University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Asian, green, politically left caffeine addicts.


Very academically based, lots of International Students, liberal, and green!


Very academically based, lots of International Students, liberal, and green!


Tons of Asians and mostly white kids from Washington. You're a number, big lecture classes, greek system is annoying,\


Seattle is known as a 'rainy' city, even though, based on precipitation alone, we don't even make it to the top 10 rainiest cities in the US. However, it is true that, throughout the year, we have much more cloudy and rainy days than we do sunny days. Seattleites never take weather for granted. We enjoy sunny days, but we do know that 'a sunny day will always be followed by a week's worth of rain' or clouds.


There are tons of asians there and they are super competitive, was a stereotype.


That it rains all the time, and that we are all tree huggers.


Seattle, in general and particularly the University District, is seen as a bunch of granola eating, liberal hippies. As such, University students are expected to be seen eating organic foods and drinking fair trade coffee, while wearing their sandals and riding their long-boards across campus.


Before i entered UW, i heard that classes were really huge, and that you'll never be able to meet your professors. However, once i got here, i realized that it's like any other school except larger. The classes really are huge, like i think my largest one is about 400 students, but you don't really notice the huge difference between a small or large class. It really doesn't make a difference. Just sit in the front if you feel like sitting in the back makes it difficult to learn. Before i entered college, i also thought that in high school i always went up to my teachers to get help, how am i suppose to succeed in college if i can't even meet my professors? In reality, these professors at UW really care if their students learn. They provide office hours and if that's not enough, there's centers that helps in each specific subject, such as the chemistry study center, math study center and CLUE which is like a tutoring center where they help students later on in the evening. As for the people at UW, they are very well rounded students. It's really different than high school - no high school dramas. i believe that it's really easy to make friends here at UW, there are a variety of students from different backgrounds. They don't judge you by your looks, they accept you the way you are. I never feel left out in my new circle of friends and all my new friends that i've met became friends with my other new friends that i met throughout the quarters. So we all get along really well.


Free thinkers, unbaise, muti-cultural exceptance


We are alcoholics , stuck up, asian


Friendly, coffee drinkers, poor fashion sense


we dont like the cougars


That we are all nerds who study all the time. Also that we're a very very liberal school.


Hippies, all very outdoorsey, into rock bands


very intelligent students, party school, tough classes, huge Greek system, top of the list for research, one of the top public schools in the nation


Seattle is a very liberal city, however, and as such its inhabitants and students at the UW are often considered to be hippies or nature freaks, wearing Birkenstocks and toting picket signs.


Washington, more specifically is seen as a really hip and trendy city-- which is why, as a San Francisco Bay area native, I found it so appealing.


Drippy Hippie tree huggers who survive on a steady diet of free trade coffee under a barrage of constant rain.


Some think UW is overwhelming because of it's size and also because so many classes are HUGE. Also, some think that everyone takes 5 or more years to graduate.


I would say that some stereotypes about Washington students as well as people in Washington in general is that we are all hippies who like to drink coffee and love music. Seen as people who are friendly and welcoming who like to study.


A ton of Asians who are always in the Library and ruining class curves. Also, our campus is by far the best in the states. Take one walk through it and you'll fall in love.


that everyone is asian, and that everyone listens to Nirvana


Stuck up, but intelligent. Fraturnities and sororities are looked at as obnoxious and immature.


Not sure but think that they are more high-tech, hard working not very sociable people


I'd say the main stereotype is white yuppification. As I am a community college transfer student of color, I definitely contradict that preconception. There is also a presumption of an age restriction in undergrad: that everyone is between the ages of 18 and 22.


It's just a huge school with mostly athletes; too hard to meet people; the dorms suck.


Tree huggers, very liberal, fake tans


WE are all very smart and motivated. Very academically inclined. We are quirky because not only are we from Washington, we're in Seattle.


There weren't very many stereotypes about the students or the university other than that it is very diverse in culture.


I don't really know of any. Maybe that Washington Students are stuck up and spoiled.


If you are a native of Washington you do not use an umbrella.


Tree Huggers


The strange dynamic of wild social life yet impressive academics


Lots of Asians and we are so rainy all the time


large school a lot of pre-medical students


Intelligent, mature students whom are looked up to by transferring (and non-transferring) community college students.


We are smart!


I don't know. I have never actually been on the campus.


I don't know any stereotypes about Washington, besides our fierce rivalry with the WSU Cougars.


Hippies, Liberal.


Cool and isolationist. They are subdued.


That our team sucks in Football.


There aren't any stereotypes that I've heard


I haven't heard any stereotypes about UW students, though I have heard that we are considered to be attending a highly school. The business school is among the top in the nation, so it was a great accomplishment to gain admission into the school.


When I first came here I thought that everyone was extremely smart. I also heard that every class I took would be like 300 people. It was rumored that the professors could care less if you pass or failed, and they were never available to talk to. They even told us that the majority of students don't finish their degree in four years.


For some reason, I don't know why, but when people come to college, it seems like they have a tendency to become emos.. They like to try new things. Party? Drinking?


They all either hate or love the rain in general. They are all addicted to coffee. All hail Starbucks!


nothin comes to mind


We're better than Washington State