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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Most stereotypes are accurate to some degree, and inaccurate to an almost equal degree.


Yes. Mostly asians and white kids... Biz school classes are small Greek system is very elitist...




It does rain a lot, but it doesn't pour everyday, usually just a light mist. And the tree hugger thing, we are pretty enviromentally conscious, but most of us are not extreme. I have definitely never seen anyone litter here though.


These stereotypes are semi accurate. You do see the liberal hippies, but they are the most voiced of the students. These students, I believe, are a minority on campus. They are the most visible; however, and can be seen all across campus trying to spread their message/beliefs. Everyday, there is some sort of protest stand in front of the student services building (HUB). The University's population is very diverse, the liberal hippies just stand out, as they are the most vocal with their beliefs.


I already kind of explained it in the first question, so no, these stereotypes are absolutely 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} wrong!!!


Most are. Only baise toward political views.


not entirely


For the most part.


its just friendly rivalry


To a point. We have a fair amount of students who are "nerdy" but the majority of students participate in many activities and are very active. As for the liberal stereotype, it is quite true although the republicans do try to make an impact once in a while...


Not completely. There is a lot of variety within washington


for the most part, yes


I honestly don't think there are many stereotypes or categories you could fit the entire UW into. With over 40,000 students there are certainly countless different types of people with a wide variety of interests. While it is true that the university and its students tend to be very environmentally conscious, I wouldn't say that UW is teaming with be-dreaded, hemp-wearing hippies.


NO. All I found in Seattle, and specifically Washington in general, was backwards thinking and behind the times attitudes and styles. Washington people were not cool in fact they were trashy and had no concept of the real world or anything outside their miserable state. However, academically the students perform well at the UW and have a great interest in their higher education.


Largely true. There is an abundance of the aforementioned type and if you're vocal, being liberal is almost a requirement. But since the school is so large there really is someone that fits you somewhere on campus. It may take a while to find them.


No. After a quarter or 2 at UW, it's hard to walk around campus without running into people you know. And as far as the class size-- you get out of every class what you put into it. If you go talk to the professors, they'll get to know you-- and the professors WANT to hear from you. They get bored when students don't visit them. Another thing-- It IS possible to graduate in 4 years, but it's definitely harder if you double major or add a minor or 2. Most students I know who are 5th year (or "super seniors" or doing their "victory lap") are in honors programs or double major/double degree students.


I would say that the stereotypes are somewhat true. I wouldn't necessarily say that we're all hippies but we definitely do like to study hard as well as listen to music. You will usually see people with their ipods walking down the street. We are a very open group of people and I love living here.




no its 33 percent asian and not everyone listens to grunge


I don't believe that the stuck up part is true, everyone is just very involved in their studies. I do agree with the frat/sorority stereotypes. I think that they party way too much, have fake bonds with each other and really are unsafe sometimes from what I have seen from personal experience. I have seen some very unsettling things within Greek row.


Just my personal observation


Not at all. I am a minority, community college transfer student; also, I'm 24. I am competitive at this school; I've made the Dean's List ever quarter I've been enrolled at the UW thus far. There are many white, affluent 18-22 year olds, but there is some variety in the school's demographic, if you look hard enough.


It is a huge school, but it gets smaller every day you are here. There are athletes, but they don't make of the majority... you can find every kind of person here from nerdy to artsy to sporty. It is sometimes a bit hard to meet people until you find a niche or join clubs. The dorms are a lot like most other schools' dorms, but yeah, I'm not a big fan of them! Great way to meet other people in your same situation though.


Not really. There are all types of people on campus. That's what makes it so fun :)


For the most part.


To an extent. But i feel most students @ UW earn there way into college and earn the high quality of education they are paying for and that the UW is know for.


I'm a native and I use an umbrella sometimes...


Yes we are into conservation and we do wear tons of stuff from REI. We also are a little scruffy and passive but know how to have a good time in a pub.




No, although it is rainy a lot




Hell no. These "students" brought high school with them. Not in a good way.




I suppose, but one of my best friends goes to WSU and we only tease each other.


Very liberal school. Some hippies, not quite like the stereotype.




It might do that but our team spirit is strong as ever!!!!


I suppose so, since locally people are really impressed or in awe when I tell them I attend the University of Washington. I think people here regard UW students as "cream of the crop" and employers see us as "highly valuable assets" of great potential.


Everyone could potentially be extremely smart because the teachers are pretty amazing, but not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to learn. A lot of students skip class and only show up for the tests. As for the 300 person classes, so true. But not true for every class just the introductory ones. This is my first year here and I've only taken two classes with more than 200 people in them. And the professors do care if you understand the material they just don't have time to answer everyone's questions. However, there are many resources available to students to compensate this. And yes the majority of students finish in four and a half to five years, partially because many change majors. This is not a bad thing, as I'm learning. It is very challenging to take a full course load, so don't feel bad if you have to take an extra quarter or two.


I'm pretty sure.


ABSOLUTELY NOT! Usually the rain preference varies on a day-to-day basis, and the coffee thing couldn't be farther off the mark. If anything, the students get this reputation by extension of the instructors. Probably 1 in 3 people that I've met don't even drink coffee, and those that do usually go for either a small, independent espresso bar, or the Tully's brand (which I had never heard of before coming to Seattle).






yes, they're pretty accurate of the typical undergrad. However, the serious students are often much more normal.




No. Although, right now, we're very "green" and eco-friendly and there are so many trends toward being earth-friendly in Seattle. It feels like a fad. Whether it is or not, time will tell.


Not true. We are however, more laid back. We are little more conscious of the environment, but not fanatics. Being conscious of the environment should be everyone's responsibility.


No, not everyone gets in, but more importantly the classes are a variety of challenges.