University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the quallity of knowledge that I am getting, and I brag about the freedom to find what subject suits me the best.


It has a badminton court


What I brag most about UW is mostly the lifestyle I had when in college. Above the schooling and the studying, I was living in the heart of Seattle. It was a wonderful time to learn about myself and there were so many events to go to as it is a very multicultural school. It truly was a place to explore creativity and being in the pacific northwest where unemployment rates are low, the type of jobs right out of college are fruitful.


I usually do not have to brag about my school. All of my friends are familiar with the school that I attend and most are quite envious of the opportunity that I have been given to attend and learn there. The University of Washington has a stellar reputation as one of the premier learning institutions in the world. Many of my friends applied but were not fortunate enough to be accepted into the school. I have been given a gift that I acknowledge gratitude for on practically a daily basis.


The fact that I am equi-distant to the sea, rainforest, and mountains, as well as equi-distant to Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia.


Enroll into the EFS so you can get to know campus and you get to know the dorms. Attend the home football games. They are a lot of fun and the crowd gets really load and supportive. Declare a major, especially if you are a Washington State resident. Even though "rushing" was an extremely intense experience, the Greek system is another good way to meet and to get to know people, so worth checking out. I love being at a big school in a big city, like Seattle. This is the kinda of college I always wanted to attend.


The beauty of the city and my campus as well as the cultural surrounding them.


medical school


The University of Washington-Seattle Campus is such a beautiful campus. In the Winter, snow covers the campus in a light layer of white snow; many compare the campus in the winter to "Hogwarts in the winter" from the "Harry Potter" movies. In the Spring, the campus bursts with color from the blooming flowers, and the wonderful cherry blossoms that bloom around the quad. The beauty of the campus sets such a wonderful learning, relaxing, and calming environment. The University of Washington-Seattle Campus is such a great campus and I highly recomend it to all who are interested.


I had a great experience taking Ancient Greek for a year. The class was small, the prof was tough, but fair. The subject was interesting and really broadened my educational experience. If I had to do it over again, I'd take Ancient Greek again, without a doubt.


The University of Washington is ranked among the top in the nation and has highly competitive and selective programs.


Red Square. It's always busy, something is always going on and I'm sure it was home to a lot of protests and movements. Its gourgous all times of the year and makes you feel apart of the school, the community even though thousands of people walk through it. But you always get a smile from someone. It feels like home.


Loved the campus and the city. Loved many of my professors and getting to know many of our visiting guests to the classes.


Everything about the University of Washington is exceptional. The energy of the school moves within the students and professors; they are what drive the motivations and goals. Thousands of courses are available, with expert professors to conduct the material. Being a language major, and having always loved language and learning, I am personally delighted with the range of material covered in the Spanish and English majors. I frequently "educate" my friends about what I am learning. There are so many facets of information, as well as the diversity and entertainment, which keep the college exciting and educational. It is perfect!


Going to the University of Washington (Seattle Campus) has not only given me a world class edcuation (particularly in the sciences), but has also allowed me to have an awesome social life as a member of a sorority. I feel so prepared to go to dental school next year, but am sad to leave UW. Seattle is such a great place to go to school with great parks, restaurants, beaches, and shopping all within 10 minutes of campus. Attending UW sports events (especially football and basketball) have also been some of the most memorable college experiences.


I often tell my friends or acquaintences that UW is one of the top 20 research universities in the world (which, by fact, it is). It is reknown for its medical, social work, and nursing programs, and I'm incredibly proud to also say that it is an old university. It has a strong historical foundation, and most locals know that to be accepted means that you're a great student and an all-around involved and active person.


The University of Washington is a very well known school, and its department of psychology is nationally accredited.


When talking about the University of Washington, I often discuss the academics. The professors in the departments are leaders in their respective fields. My majors? departments employs several professors who are world-renown. Also, several departments are world-famous, including the medical, engineering, and business departments. Another aspect I believe separates the University of Washington from any other university is the scenery of majestic Mt. Rainier, the beautiful Cascade Mountains to the east, the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound to the west, and the site of the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle, all can be seen from the stunning campus.


My school has succesfully accomplished in doing what other universities still strive toward: peaceful diversity, strong education, and providing a plethora of opportunities for students to discover themselves in whichever way pleases them. What pleases me the most is the fact that class sizes range from 30, 150, 200, 400, and even 700. And to accommodate for the larger classes and their "impersonal environments", UW provides required "quiz sections"; much smaller classes of 30-40 students to help clarify topics covered in the lectures. This helps turn a rather large and frightening university into a much smaller and accommodating school.


When I see my friends, the first thing I brag about is how tiny my dorm room is. Then I tell them about how big some of my classes are.


Everything :)


I'm being completely sincere when I say that I don't brag about my school. Most of my friends, at least the ones I had before I have come to college, did not have the same opportunities I had and were unable to further their education past their high school careers. I often encourage them to look at going back to school but many just don't have the ability to financially to do so or have been told for too many years that they will not succeed.


