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What should every freshman at University of Washington-Seattle Campus know before they start?


This a hard question to answer. In many ways, I have been unhappy with my college experience because I did not know what I wanted to get out of it when I started. At this stage, I am realizing that economics may not be the major that is most interesting or useful to me. That said, the experience has taught me a lot about who I am and what I want in life. It has helped me establish my identity and learn about how I should focus my efforts in the future. It has allowed me to see other parts of the world and other worldviews, which have shown me that there are many ways to live one's life.


I am currently a sophomore at Benedictine University and my college experience has been a very positive one thus far. It has been valuable to attend so far because it has allowed me to be exposed to and think about subjects I probably would not even consider or more or less think about "in the real world." At this university, I have been able to attain a high system of education that provides me with practical lectures, stories, and seminars about the real world. Benedictine strongly emphasizes growth in knowledge, the understanding of worldy affairs, and the acceptance of various cultures. This form of education is helping me become a well-rounded, literate, and an appealing individual to others.


The growth I have made from learning not only in the classroom but also from being on my own for the first time is what made my college experience so worthwhile. College is a time for pushing yourself out of your own comfort zone and learning who you really are. The mistakes I made, the people I met, the new things I tried are all experiences that have made me who I am today. My college courses prepared me for the graduate work I plan to take on in the next few years. But it is the overall experiences I had that have prepared me for anything I may ever encounter in my future whether it be how to handle stress, how to interact with different social groups, or how to get what I want. I have gained an overall confidence and understanding of myself and what I want for myself through my experiences in college and that is something that has no price tag.


The main reason of attending the University of Washington in the first place was its size; out of dozens of college visits, this school had the most students as well as the campus space and facilities, which resulted in a list of available majors that numbered in the hundreds, a list of clubs that would take years to explore, and every kind of facility imaginable to studies focused especially in the sciences. Size usually comes with room for exploration, which can be an important factor for students undecided in a future career. In short, University of Washington is a liberal arts school which puts heavy emphasis on allowing students to dip their hands into wide varieties of studies. I feel as though I've gained a broad perspective to the opportunities available after college, as well as a foundation to a future career that requires an eclectic mix of both science and art studies. Two fields I would've never imagined of combining, had it not been for attending such a liberal as well as flexible school in regards to courses, majors, and general opportunities for students pursuing anything of their interest.


The most valuable thing that I got out of my college experience is life tools. The first tool is how to think. Some of the problems that I encountered in school helped my reason and think through difficult problems. This translates into how to reason and work your way through life issues that arise. The second tool is how to set priorities. This tool can also translate into life and the issues of life. In school, I would have priorities that I would need to set in order to get the homework done in time. Sometimes, homework for one class would need to get done first and I would have to place my other class homework aside. In life this goal to set priorities can be very important. There are times when I have to weigh decisions and choices so all the tasks that need to get done get done and in the right order. There are loop holes occasionally, but college has taught me to prioritize my work. These are the most valuable things that I took from my school experience.


As a freshman student enrolled in Pre-Health Sciences at the University of Washington-Seattle Campus, renowned for its medical school being the best in primary care education and medical research in the country, I feel that the campus community and environment has so strongly encouraged me to pursue my ambition to attend medical school, and that I've learned much about the values and opportunities of building a career in the medical field. Greatly contributing to this goal are my life experiences as a world traveler. I grew up traveling around the world, experiencing life and culture of the rich and poor, in countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, China, India, etc. Experiencing the difficulty and harshness of poverty and the luxury and ease of wealth, I've gained valuable knowledge and insight on the precious values of life and the importance of education. I intend on making the most out of life by making every move in life count toward a brighter future. To reach this goal, I'm determined to perform at my academic best as an undergraduate student, then intend on furthering my education by attending medical school, moving another step closer to reaching my goal.


Going to such a large university has allowed me to try many things, and learn many things about myself. Socially, I have been able to network and truly create life-long friendships. Coming from a fairly small high school, I was limited and withheld. I realize the power of higher education and the opportunity of attending a university each and every day I’m here. The plethora of courses available allows me to pursue nearly any type of knowledge that I would like to learn, while still focusing in on my major and what I’m truly passionate about. My life is continually changing, as I am growing into the person I’d like to be.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience - so much that it's hard to describe in so few words. People were right when they described college as a life-changing experience. By attending the University of Washington, I've been exposed to diversity in race, religious views, political views, backgrounds, etc. and have made new friends from diverse backgrounds. Coming from a small high school, it was hard to adjust and find my way around campus at first, but over time, I learned to take initiative and use the resources available to me. I have also learned how to most efficiently study so I can get the highest grade using the least amount of time. Of course I've also tried some things that some would say are crazy but that's all part of college right? However, the most valuable thing I have taken from my 2.3 years at college is the fact that I have discovered who I am - what I struggle with, what I'm good at, how I learn, etc. If I had to sum up college in a few words, I'd say it is about discovering oneself.


I found out the first week of school that there was a club on campus for students with learning disabilities. Through the organization I was able to understand my autism, and the restraints it comes with. I was also able to see successful people dealing with autism and other learning disabilities like ADHD and dsylexia. Seeing these people made me realize I should not give up because I think that my autism makes me "special" or "less able". Autism does makes me perceive myself diffrent, but it is less of an issue than I was aware of. The organization has made me less self conscious about my autism, and has allowed me to feel comfortable as myself. The university has changed my views towards learning disabilities which I really appreciate. I used to view people with learning disabilities as people who could not do anything with their lives and would need to be babied forever, now I view learning disabled people on the same plateau as I do everyone else.


Good opportunities seem to come to those who prepare. College is the essence of my preparation for the adventures in life that will materialize in the years that lie ahead of me. Having just graduated from high school this year, and now after having completed my first semester of college, I feel that I am in the right place to accomplish my short term goals. Once I graduate from my 4 year college, I will then attend premed school, and --little by little-- make my dream of becoming a Hispanic woman physician, a reality. I know the road of education ahead of me is difficult and a very long journey, but I am ready to endure the long study hours, so that I may at last help those in need in my community as a physician. I am learning from my college experience to have much patience and look to the future. Because of the intense economic cost which my parents do not have in this tough recession, I seek your kind assistance in this request for your contribution (award of scholarship) to ease the burden on my parents, of my increased State of California university expenses.