University of West Georgia Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of student that should not attend UWG is a student that does not want to attend school on a small campus or attend school in a rural area. UWG is a research university with a smaller campus that is not located near an urban area. It also does not have a dance team program or programs for students seeking to work in the professional field of dance. The doctoral programs are also limited as well.


Students who do not want to get involved with their school whether that be sports or academics should not go to University of West Georgia. At the university, everyone is family and is willing to spend time doing things for the community. Everyone is hardworking and willing to graduate in four years and be successful in his life.


A person who is not outdoors type and who does no like a small school.


There seem to be a lot of stdents that just come to class whenever this is very rude and they shouldn't be here!!


The type of person who should not attend this school are those who are not willing to the work, and who are not willing to work wit others. Other people who this shool might not be suitable for are those who are too introverted. introverted persons will only feel marooned and helpess at this school. To survive and thrive at this school you have to be open to meeting new people and trying new and positive things.


Someone who is not interested in obtaining a really good education.


Some one who cannot learn basic time management skills, and someone that thinks that this university is a joke. This university has a broad spectrum in terms of class difficulty, some classes are fairly easy and others are not so easy.


If you are not willing to work hard for your education you should not be here. Students here are challenged at every step and you WILL be fully prepared by graduation.


One that is not prepared to work hard to get good grades.


No one should be exempt from completing their education regardless of the type of person they may be. If they're there or pursueing their education and the school meets their needs then it is the right place for them to attend. Everyone should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential, even if they need more motivation than others. There are factors in which a person shouldn't attend this school, if a program they're interested in is not being offered to reach their goal.


Anyone who wants to come to school just to get away from mommy and daddy. Someone who likes to party drink and do alcohol.


If you constantly need to be doing something or are a really big football fan because our team is not all that good.


Anyone can attend this school because there is such a variety and diverse type people here.


A student whose top priority is not school should not attend my school because those who don't succeed face a risk of getting kicked out. A selfish person who doesn't get alone well with others also shouldn't come to University of West Ga. One who uses drugs and/or breaks rules shouldnt attend; West Georgia punishes those who break rules pertaining to the drug policies.


I believe the type of people that shouldn't attend this type of school are those individuals that don't take education seriously. Also those who are not mentally stable or responsible enough to be away from home because this school is challenging in every way. UWG takes education seriously and wants the best out of all of their students. I also believe that individuals that are not use to studying so attend UWG because the teachers encourage individual studies outside of the classroom.


People should not attend this school if they are more interested in a technological carreer or if they want extremly challenging course work.


I believe anyone can attend UWG. There is a place for everyone


Anyone. This school has a lot to offer to any kind of person.


Someone who can not afford a more reputable university but want strong academics


Lazy people who are not willing to do the work or put in time or effort into something.


Some one that like the down home feeling and small, but not too small class sizes.


someone who likes big schools or likes a lot of things to do besides greek life, or someone who likes big cities.




I believe that someone that doesn't want to be at this school and someone who just plans on being here to spend time with their friends and not get an education.


People who think that UWG is going to be a walk through. I thought that when I first came to this school because I graduated with honors in the AP program and I got by butt handed to me on my first test. But since then I've learned to take the time to study and LEARN, and there is a difference. You must learn and love your subject at the same time or it defeats the purpose, I believe that anyways.


A person that can lose focus easily.


party goers and those who are lazy should not attend here. they will lose focus