University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is not OK with a large workload and working hard should not attend this school. It obviously depends on your choice of major in terms of how much work you will be doing, but regardless there will always be a heavy workload for students.


I think that all kinds of people can and do attend the University of Washington. There are no exclusions except for those that the student places on herself/himself. Students who may experince more difficulty in adjusting however would be those who are not used to a very large campus population or city-like environment and those that have travelled a great distance to attend (international students, studenst from the east coast/south). The university is so large that there is something for everyone to make college life more adjustable and more satisfying.


A person who is not too sure what their passion is or what they want to do with their life is they kind of person that should not attend this school. Without the motivation and drive, attending this school might be a waste of time if it is not experienced to its full advantage.


An out of state student who isn't finacially well off, unless you want lots of student debt in your first four years of college that is.


The University of Washington is a very large school (around 40,000 students). People who appreciate small class sizes and don't like large lecture would porbably prefer going to a smaller school. However, students accepted into the honors program will be in smaller classes.


1. If you're not very academically driven 2. If you like a close, tight-knit social setting 3. If you're very conservative 4. If you don't like walking


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who doesn't take education seriously. University of Washington Seattle campus is a very big campus and things goes by really fast, so it would be very easy to fall behind. Someone who goes to this school thinking it would be like one big party would have difficulty managing their time and social life.


Are you a shy person who can't deal with strangers? Then the University of Washington is not the place for you! With over 40000 students and massive lecture classes permeating the curriculum making friends in class is like hunting elk with a nerf gun. And don't even start on meeting your professors. Consider yourself lucky if they even know you're in their class.

Charles Paul

Someone who is not serious about learning or opposes conformity.


Although a beautiful campus, University of Washington Seattle is in the midst of a temperate rainforest. If you are not from the northern United States, there is a possibility of experiencing slight depression until you are acclimated to the dark and stormy winter months. This should be considered if your mood is heavily influenced on your surrounding atmosphere. Also, UW is a large campus, which has its pros and cons. If you are easily overwhelmed by large class sizes during your first couple of years, you may consider another school which is smaller and outside of a major city.


Someone who needs to be in small classes should not attend. In the majority of intro classes, there are over 200 people and in the sciences there are even more. There were 700 people in my introductory bio class


Do not attend this school if your require or desire intense individualized instruction. Do not attend if you want to attend a "quiet" university or one where you don't need a print out of the campus map for the entire first quarter!


Thats a joke, school is for any one and everyone wanting to not only further their knowelge about the universe but also learn more about themselves. In this day and age countless students including my self and my friends struggle at time with self image and confidance. The university of washington is helping he push those concepts to the limit, and every day I learn and grow more and I better prepared for the next days challenge . Therefore this school is not a good fit for people not wanting to challenge themselves and learn.


I don't think that there is any kind of person that shouldn't attend this school, only people that don't like large campuses. Its a beautiful school and great bang for our buc.


A person who isn't really to do the work required. The University of Washington prides itself on excellence and the lazy and idle are usually left behind.


Someone who isn't interested in diversity.


One without self motivation. One who is easily distracted. One who does not like the rain.


Someone who doesn't really want to attend college.


It is hard to say. Someone who procrastinates and does not use his time in class wisely will have trouble with their classes and grades. The classes that I am taking are highly competetive and to do well, you have to stay on top of class work and readings because they can accumulate and become overwhelming when you are underprepared for a test.


Lazy individuals who simply believe that beleive that expect to be handed a job because they earned a degree.


Anyone without drive and dedication should not attend this school. Also, anyone who is intimidated by large campuses and large student populations should most likely avoid this school. Allthough this is a very nice school, it is large and if you don't make an effort, can seem very impersonal.


Someone who doesn't like the city or large crowds/classes; someone who is easily affected by the weather, especially the rain


The only type of person who I would advise against going to this school would be one that needs smaller class sizes or who can't stand the rain! The weather is really the only reason why I wasn't completely sure if this was the right place for me, even though I grew up with this weather all my life. I decided though that I can deal with it for the next few years, because this school is totally worth it!


Someone who wants a small liberal arts school. Anyone who wants all small seminar classes will not like UW for the first few years. Addtionally anyone who needs to be taken care of by teachers advisers etc.... Jobs and opportunities are numerous at UW but you have to put in time to find them. If someone wants to know everyone on campus then they would not like UW.


People who love to party a lot, and want to be in a smaller class size.


People who do not do well with a lot of people since our campus is huge and the student body is big.


