the university that appeared to hold the highest regard and reputation. The latter part I researched through multiple websites and discussions with those I knew familiar to academia. The number one choice given this assessment was overwhelmingly the University of Washington.


University of Washington offers not only a great education but it offers students diversity, leadership, scholarship, fellowship opportunities and etc. Students usually fear not having a place to belong once entering college but at the U, everyone has at least one group that fits their personality and speaks to who they are. It offers each student a place to call home. Also, the professors are all amazing at teaching and there is a class for every single subject a student could want. All in all, UW in my opinion is a wonderful university.


I believe that the University of Washington can help continue that process through core biblical teaching, leadership, activities and council. I also believe that I can contribute to the campus through my life experiences. I have learned a lot from my own experiences and from the experiences of others. I believe that the lessons that I have learned in my life over the course of the past 23 years can hold valuable lessons for others just like myself. I look forward to the opportunity to live and study in the vibrant community that University of Washington has to offer.


The University of Washington-Seattle Campus has a very exceptional medicine program, and I wish to pursue a medical degree.


Hello campus, my old friend I've come to walk on you again The bricks of Odegaard always keeping Bums and undergrads, they're all sleeping In the morning; coffee ain't yet reached their brains And it rains It's time to study science Reading pages I turned alone Outside Red Square of bricks (not stone) On which slept someone, a city tramp I turned my Northface to the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of fluorescent light Library bright It's time to study science And in the blaring light I saw Three hundred students, maybe more People looking without reading People reading without learning People learning words that died right in the air But no one cared 'Twas time to study science "Fools", said I, "You do not know College, life, it's all a show O. chem profs, they might try teach you Things you'll never need, forget you knew" But my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed In the wells of science


Its in Seattle, which is a liberal city, full of vibrant life.


UW, in my opinion, has the most beautiful campus in comparison to other schools I have visited (Stanford, Columbia, UPenn). It is set in an amazing location - Seattle allows students access to a plethora of outdoor activites, as well as to moderate city life when desired. For in-state students, it has one of the best ratios of cost to quality available in the nation.


Benedictine University is more than just a place where you can pursue your education and hopefully begin to build your career. Benedictine is all about developing a whole person – academically, socially and spiritually. This university is a melting pot of people, religions, faiths, and philosophies. What's more? Everyone is able to build strong, lasting relationships with one another very easily. I am lucky to be a part of a very welcoming environment.


The University of Washington (Seattle campus) is in a major metropolitan city, unlike many of the other schools I considered. This means that there is always something going on both on campus and off campus. Additionally, there are plenty of student jobs available, even for students who aren't eligible for work-study.


University of Washington has so many diverse opportunities that if you are the kind of student who "does it all," there are no limits to what you can get involved with and accomplish and learn at UW except the limits of your time and sanity. UW is a place where you can create your own education from within the extensive offerings available. If you don't seek the resources, you can fall through the cracks. No one is holding your hand; to the administration, you're just a number. Take the opportunities available.


I felt like UW had a lot of diversity compared to the other state schools in Washington. Not only were there more students from all over the country, but with such a high commuter population I met a lot of students that weren't in the typical 18-24 y.o. set. This made it easy to fit in on campus and feel accepted.


You get a good education for very cheap, go here if you want to get a decent degree and not go too far in debt... Go here if you are self-starter who can make or find their own social life Do go here if you need and/or want what a big rich city like Seattle can offer... Don't go here if you expect to be surrounded by friendly engaged people.


What's unique about the University of Washington is location. The fact that it's in Seattle and it's one of the best school to attend, it allows those who chose to stay in state to stay close to their friends and family, it keep everyone together while striving for the best education.


The University of Washington has a really big and open campus. People are very friendly. Everyone is very helpful. This school has a lot more community than other schools I've looked at.


At the University of Washington, whatever it is that you want to pursue, there are numerous opportunities for you to explore that path. The unversity knows how important it is for students to get experience in the fields that they are passionate about and provide students with different possibilities and resources, such as internships, volunteering, or clubs related to the students' career interests. The university wants to set up their students for success, all the students have to do is have the drive to want it and the University of Washington will help get you there.


The University of Washington is known for its great business school. I was accepted to four other colleges and I chose this one because I knew it would give me the best education that I am looking for.


It's one of the top schools in the nation, but for in-state students it's incredibly affordable. It's one of the most valuable places to get a good education in the United States.


