University of West Georgia Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myslef to enjoy everything about your last year of high school. Enjoy the teachers, the basketball games, the girls, and the freedom of being a kid. While enjoying your senior year, make sure that you are disciplined enough to know when to play and when to buckle down and study. Make sure that you determine what time of the day that you are at your best and the time of the day when you are no good, so you will know when to schedule your classes next year. Think about what you want to do with your life and strive toward that goal. Research and find out what it is going to take to accomplish that goal and not let anyone get in the way of reaching that goal. I would say that this is the last year that you will be considered a kid and once you graduate, you will need to start thinking as a young adult. You will need to put away childish thoughts and actions and start acting as a man! You will have fun but on another level!


I would recommend taking the College Prep courses because I was told by a High School counselor that I would not be eligible for a 4 year college. I would have to start at a 2 year or Technical school—which I did. Also when I had trouble with certain courses such as math—I wish I would have been able to afford an after school tutoring program.


Be very careful about taking out student loans. I would encourage you to seek out every avenue for free money available. Work on this in your sentior year like it is a part time and apply for everything! Free money is free money, and it is less you will have to pay back when you are done. If you do take out loans, get at least a part time job and begin paying back what you can along the way. Also, only borrow the bare minimum of what you need to attend. Having a college education is a wonderful thing and opens so many doors. However, having an enormous amount of debt to repay when you graduate is not the best way start out and can cause an enormous amount of stress. You never know what life may throw your way when you graduate. My oldest son was diagnosed with cancer and paying for his care along with student loans was not something I planned for as a senior. My education can never be taken away because I earned it, but my student loan debt was something I should have seriously thought about before taking out the loans.


I would tell my past self to buckle down and work harder in my classes. I did not realize the lasting affect my high school grades would have on my future financial issues. If I had gotten better grades, more scholarships would have been available to me by graduation, saving my family and I a ton of money. That is the only advice my past self truly needed.


If I can go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would most likely tell myself to just enjoy being in high school and do not rush to get to college. Because as I came to college I learned that everything is solely on your own shoulders, rather it be making your class schedule and just trying to balance your time between social life and studying. I would also tell my high school self that please learn better study habits!! I thought I had it all figured out because the study habits I had in high school worked very well for me because I made mostly A’s on everything, and I had mainly A’s and B’s until my senior year I had all A’s. Well, that all changed when I started college and I made my first C, I wanted to cry, okay well I did, so high school self please do not freak out about the grades you will receive in college, stay positive and study a lot!!


If I could go back and give advice to my high school self, it would be to simply relax and enjoy everything that is happening. There is not a point in stressing and worrying about every detail from moving, adjusting to the demands of college level work, and making friends because it just causes you to miss out on fun adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, you should still study, but it should not be the only thing you do while you are there. You should hang out with friends, go on late night food runs occasionally, and just take a breather because what seems like a like an unconquerable problem now will just look like a small stone in the road ten years from now, so do not let it get the best of you. College is just another step in your life, so don't let it trip you up!


OBA RASHIDI, as a high school senior, do not be SO ANXIOUS to leave home and experience greater FREEDOM away from mom and dad. Being at home isn't as bad as you think it is. There is always "good" food to eat and someone to make sure that you are where you need to be ON TIME. When you enter college, you are basically on your own and you gain a lot of extra responsibilities. For example, no one will wake you up in the morning for class or make you go to bed at night when you have an 8AM class the next day. Also, you are responsible for doing your own laundry and cleaning up after yourself -- all the time. As a college freshman, your major focus should be to get excellent grades; enjoy your college life; develop lasting relationships; and graduate from college in four to five years. Your senior year of high school is one of the most memorable events of your life so cherish every moment of it. Greater responsibilities come with maturity, which is only a short time away. Remember that these are some of the "best days of your life."


Hey girl! It's your conscious here. I need to talk to you about how you can make friends and yourself known at University of West Georgia. Trust me, it is easier than you think! Just be yourself and not be too quiet and shy. Shyness works but not for long! Get out there and portray your beautiful and talented self. Everyone loved you at high school for your kindness and talent, why not show that to your fellow classmates at UWG? Explore what the campus has to offer, and you will see that you love it and find it comfortable. One important thing, though. Do not let yourself get carried away by making friends! Go to school and learn and become that successful accountant and talented musician you were born to be! In the meantime, have fun and enjoy college while it lasts. Amazing things happen when you Go West! So in honor of the University of West Georgia team, I leave you with this Christina Mai Pham...How will you Go West? GO WEST, GO WOLVES!


