University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


Depending on whether you like having background noise present or whether you like utter silence, there are different places to study at. For those who like a more relaxed study area, head over to Odegaard Undergraduate library. There you can study at one of many desks and take occasional breaks to use a computer and check Facebook or play games. If you prefer quiet areas, go over to the Allen part of the Suzzallo-Allen library complex. The upper levels where the reference books are usually have complete silence.


Personally, I prefer either a quiet, near silent study area, or an open space in which the overall buzz of conversations and outside sound levels out to a sort of white noise, in which no single conversation stands out as distracting. All of the libraries have quiet sections with study space available. Depending on my mood or the subject I'm studying, I'll go to the Suzzallo reading room, the third floor in Odegaard, the law library, or the often overlooked East Asia library on the third floor in Gowen Hall.

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