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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take advantage of every opportunity to exploit programs that award college credit and/or allow to attend classes at a nearby college. College is not the same as high school. There is not the struggle to maintain classroom decorum as there is in highschool; college provides for a better learning environment. Class content in college is a deeper level of intelligence than high school. In the mist of discussions the dred of wasting time debating pointless information is not at the forefront of thoughts every day. College classes provide the integration of learning and real world application. Do not brush off high school. Instead of protesting irritation by doing the bare minimum, prove you're better by mastering each class and being the best in the room.


Dear high school Michelle, When you enter college, do not procrastinate. Be sure to stay on top of assigned reading because in-class discussions are serious. I know you don't like participating in class discussions, but it is absolutely vital that you do in college because participation points are now accountable for your grade. Be sure to thoroughly read your assignments to make sure you're fulfilling every single requirement to earn all the points possible. Don't stay up too late when you don't have to so you can be wide awake and alert in your early morning courses. Also, pick a club to join and stick with it.


Attending college as a working, non-traditional student, I would tell my high school senior self, "Take the time to enjoy your educational experience and don’t be so worried about joining the workforce. Join the clubs, participate in the extra events, have fun while you are learning!" Having the opportunity to attend school full time, and focus on nothing else, would have allowed me to participate in more school related extracurricular events. As it was, I just worked and attended classes, sometimes attending study groups when I could fit them in. Having a full time school schedule and working full time definitely provided a different experience then the ones I observed of people who were just full time students.


Get involved. Invest in the resources and events that college provides you. They may say it’s “free” but really it’s coming from your tuition. Take advantage of it. Complete at least one scholarship application a month. Make this a habit because it doesn’t stop once you start college. Always keep a positive mindset especially during those late nights where you just want to quit. Never give up. Surround yourself with student leaders and those who want to make a difference. Seeing people strive for their goals will help motivate you to work hard too. I know procrastination is a struggle, but please try your best to stay on top of all your assignments. Use your planner to complete homework every day. Don’t add unneeded stress. Please note that getting a minimum of 6 hours of sleep is better than no sleep at all before a test. A good night's sleep helps your memorization. Most importantly, have fun. Make as many memories as you can with friends who support you and help make you a better person. You think high school goes by fast? So does college.


I would tell myself to do my homework and FOCUS. In college, i am having troubles focusing and I was I learned how in highschool. That was my biggest regret.


Take your studies seriously. Learn all you can. When you are taking colllege courses, you will be thankful for all the accademic background you have. Learn to enjoy learning. College isn't like highschool, you have to be committed to your goal. You will not just go through college how you have just gone through highschool. Studying becomes a huge part of your life. While you are still in high school, learn to make friends that are true friends; friends that can help you keep your priorites right, not friends that drag you away from your goal.


This letter is intended as a statement of my financial need with regards to my application for the academic scholarship. Currently I am living in my own home, as the head of the household I am responsible for the cost of living; rent, food, utilities, toiletries, daycare, car maintenance, insurance, etc. I am a single mother with three young children with whom I provide and care for on my own. Student loans and grants are what I have been supporting my family with. We do not receive welfare as the program has been cut due to the State’s Budget Overage. I do not have employment at this time and struggle with the idea of working because I need the money for living but I am not able to. There is no time to put a job into my schedule of full time school, volunteering with my daughter’s school daily, taking care of my children and completing homework. I decided to apply for the scholarship because I know that it will be a tremendous aid in allowing me to continue my studies without the worry of living expenses, childcare, and debt of the student loans.


One can never predict the path they will go down. If I could tell my senior high school self one thing it would be to stay open to all opportunities. I'd encourage myself to avoid setting up apirations that excluded other disciplines and remain open minded. I'd also remind myself to remember my experiences and value them as important. College, like everything else in life, isn't predictable nor is it what we expect - but it is a valuable experience that is one element of what shapes how we see the world.


If I can go back in talk to myslef as a senior in high school,I would tell myslef that having a college life is having a future to look forward to. although its hard to make changes and adjust to the life in college it will be rewarding when the economy starts to fall apart. Being in college is like discovering a new part of life everyday. Giving the future something to look forward to when faith isnt strong enough to have hope for a new generation. College isnt just a life for people who are smart and rich, its for people who work really hard to see a better day, a stronger future and a better economy.


Stop stressing out so much. It's not as scary as you thought! Especially at UWT, people are so nice and they are there to help if you have questions. Remember, you are not the only one going through this transition. Other students have similar experiences. So reach out and stop feeling so intimidated. There are friends to be made and experiences to be had and best of all -- a lot of free food!!!