University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

Describe the best and worst parts of the social scene on campus.


Best: there are so many groups, clubs, and social circles that can be formed, and despite the largeness of the school, one runs into a familiar face more often than they'd ever expect. The campus and the surrounding area provide completely compatible locations for hanging out with friends. Worst: There isn't really a "worst" part of the social scene. If anything, in my experience, the "worst" involved feeling lonely the first quarter as a freshman. I didn't have any friends, felt homesick and the rain came down depressingly. However, it did not take long to make friends. Joining a group or club, or just sitting by the same students in class every day helps.


Best: The weekend environment is not extremely distracting because a lot of students go home on weekends and others usually spend their days studying and catching up on homework. The real "weekend" is usually Tue/Thurs nights Worst: Lots of people do go home on weekends (unless its Dawg Saturday!)

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