The type of person that should not attend is one that does not intend to work probably the hardest they have ever worked on academics. High school was easy but college is an incredible amount of work. Some one that does not treat college like a full time job will probably not succeed.


A conservative Christian, anyone who doesn't like huge lecture classes or not getting the classes they want, or anyone who wants to major in the sciences who didn't have a strong science background in high school.


In order to attend this school, your vision on your future must be definite. There is no room for hesitation when it comes to an education, and my school offers one of the best in the nation. If a student is planning to come here and expects to have an easy walk through there college career, then that kind of student is the kind of person that shouldn't come here or to any university. Education is ACHIEVED never GIVEN.


The UW is a very large campus with a lot of people in a big city--it can be easy for the average person to get lost in the crowd. I would not come here if you are looking for a smaller, close knit community. The upside is that there are more opportunities and avenues for your interests, but you have to be willing to be an extrovert.


This University is primarily for students who can adjust accordingly to city life. There is constant noise, hustle and bustle, and no rest. Additionally, because there are so many students who attend this school, it's important that an applicant be able to socialize easily with other classmates, not only for help with their homework but also for their own social life. The school work is rigorous and it will take a lot of time and brain power to continue.


People who like to recognize most of their fellow students as they spend time on campus should avoid the University of Washington, since it has such a huge student body. It is located in a big city, so students who seek a small-town feel and tight-knit student body should not attend UW. Students can form close groups within departments, clubs, etc, but if someone hopes to recognize most of the campus population, similar to their high school experience, UW will not provide that.


People who come looking for an easy, partying school. This school presents so much opportunites to the students and should not be taken lightly. It is a privilege to attend this university, not a right or something to be taken for granted. You must be willing to put in effort to your academics and become part of the campus community. The academics are challenging and will test you and have you re-examine your personal beliefs and you if you are not interested, you should not attend this school.


Someone who has difficulty staying focused on class and is unable to handle a large work load. may not want to attend this school. The University of Washington provides excellent courses which take a lot of time and commitment to do well because the professors have high expectations for each of their students.


People that should'nt attend this school are those who are not intended to dedicate themselves. I believe that education is key in success.


Individuals who dislike living in an urban setting would most likely find themselves disliking the close proximity to downtown of the University of Washington. Additionally, the school has over 40,000 students, meaning that classes can contain over 500 students in many cases! Thus, the University of Washington may not be a suitable school for students looking for smaller schools and smaller classes. Lastly, with such large classes, competition between students tends to get intense as the term progresses, as many students are aiming to get higher grades than others. This competition may be a detractor for some prospective students.


Lazy, not driven.


People who like small classroom setting


Someone who isn't interested in learning


UW is not a place for the frivolous and those with a laid back attitude. If you are not the type to complete homework assignments or meet other deadlines academically, better join a less demanding college.


Freshman year at this school leaves much opportunity for students to figure out what it is they want to do with both their time in and outside college. There are many great programs that the University of Washington offers to freshman to ease their way into the college life and campus. However, it becomes extremely difficult after the first year. Not knowing what you want to do will make it hard to graduate on time. Also, the weather is not for the light of heart.


A person who likes to be at a world class institution and doesn't always need one-on-one attention. A person who enjoys sports, and the resulting school spririt. Someone who is more independent, and is interested in a variety of different things because there are no limit to the diverse classes a person can take here. Also, someone who doesn't mind the rain.


a person who is not willing to try and achieve a better grade and a person who can't handle the intensity of hardness that is portrayed in the classes.


Someone that prefers a small campus with few students in each class would not like this university. You should not attend the University of Washington if you have a problem with rain or horrid weather. Seattle is known to have cloudy weather 10 months out of the year and many people become depressed. Students that do not like to work with others should not attend this school either because the university is huge, and there is lots of group work that is required in order to be academically successful.


The type of people that shouldn't attend this school are those who dislike large lecture halls because the ones here can consist of hundreds of people. Also, people who have trouble studying on their own shouldn't choose this school. Although there may be study groups and review sessions they aren't always effective since there can be a lot of people.


Anyone can attend this school. It doesn't really matter what G.P.A the students got in their high schools. It is very different. However, a person who wants to meet and be close to other racial group should not come to this school. Because at this school, we don't really get along with different racial group.


A person who likes a small atmosphere, would probably not like this school due to it's large scale campus.


People who are narrow minded, unfocused and unable to deal with diversity.


someone who isn't willing to work with others


all people will find something interesting but the classes are difficult