When i brag to my friends about my school, usually i tend to brag about athletics. We're a NCAA division 1 school and our sports teams are phenomenal. However, even though our sports teams are good I also brag a lot about our academics. The University of Washington is one of the top medical research schools in the nation and our academic success is known around the country.


I let them know that we have an excellent technical department where you can rent high quality digital cameras, video cameras, projectors, etc. I tell them about the experimental college and all of the different clubs you can participate in. There are also a lot of theatre and dance performances that are fun to see. I think the tutoring services are very nice, and the libraries are fun to get lost in.


The quality of the faculty in the English department. The faculty in general are very friendly and welcoming and they are all very highly motivated and excited about their field.


I usually brag about how amazing my professors are and how much I am being challenged in my course work. I am constantly sharing information with my friends on subjects I am currently learning about. I also started a blog to have a place to discuss all of the interesting things I am learning.


The thing I brag about most when talking about my school is that I can do everything online. I have the freedom to work on homework or tests during the morning, noon, or night depending on my work and personal schedule. It gives me the flexibility to continue working full time while advancing my education. So far it has been a great success and it has really worked great as far as scheduling. All of the classes are designed to give you freedom to work at your own pace, so if you want to finish early, you can.


I don't really have much to brag about except for the scenery and the beautiful campus itself.


The teachers that I have are the experts in their fields, not just within the university but in some cases, in the world.


When I talk about UW, I always reference its academic rigors and its beautiful setting. I felt like the professors at the UW did a good job stretching my thinking, and challenging me to learn new material.


It's probably between the sports teams and our amazing business school. The Huskies are a great team to be behind. Even when we lost ever football game it was still fun and probably the better experiences of college.


My school is one of the most pretigious school in the United States. It offers rigorous academic programs as well as career opportunities for all of the students regardless of race, gender, age or any other social discriminations.


We are a university nationally and internationally recognized for attracting students with outstanding academic achievements; we've even been considered one of the "public ivys." Also brag-worthy is our location in inarguably of the US's best cities--we have Seattle nightlife minutes away, Mt. Rainier, the Puget Sound and Lake Washington in our backyard and are situated in a vibrant community full of boutiques, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and bookstores. Our sports are D-I, we have a large Greek prescense and students know how to work hard and play hard. UW has something for everyone!


I actually brag about how difficult the science courses (especially chemistry) are at the University of Washington. Honestly, I like the challenge that they present and I somewhat enjoy being able to gloat that I was able to make it through them.


great opporunities for all types of learning


I love the atmosphere of UW. I love that although it is a huge school, I always see the same people, and I always see people I know. The amount of school spirit is amazing also. I love the history and tradition of being a Husky around the Seattle area. The academics are worth bragging about too, we have such great programs and I am very proud to say that I attend such an acredited university.


I brag about it being one of the top five social work schools in the nation.


The greek system and the pride that people have in being a husky.


I brag about two things, first are the professors. Whether they be funny, engaging, challenging, or unorthidox I have found that the UW is great at selecting who becomes a professor/TA. People always get jelous when they hear you ranting about how great your professors are because a great professor makes a world of a difference in your learning. Secondly, i brag about how beautiful the campus is because we have stellar architecture, great views (including Mt. Rainier), and pink budded trees that bloom 3 times a year that line the main path.


It is one of the most prestigious schools of the northwest. It is enivromentally friendly. There is lots of stuff to do. Very liberal. The campus itself is very beautiful and green.


The University of Washington is a premiere research insitution. The UW is ranked #1 with the most funding for research, over both Harvard and John Hopkins. Because of this, the faculty at UW are the experts in their respective fields and the students of such a renown faculty get the benefit of a world-class education as well as opportunity to participate with cutting-edge research. The large size of UW is also an advantage when a student can make a smaller community out of the many opportunities that a larger community can offer.


the academic reputation of the school, the facilities and resources available


The incredibly low averages of chemistry classes.


I don't tend to brag about my school, but I love the IMA, the bus system is great and our campus is beautiful.


I like to tell friends about how much spirit we have. There are always people at sporting events cheering on the teams even if they aren't ranked very high in our division. Everyone really seems to enjoy this aspect because it brings us all together for a fun-filled afternoon or evening.


We are a D1 school that is both academically and athletically competative. We're surrounded by water, mountains, and lakes. Great for outdoor activities. We have all 4 seasons of weather.


Our well establised and well known professors, our rigorous academic focus, our location, and our reputation.


It's culturally diverse.


My school has historically been prestigious in westcoast. We have top 5 medical school in the nation and strong engineering field. Every year, many companies in nationwide visit my campus to offer internship availability and career related information including interview tips. Also, my school offers rigorous courses that are very useful in terms of going into the real world and continuing graduate programs. Professors and advisers are enthusastic to help students choose right majors.


That it is a great school in a great city and it has a good reputation all around the country for their research and development.