The Unversity of Washingon is unique in that it offers so many majors that are at times difficult to fnd elsewhere. The school is huge and has many options to offer everyone. Th activities on campus are also quite varied, from Quidditch (yes, like Harry Potter) to par core to excellent music and visual arts.


University of Washington is located a short bus ride away from the city of Seattle, providing a unique urban experience, while also have a large campus of its own separate from the city itself. The medical school, which I hope to attend after obtaining my undergraduate degree, at the University of Washington is consistently ranked in the upper echelon in its category. Furthermore, the school is extremely well-rounded, offering several possible areas of study for individuals who have not decided on a specific major, unlike many other schools I considered, which are extremely strong in one or two categories.


The University of Washington is a unique campus in that it really strives to promote diversity among its population. There are a variety of campus organizations, tutoring opportunities, events, advising, etc., that adhere to the diversity population on campus. Diversity is something that all departments at the University of Washington strive to improve on; not only diversity of race and ethnicity but all diversity in sexual orientation, gender, religion, and experience. The accumulation of these diverse people on one campus is something that allows my college experience to be more informative and worthwhile.


The University of Washington is a well-respected schoo with lots of resources in a culture-rich city.


There are many groups to become involved with. There are numerous places to live, downtown is just a bus ride away. The learning environment is wonderful and there is always help when needed. I have truly had the most passionate teachers here that was helped me decide what I love to do. The other schools I considered were much smaller and in rural towns. I know I would have been unhappy there, with the academics and setting.


Large, PAC-10, huge Greek system.


University of Washington is known for having some of the best professors available, especially in a state school. The campus is gorgeous, and the people are so kind and helpful. I felt like I was being taken care of from the moment I applied.


It's among the top ten colleges for Computer Engineering and one of the best in the US. Though it's a public university, its facilities are comparable with private universities. It has nearly the largest number of foreign students affording great cultural exchange on an international level. Its nursing and medical school has been ranked among the best in the US. Great place to study at.


It is in the middle of the city in a liberal area.


The most unique thing about my school would be the diversity. There is so many different people coming from different backgrounds that really make our school really diverse. It is nice to get to know people of different origins, from different countries, and just come from different life styles.


Beautiful campus. Way competitive to get into majors.


The feel of the city of Seattle and its surrounding area. The atmosphere of the entire university community seemed to mesh with what my personality and I believed that it would be an environment that I would thrive in. Also, the prestige that was associated with the university had a great appeal to me when I was considering possible colleges.


My school is unique because we have a great greek system that has contributed hundred thousands of dollars to the greater Seattle Area to make a change in our enviroment. We are trying to help children and give them the ability to come to University of Washington too.


One of the top schools in the nation, has a good name and will look great on a resume.


Urban environment that is relatively clean. While it is a strong regional school, academics do not feel cut-throat. There is lots of money designated to technology, computers, and libraries.


Compared to the other schools I considered attending, I feel like UW is much more diverse and educationally driven. It's very well-rounded, having good educational programs for many areas of learning. Therefore, it is unique in its high expectations and advanced academics applicable to a diverse group of students.


faculty go above and beyond to ensure you're receiving a quality education and guide you in the right direction.


It's a well-respected public university, so you get the prestige of a private university at the cost of a public university.


The campus is beautiful and there are plentiful resources available. Its located in the city and absolutly everything is a walk or short bus ride away.


There are tons and tons of people here, so there's bound to be some you like; just make sure you seek out teachers and peers like you seek out a job or a good sandwich- you're only going to get disappointed if you take whatever class comes along.


There are multiple opportunities to study abroad through specific programs related to your major. These opportunities range from a small exploration seminar during the summer to a whole year abroad.


Its in a city but you have acces to many areas.


Students at this school love learning for the most part.


It has a beautiful campus. It's in a big city, but not right in the middle of it. There's a lot of people and a lot of diversity.


Great Academics, by word.


UW offers a lot of lectures, performances and other opportunities that allow students to expand their horizons.


Our school is pretty diverse and everyone is really chill with each other. Also, since the school is so large, we have a huge range in terms of the quality of teachers. We have some professors here who are pure amazing, but the downside is that a sizeable number of classes are taught by graduate students and TA's (some of whom are not very good teachers).


It's right in the middle of the city, and it's huge. The halls are all enormous, majestic and old. The professors are mostly awesome and liberal.


It's in the middle of a large city, but on-campus, it's like there's nothing else outside that matters.


It's pretty big compared to the others i considered, and closer to home.