Given the opportunity, I would go back in time and tell myself to focus on respecting myself and others. By doing everything in your life with respect for oneself will prove more worthy than your academic standing. Most career oriented opportunities are gained through making a positive first impression. Anyone in the business world will get much further by emitting exhuberance in every interaction and showing respect for your collegues. People have always said, "Its not about what you know, but who you know." In my opinion, this statement rings true because when creating well-bonded interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships one compiles an inventory of relationships that will be immensely helpful to their networking power. Through my experience, I have found that networking is the most powerful tool to any students career path.


Dont hold back becasue of not knowing the unknown. Make lots of friends and call home more often. Get a job and study abroad because these are your good years. Be yourself and do not try to impress people. Chase after what you want and do not procrastinate in school work and paper work. College is the land of opportunity. Be outgoing and do not hold back in experience things outside your comfort zone.


Alexis Williams, High School is a time of growth but it is not the same as college. Once you enter into college there will not be anyone reminding of the responsibilities you have to take care of. College is a whole different atmosphere than High School. You’re leaving childhood and coming into Adulthood. A lot of things that you were able to get away with in High School, will not work here because you have to stay focused and you are working up to your own future. You have to put your own effort into your education, if not then you will not make it. You’re destined for great things and college will open your eyes to this. You will be able to tap into your potential and let it guide and lead you on to great things. In College you will begin to notice people have different lifestyles than you, but don’t let that distract you. Also ,You have no time for a relationship. Dont even think about one. Accept the wisdom of those over you, that will help you to focus and keep your eyes on the prize. The prize is your degree.


The first and most important thing I would tell myself would be to maximize the use of resources you have at your disposal. This could be using on campus resources like the library, health services, or the EXCEL center (advising and tutoring); it can also mean utilizing online resources, applying for scholarships, or anything that might aid you in your success at college. Another important piece of advise would be to get involved on campus through organizations, Greek Life, or anything similar to them. Doing so provides motivation and establishes social networks. Involvement facilitates success.


I would tell myself to completely stop caring about what anyone thought about him in any way at that exact moment. The pain and struggles that person would soon encounter in college could have been handled in a much more peaceful and positive way without him caring about the beliefs of others. I would also tell myself to accept himself enough to love himself. The fear of telling anyone about his true self is completely unnecessary. It will stop him from making some of the best decisions in his life, even meeting the perfect man to fall in love with. I know he would not want to hear it, but I would also tell him to take school seriously. If he would just focus in classes and not be distracted by the college life or trying to obtain the college experienc, he would never have to look to others to give him the support he would need to finally look into the mirror and say he can graduate and move on with life. My high school senior self would not like me by the time I was finished speaking, but I know he would take everything I said seriously.


Looking back, if I could give my high school self any advice about transitioning to college life it would be to wait until I am sure about the path I want to take, and not just go to school to go. Also take the time require to dedicate myself to completing my prerequisite classes and not over work myself. I rushed into school before I was ready and had a direction at the same time I took on a new challenging job. This caused me to walk away from school and miss out on benefits that were available at the time to help me. Now that I have spent some time in the work force I am ready to take school head on and persist through to gain my degree.


I would tell myself to take school seriously. I would remind mself that being the first person in my family to graduate from a university will be rdeough for the struggle to come. I would tell myself to start saving money up then, becase moey will be extremely tight especially the breaks. I would also tell myself not to worry about impressing other people or trying to look cool, because look take you only so far and can be easily taken from you but inteligence is with you for the long road.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would know that college can be difficult if you are not repared financially and academically. I would tell myself to study harder and make sure I obtain the Hope Scholarship which would definitely help myself out financially and it would allow more breathing room. I would also tell myself to take more AP courses ,which in the long run would help my future self out with more difficult math and science slasses. And lastly , I would tell my future self to have a car because it near impossible to survive college without one because you need it for groceries and job opportunities.


