University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


University of Washington is a beautiful campus. I wanted to go to this school because it has a great medical program. (As a freshmen, I wanted to be a pre-med undergraduate student.) I could also pay in-state tuition. University of Washington just has a lot of good opportunities. It is in Seattle and has great alumni base. Although it is a big school, students can have a lot of accessibility to professors.


My choice to attend UDud was a combination of proximity to my hometown and this school's academic standing. As a public school, it consistently ranks well against private schools. Besides academics, location is everything. Being in Seattle gives you some of the luxuries of a proper metropolis, but eases you in the way only the Pacific Northwest can.


I decided to go to UW because it is affordable, big enough for me to be able to meet new people everyday and not be "going back to high school" by being in a school where I know everyone, and because it is SO beautiful. I love being able to walk on campus everyday and see the all of the cherry blossoms lining the quad! Also, the academics are amazing--we have been ranked in the top 50 best universities in the nation; and I know that I am getting a great education that will lead to an even better career and future.


I wanted to get out of the small town I grew up in and try living in a big city. This school was perfect for me because it offered me the stability of a small community that was set in the larger atmosphere of a big city.



I am from Seattle and knew that I was financially limited to in-state tuition. I looked at other state schools but knew that the University of Washington would give me access to the best educational opportunities, especially since I am pursuing a career in medicine. The professors here are internationally renowned, the campus is stunning, and it's located in the best city in the world. What else could you ask for?


I looked forward to studying biology originally at the University of Washington, as the school is known for being a great research university. However, I ended up changing my mind about what I wanted to study and became a communications major in my junior year. The awesome thing about UW is that the school was very helpful with my academic career change and made the adjustment very straightforward.


In-state tuition, diverse campus, high academic standing


Close to home. Great academic reputation. D1 sports. Have friends who go here too.