University of West Alabama Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


THe best thing about my school are the teachers. They are willing to work with you in the classes. They will help you learn many new things though many different activities to keep the classes interesting. I learned alot and hope to carry some of their great teaching styles to my own students.


My sons are ettending here so I get to spend more time with them!


small class sizes


The student teacher ratio. It gives the students a better chance of learning the information.


The best thing about my school is that it reminds me of home and I am only a hour and forty-five minute from home , you are known by your name and not a number.


The best thing about UWA is the feeling you get when you are walking on campus. As you pass teachers, freinds, and evn people you doont know everyone has a smile and somthing nice to say. The school just feels like a college you want to be at.There is always somthing to do to make college fun while still being focused on you school activities.


I think that the pride of being a Tiger fan. The alumni here at Livingston are very unique. You can always find a connection to this small town college, anywhere you go. The school is not relly a school, it is more like a large FAMILY!