Dear Senior Me, What are you thinking? You need to buckle down and become more serious about your education. If you think that college professors are going to be anything like some of these lazy teachers you have now, you are in for a rude awakening! A lot of professors are there to just recieve their paychecks, so do NOT assume that everyone is going to be on you 100 percent making every move and judgement for you. It is time for you to grow up and learn to be more independent. With college comes many freedoms, and with freedoms comes the role of important decision making. Everything is up to you. Make sure you choose your friends wisely also because your so called friends could be the very ones' influencing you to make bad decisions. Acknoweldge your mistakes and poor choices. They will be some of your most important lessons learned. Also, leave boys and relationships in your far,FAR future. They are up to no good at your age. Last, but not least, remember to be strong and learn to love yourself before you can do for others. Love, The Older You


Looking back, I wish that I had prepared more for college. I would have taken college more seriously and realized that I really do have to work for my grades and I would have picked up a back up plan in the event that everything did not work out like I wanted it to. The most useful tip for college is being prepared, not just for a test, but in as many ways as you can possibly think of.


The advice i would give to myself is to keep your eyes on the prize! There will be plenty time to kick back and just hang with your friends. To remember the reason i came to college. To remember what i am here to accomplish now and later on in life. I would tell myself to work on your study habbits and procrastination. Most Importantly to keep your head up, and to never give up.


The college life of the United States of America is so hard, but the life is enjoyable and full for a reasons. I want to compare with Japan which is my home country. In Japan, it is difficult to enter the college because the entrance examination is tough, but it is easy to graduate from it. Actually, Japanese students do not study hard because they have less homework and fewer tests. Therefore, they do not need to study hard. In spite of it, they focus on working at part-time job or doing club activity. I do not spend my college life like this. I want to learn many things which are not only my major but also other subjects. In the U.S. most student study so hard, even though it is not major’s class. After the class, they work or join in the club, so they are both a good warrior and a good scholar. This is real college life. The college life is last student life for me, so I do not want to waste of my life. Studying in the U.S. is a great opportunity. Therefore, I always do my best in this life.


The advice I would give to myself as a high-school senior would be not just about succeeding in academics but about succeeding in life. I would tell myself to make the most of every minute. It is natural to feel eager for the next step in life but so important to remember each day is a gift. Be diligent in your high-school studies and also enjoy the freedoms you have as a carefree high-schooler. Don’t be afraid of the next step of attending college. It may seem daunting, but the academic and life experience you will gain, is completely worth all of the effort required. Lastly, you may feel all grown up, but you still have much more to learn. This kind of learning isn’t just academic but learning who you are and what your place is in this world. The transition from high-school to college is an exciting and daunting one, but the value of it is priceless.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. We are pressured excessively in high school to choose where we want to go and who we wanna to be and those choices would determine who we would be 20 years from then. The truth of the matter is that our minds will change. Just like our attitudes will. If someone tells you that now is the time to choose and what you've chosen is wrong and you have to choose again, don't listen. The most important thing to do is work hard toward what you WANT to do, not what is logical or what will makes a lot of money. I wouldn't be comfortable in working toward a college degree if it didn't mean building a bridge to a life of doing something I CHOSE to do. Everything happens for a reason. Things change, people change, and you will change. Embrace it.


Assuming that I have the gift of going back in time and giving myself advice, there would be a few things I would tell myself. First and foremost, I would tell myself that school comes before my social life. Five years down the road I'll regret making not good grades instead of regretting a party I did not attend. It's great to have friends, have fun, and make unforgettable memories, but I have to know when to do those things. Secondly, I would stress that time management is very important in college. Time management goes hand in hand with having a social life and making good grades. Once you learn how to balance, things should be more manageable. Lastly, I'd make sure to tell myself to not to be too hard on myself. Meditation and positive thinking may seem outlandish to the college student but I have found that these techniques are effective when things seem to be weighing down heavy on someone. Overall, I’d make sure I’m ready to take on the things that college has to offer and give myself a pat on the back.


The advice I would give myself is to save money! Do not go out with your friends when you know that you have to wash clothes or buy groceries to be able to survive. Do not give in to every sob story and give your friends money because you need that as much as they do since your mom in on disabilty. Another thing don't claim everyone is your friend because they may laugh in your face and cut up with you but behind your back they will indeed talk about you and stab you in the back. Take all of your mom and grandmas advice because they are indeed two wise women.


I would say to study more. Since this is the second time I've been in college, I would tell myself instead of hanging out with "friends," stay in your room and study. Take the time to do your homework and understand what you're doing, Parties, dancing, drinking, that all can wait, your education is the most important thing right now and you have got to focus on the first and foremost. I would tell myself that school is a lot more difficult when you have a new baby as well. Your time to study is basically cut in over half by taking care of your newborn! I would tell myself to stay looking ahead at school and friends will come later. This is the most iimportant thing in your life!


