University of West Georgia Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of West Georgia transforms lives and changes perspectives, while focusing on student success.


A small commuter school that is concerned about the welfare of the students’ education, and offers many available things for students to have fun and also learn in the process.


West Georgia cares about the students it accepts and listens to what they have to say regarding on-campus services, organization, housing life on campus, and anything that the students want or need.


The University of West Georgia is a trying experience that teaches you life lessons through showing students who to know, how to dream, and where to go in life when all other resources can be unhelpful in even the slightest amount of ways.


The University of West Georgia is very intriguing. I say that because they school and its professors take the time to ensure that the students are getting the help they need to achieve whatever positive goals they are pursuing. The school also has a number of resources that ensures the success of its students. Examples of such resources are the Math Tutoring Center, The Writing Center and the 24/5 hour Library service. The University of West georgia has a great environment which fosters the growth of all its students and all their dreams.


A school of Excellence.


Just the right size.


My school is indescribably great due to the great staff, the wonderful students, and all the choices of things to do to help out and the things to do to enjoy college life.


Very close school with terrific teachers and good people


UWG is slightly small in size, but big in academics!


My school is a medium sized university full of determined and friendly students learning in a personal environment while experiencing college life.


My school is closely connected with neighboring counties.


Amazing with an friendly environment.


A growing and resourceful school with big university qualities. with school pride.


My school is friendly, diverse, finding out where everything is located is pretty easy, so it is hard to get lost, and it has it's own zip code.


The University of West Georgia is an honorable college with so much behind the name that when spoken, SUCCESS, ACCEPTANCE, FUTURE, FRIENDSHIP, and FELLOWSHIP become illustrations of the universitie's many offereings.


Much larger than Clayton State, but they have great maps.


It is a place to learn and grow as an indivual, while getting your degree.


The University of West Georgia is a great school with a large diversity of students and majors!


The University of West Georgia prides itself on providing an education in a personal environment; which means that the professor who is supposed to teach the class is actually teaching the class, not a teacher's assistant; in addition, that there are many avenues for you to receive help if you need it in the form of tutoring centers and listed office hours that professors have to provide one on one assistance should you need it.


It's a teachers' college that's trying to be something that it isn't, and doesn't seem to be able to suceed at that.


Average-quality, not very academically rigorous, friendly school.


Good school.




I am at times both outgoing and reserved, confident, and very determined to attain my goals and aspirations.


very diverse place of learning with a rigorus courseload.


Very diverse campus with emphasis placed on quality and realistic education at all times.


The University of West Georgia is a very encouraging school.


The University of West Georgia is a growing institution that is becoming more focused on academia and is very good at serving students and attempting to help them transition into and properly live collegiate life.


West Georgia University is a small town college that is personable.


Feminist and liberal, open to expression of free thought if those thoughts endorse socialist and environmental ideals.


It is small, but there are great people and great professors, and if you get plugged in somewhere you will really enjoy it here.




The school has a great atmosphere and is developing a great life for everyone who attentds


West Georgia is an exciting place to attend if you do not want the disstractions of a larger school, a must attend.


Perfect, beautifulsize campus that's adding some great ammenities with lots to do, teachers who want you to exceed and the resources to do so!