University of West Georgia Top Questions

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The University of West Georgia has a well euipped gym and weight room.


The family atmosphere! Everywhere and anywhere you go on campus, the students and faculty greet you with kindness and respect. The professors are not just your typical professors; they actually want to get to know you, your name and face, your personality, and your dreams. It is nice to have people who are willing to help you in everyday life and school!


They have outstanding diversity among the students that provides an exceptionally friendly social environment. They also regurally look to students on improving life on campus which shows their concern for our well-being.


At the University of West Georgia, there are so many doors of opportunities open to every student. The learning system is very focused on each individual's needs. The availability of tutoring centers and support systems is boundless. The classrooms are a bit smaller than many other schools which gives each student the opportunity to form relationships with their professors outside the classroom. Unlike some schools with almost a thousand students in one classroom, there is barely anytime for individual students to form such a vital bond with their professors. The University of West Georgia is a very unique school!


Something unique about the school that i attend is the westweekends! Every weekend our school has a different event to keep us active. For example they had a petting zoo, casino night ect.


My college offers a program called "The Advanced Academy of Georgia," a program offer to high school junior seniors to start college a year or two early as a full- time student, which is what I am participating in this year as a senior.


We have this thing called Wolf Bucks and with those we can order food from Chick-fil-a, or Burger Studio on campus as well as Papa Johns which is across the street from the school. Its really helpful especially if you don't actually have cash on you if you don't want to go to the cafeteria.


It is close to home for people in many community in the western part of Georgia. For example, I am able to communte to school and keep my job that I had throughout high school -- one of the reasons I am going to UWG in the first place.


My school has a nice mix of minorities. The basketball games are fun because me and my friends make fun of the opposing team. West Georgia also has a wide range of clubs to join that are appealing to everyone.


Its a school that encourages and tries to improve a students social and academical well being. It helps innovates independence and academical success.


West Georgia offers a very unique learning environment in which students can really get to know their professors. The professors here absolutely love teaching and strive to make us as successful as posible. One-on-one tutoring and writing help are offered free on compus. West Georgia is also a very safe campus. Our campus police team up with Carrol county police to ensure our safety.


My school has a variety of resources to help students, including a writing center and a math lab. Also, a more unconventional help solution is the recreation room that helps students to relieve stress.


Campus is very nice and there are very good programs for not as much money


Initially I attended a university in the heart of a major city. This was my only focus. After attending this univesity for one semester I discovered that I was completely overwhelmed at the fast pace and the hussle and bustle of the "big city". Fortunately, I had an opportunity to visit the campus is UWG in a small town. Immediately I felt comfortable. Less driving, traffic, crime and chaos. When I was accepted I felt like I would have a fighting chance of experiencing true college life. I am more optimistic now.


Not too big and not too small.


I think the most unique thing about the University of West Georgia is how well it believes in the students' achievement. I feel so lucky to go to a school where the professors want you to succeed. The university has a great learning environment, which makes me feel confident in my classes. I think this school provides many clubs and ways students can be involved. There is a great social atmosphere and in all honesty everyone gets along with one another. I feel safe and welcome on campus.


This campus has over 11,000 students yet eeps that small campus feel. With most of it's students commuter students, UWG is amazing at seeing to the needs of each individual as soon as possible. This is a nationaly known school that is situated off in what feel slike nowhere.


What's unique about the University of West Georgia are the teachers dedication to help students. I've never had professors that went so far out of their way by giving up their personal time to assist me with school work until I completely understood it. Having that one-on-one bond with truly dedicated teachers is the true academic success in my eyes.


The University of West Georgia offers a wide range of classes both broad and fundamental to all the majors offered. The undergraduate and graduate programs hold some of the best professors in the state of Georgia. Attending the University of West Georgia, you are guarenteed to come out of each class with a better understanding of the subject . When beginning the school year, the university performs a flame ceremony to begin and honor the year ahead. In many ways, this particular ceremony aids in the motivation of success.


The campus is diverse. There are several clubs you can join. There are many recreational opportunites that include a gym, rock climbing wall, game room, etc....


They have many more majors available at UWG.


The classrooms are not that big and it is easy to talk to your professors. I find them very helpful and interested in my success in school and out of school.


The only two major differences between UWG and the other two school I was looking into is that UWG has a very good Education department and it is diverse and I've always wanted to attend a college with a lot of diversity.


the anthropology program and scholarship


The personalize relationship you receive from faculty and staff. The open door policy with instructors.


The campus if very friendly and you will meet lifetime friends their. The school is very laid back and any highschool, transfer, or older students will be able to adjust to the enviroment very easily. I had a great time attending this school and I liked it so much I start my masters here.


A lot of students know each other from high school.


professor to student ratio in program and availability of professors.


My school is unique in the fact that we are building two brand new buildings with the money we should put toward more parking spaces for the students.


West Georgia is located in a small town enviroment so its just the basically the center of the town.