When reflecting back on my senior year in high school, I realize there are two main ideas that I would give as advice to myself. Hindsight is 20/20 and in my case it allows me to realize that my parents were right, but I really did not listen. Their good advice, that I should heed much earlier in my senior year, is to savour every minute of the year - the challenges as well as the triumphs, the competitors as well as the close friends, the safety and familiarity of being at home, and the opportunity to use the entire year as a trial run for college responsibilities. This would also include taking advantage of knowledge and experience from my high school teachers. These are men and women who have come to know my strengths and weaknesses. Who better to offer advice? My Monday Morning Quaterback suggestion would be to seek teacher evaluations and contructive critisism. I actually did take advantage of some of this advice, but in looking back, I would stress the importance of using that entire year for your college preparation. College is a major event for which I think you cannot overprepare .


I would tell myself to go to a two year college, complete my core classes, save the refund money to get myself a car, then transfer to a two year college. do what I want to do and never be afraid to make a mistake. Just learn from them. Stay on track with my school work and have fun sometimes. Just balance my work with fun. Prioritize.


Dear Josh, You are about to graduate high school. You know what college you want to go to but you are unsure of what major. You're first choice will be computer science because it sounds good. Don't major in that. It's a good major but it's not for you. Examine yourself really hard and ask yourself what career you really want. By doing this you will save time by not having to change your major half- way in. If you just don't know what major yet it's okay to start college as an undecided. This will allow you time to think on what you want to do. Believe me you will know when have chosen the right major. You will have a desire to do that job and you will love doing it. College life will be a big change at first but be patient and it will get better. Always remember to work hard and it will all work out. Good luck with your future. I'm sure you will be glad with the results just as I am now.


I think it would have saved me a whole bunch of headaches if I had gotten my college info out earlier. I didn't have a solid plan for college after high school and that didn't help my motivation to look for scholorships and send my information out, but just getting started with _something_ earlier would have helped. I did apply to several schools, but when I didn't get into my first choice I was slow to look closer at the others. Again, more efficient timing for smoother transitions.


I would tell myself that making a transition from high school to college is fairly easy. The reason I say this is because I have learned that Freshmen tend to have a difficult transition when stay in solitude by themselves all the time. They dont become aware or informed because they seperate themselves from everyone else and therefore end up dull with no one to relate to in times of distress or great need. The best thing to do is be very open to meeting new people (with reatrictions of course). High School seniors must also learn that College is not as hard as people say it is if they approach it with an open mind and the will to do what needs to be done. Freshmen in colllege should also learn that what they do now in college will affect the rest of their lives whether what they do is something positive or something negative. Freshmen must also not allow themselves to be distracted by aspects of college such as the oposite sex, the lack of parents and the thrill of being independent. Indepedndence is a good thing as long as it doesnt control your mind nor your actions.


Given the chance to go back and talk to my high school self, I would probably tell myself to ALWAYS remember the reason I went to college in the first place--to get the best education I could. I moved off campus during my third year at West Georgia because I was tired of living under an RA in such a restrictive setting, but I didn't realize just how much time I would have to devote to securing the financial ability to live off campus on my own, and as a result, my grades suffered. It has taken much longer to graduate than I had planned, and now that I live on campus again, I realize that the mere proximity to my academic responsibilities keeps me much more focused on my schoolwork. Essentially, I believe I would remind myself that graduating should always be my first priority. After that, I will have the actual resources to live where and how I want.


Do not wait till the last minute to choose your classes and sign up for as many scholarships as you can so you have a better chance of winning and not having to use my work money to pay for college.


As a current college freshman, I would advise my high school self to take advantage of all resources available and to get my priorities in order. I would have to understand there's a time for socializing and a time for studying. I would tell myself that my main focus should be getting my work done and putting forth all effort possible to be successful. I would have taken on a little more responsibility and had a little more preperation for the real world. I would have to listened to my peers because they weren't telling me anything wrong, it was all for my benefit. I would tell my high school self that transitioning from college to high school is only as hard as you make it. If the neccessary precautions are taken and you continuosly do the right thing, college should be a breeze.


