University of West Georgia Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That we have an amazing meal plan options, and that my campus is like an actually college campus.


The school really supports greek life. I brag mostly about my fraternity and the comunity service aspects of joining greek life.


What I brag about most to my friends is the food that we have available for us. I absolutely would not make it if it were not for the UCC and the Z6 dinning hall! There is a great selection of food in both places. Oh! Let me not forget to mention the lovely Starbucks that we have ON-CAMPUS!!


The campus is very pretty and the layout is convienient. Walking to class buildings and others in no more than 10 minutes away.


I brag so much about the scenery at the school. Walking to classes are just absoulutely amazing. The trees and the flowers just make you so happy and the grass is so green. I love sitting out in the quad and just laying on the grass and looking up at the sky and taking the short cut through the suites to class and just to look at the trees. Its a very peaceful campus.


education programs


West Georgia offers alot of help. They have a resume doctor to help you with your resume, Hope mentor to answer any questions you may have about the Hope scholarship, tutors for your core classes, etc. All you need to do is ask for help when you need it. Everyone cares but they can't read minds of course.


I brag about the nice facilities, and the friendly enviornment in the classroom.


That the atmosphere is really great. There are a ton of very friendly people and the whole vibe is upbeat.


The most temptatious apsect of West Georgia is the Campus Center. It is here students can live and thrive the active and healthy forms of thier lives as they may attempt to become acquainted with their peers. The Campus Center offers a variety of activities , from basketball courts to a full sized wiehgt room, showers and a complete four to six person rock climbing wall, this place has it all. If those things dont interest you, students are always wlecomed to stop by the front office for a list of the current months activites.


I tell my friends what an honor it has been to be a part os a group of peers who are pushing beyond everuyday expectations ans continuing their education. I tell them about the books I read and knowledge I have gained. I pass on inspirational storis given to my by my professors at no extra charge. I tell them about my hopes and dreams and about the tools i am receiving that will help me reach those goals.


Thos social spirit and how everyone interacts together.


There is a great honors program at this school; the option to be busy is highly available. I also love the campus. The trees are pretty, it's small enough to easily walk everywhere, and students hang out in the "Quad". Also, the only reason I'm already a sophomore at age 17 is UWG's Advanced Academy. The cost of living in Carrollton and overall expense of this university is what ultimately made me decide on staying for all four years. Why pay more somewhere else for the same education?


I always talk about all of the campus events that my school offers. We have events ranging from comedians, food culture nights, dance lessons, and much more. Students are always excited to attend and everyone always has a blast once everything gets started. My friends complain about their school being so alienated but I get to gloat about all my school functions.


I brag about the size of the campus and the convience to major cities. I am glad the campus is average in size. I can schedule my classes back to back. without running across the campus. I love that I can travel to Atlanta, Newnan, or Macon, Ga. and return home in a day. I am close enough to the Alabama state line that I could go to Montgomery for a weekend. This make life much simplier and great for more time to venture out into the world.


I have to honestly say that my school is THE party school. I also brag about how I am able to reconnect with friends from that area.


The beautiful new athletic facilities!!! I also brag about the economics department and their dedication to their students.


My school is really close to home so it's easy to go back and forth. It's also in a small town so i feel very safe, with a campus that is not to big and not too small. I'm in a sorority with a lot of great sisters who keep me motivated to get on to graduate school. Although, I am not in the program we have great nursing and education programs.


One of the things I brag most about is the friendly people. I have made so many friends since I have been in college and I love it. The students are very friendly and it makes it a lot easier to do good in the classes.


We have newer facilites and a pretty good basketball team.


Strong sense of community. Great enivorment. Home away from home.


I tell my friends these three things: 1) I have great advisors who helped me choose a major that fit my personality (according to a major-selecting software program), 2) Most of the professors at my school do not make us buy books and believe in having class online, and 3) I can get anywhere on campus in less than 10 minutes just by walking.


The field experience that this school provides.


The professors are some of the best mentors I have ever had and the technology available to me when I need it is awesome. Also, the open space between the buildings where students can hang out or study.




ASHA Accreditation, professor to student ratio in program, and professor and clinical experiences.


that it is extremely inexpensive


I brag about our campus life and the campus itself. Also the food in our dining facilities is really good!!!


It is a friendly environment and the professor are readily available.


I brag about what a friendly environment UWG has to offer. The students and professors are all extremely nice and always willing to help. To some students it might be a small school, but it is growing and it is just the right size .


The classes are easy without a lot of work. The Honor's college is good and they have some good classes.


beautiful campus; fun activites


i don't really talk aboutschool that much. maybe i can talk about the famale to male ratio or 3 to 1