University of West Georgia Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Since West Georgia has such a diverse campus and academic choice, it makes it easy for any type on student to find a home here. Most of the students here are well-driven and future oriented. Most of the students here enjoy the open country-side and are very prominant to the southern culture. You should attend this school if you love the rural scenery and low-key atmosphere. Its not too far away from Atlanta, so there is always something to do throughout the week.


I have seen a lot of diversity at UWG. I can't think of a group of people who _wouldn't_ go here.


The kind of person to attend this school would be someone that like a smaller school. Also they would like a traditional campus. A lot of people study outside because it's so pretty.


Some one who is willing to be a full time college student and is looking for a good degree. University of West Georgia is a good undergraduate school, that can give a wide range of opportunities to other schools. So this school will be for people who wants to make good u of themselves in futures.


I think that people that are serious about their education, but also want to have fun should come to the University of West Georgia.


Anyone who values education along with a nice social atmosphere for a good cost.


A school known for its diverse academic repitoir and outstanding faculty and staff, West Georgia attracts students who hope to encounter a steady and thoroughly comprehensive education. An individual attending this school should be casually acustomed to life encountering tons of everyday activities to become involved. Students may want to be more aggressive with their academics as West Georgia is expanding and the job market will be in tuned for the top acheivers and their 4 year accomplishments. Finally, a student hoping to attend West Georgia should have school pride.


In my opinion anyone who is willing to learn can attend this university. The person who wishes to attend this university will soon learn that the classes are stimulating and the professors care about your achievements. The professors are always willing to answer questions and want to assist you. It is a great comfortable learning enivronment. The classes range from lecture halls to small classrooms, so you can have a variety.


The kind of person that would attend this school would need to be determined to succeed. You would need to have attainable goals and focus on each goal. You would need to be very organized and try not to let yourself loose focus as it pertains to the party side of college. Also, you would need to be able to ask for help and communicate with professors to keep yourself on track.


Anyoe who likes getting a good education and likes friendly people.


I felt my school is suitable for those who want an enjoyable college experience, it is in a small Georgia town free from distraction during the school week leaving you focused on class load but close enough to a Altanta, largest city in Georgia, to have plenty of excitement and a taste of big city living college student carve.


Anyone who is willing to work hard and learn. someone who takes school serious and wants to start a career afterward.


The kind of person who should attend my school should be dedicated because my school offers challenging courses for the student's major. The student must be committed and strive to do their best. Someone who is active should also attend my school because there are many opportunities to join clubs, sport teams, fraternities, and sororities. University of West Georgia also has many different ethnic backgrounds so anyone who wants to interact with different people should come to my school too. There are also good, clean and sociable activities available to students who like to have fun.


Someone who wants to be in a greek org. If you are not into that dont go becayse it will suck and you will have very little fun.


West Georgia is acedemically focused, so I would not advise any student who is not interested in letting their education to come first to attend this university. A person is committed to better their life as well as the community would fit in perfectly with the campus society. However, having fun is apart of growing and learning together, so anyone who attends this school should also be willing to make new friends because it is likely that will happen. West Georgia requires you be willing to experience, stay focused, and have an open mind.


Who wants to get away on their own but still be close to home... but not to close.


someone who enjoys living in more space than a crowded city and maybe even enjoy the outdoors. Someone who enjoys meeting new people since there are many fraternities/sororities, intramurals sports.


those that want cheap schooling


Someone who does not like the city and will be home sick a lot.