Surprising myself with myself one evening, I would tell myself that the technical school for x-ray school was a great back-up plan, but to definitely continue attending college in the health or science related field more often than not. I would tell myself that the learning environment of the university is something that would add just as much growth as the experience of traveling. I would tell myself to stay within the health field, for the type of person I am fits into the field of care. I would especially tell myself to never get discouraged at the seeming difficulty of the subject matter, for I am quite an intelligent individual and can prosper through anything my mind is put into.


Looking at myself parlaying for the first half of my senior year, in regards to college, I would have said get on the ball Solomon! I stated after winter break getting ready for this process. This ignorant decision had me loosing out on a lot of opportunities. For example, coming from a family a single parent house hold with no father money is scarce. If I would have done what needed to be accomplished, I could have had an abundant amount of scholarships offered by The University of West Georgia, my school and other organizations? Although I am doing what I have to do now, so much pressure would have been taken off of me if I was focused in the beginning.


Time slips away in the faster pace of life nowadays. Looking back on my personality as a high school senior, I was very different from those high school kids. I took life more seriously than any other person I knew. Ofcourse, I was not perfect. My mom and dad brought me up teaching me right moral conduct and way of life. They taught me right and wrong, in the way that it should be taught. All these things still lead my way as I make it throught my freshman year of college. Being a student as well as an employee on campus, I have devoted myself towards studying on my own expense. As I look back, I do regret some things that had come accross my way and hindered my path to success. Some of them included bad company, although my good values in life never let these affect my studies. Looking back at myself in the mirror today, i feel proud of myself. Proud of who and what I am today. Ofcourse, I am not the President of the United States, but definitely a successful person who has made great success with truthfulness in the learnig stages of life.


If I could go back and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself to fill out as many scholarships as possible during the fall semester of my senior year of high school. I would tell myself this because I had to take out loans during my first year of college. My first two loans were not bad due to me having HOPE and a government pell grant, but this year is harder because the government says that my family is not poor enough for them to grant me the aid that I need. Therefore, it is harder for me to come up with the money that I need to stay in college. But I will find a way to make it! Other than the financial part of college, West Georgia is a great experience that I do not regret thus far!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have pushed myself to take more academic classes that could help me advance in my college career. My senior year of high school was all about fun and games. I could not wait to walk down in that cap and gown in June. And because that was all my mind focused on, I took the easy way out and took easy classes such as art and woodshop. In reality I should have been taking another math course to help me excel or another technology course that would put me one step ahead of the game. Your education is the most important thing that you are able to give yourself. You should always try to help yourself in any way that you can in improving your education. I wish I would of known what I know now than.


First of all i thinkmy little sister is lucky to have me. She is also going to the same school am going to. I wish i would never take college as if i was still in High school. I wish i had started reading my books so it would have been easier to pass. Also make sure i do my assignment like a week before it was due.


I would tell myself to go ahead and take some core classes, if at all possible. Also, learn to be more independent and outgoing with others.


Anna- When I took this survey, I was currently in my second quarter of starting college. My first quarter's GPA was a 3.0 and only because I had to take Chemistry right off the bat. I know that it sucks that you had to take Physics, and that you could have had a potential 3.6 or bettr culmulative GPA instead of the 3.5. Standing on the threshold of graduating high school and entering college, remember, college is just as complicated and hard as people say it is, and having three classes instead of six does not make it easier. You may have gotten lucky enough to win three scholarships, but do not stop applying and continue with trying to avoid loans. As always, try not to procrastinate, not that you do it that often. Keep saving money, and congrats on the job. Sincerely, Annalicia P.S. You know you will be facing a lot of competition for the nursing school, so definitly try to come out with a high GPA.


I've always been facinated by questions like these, and have often wondered what I would say if I were able to go back and give my self advice. Maybe I'd prepare myself for the difficult family struggles in the years to come; or the transition process from high school to college : preparing ahead of time, financial and admissions details, etc; or telling myself to get a job ASAP since I'm fully experiencing what the current economy is like. I suppose there are many things I could advise my past self of as far as college life is concerned. In all honesty, though, I wouldn't go back in time at all. I wouldn't change what I went through no matter what the circumstances because if I did, I wouldn't grow. I trust myself, then and now, to be able to succeed and have the courage to fail and learn from it. This isn't the time to be perfect in every choice we make, it's the time to make mistakes and keep breaking traditions. I can't alter my past without altering my future. Just for now at least, I'm satisfied with both.


Knowing the things that I know now, if I could go back in time to my senior year of high school then the advice I would give myself would be to keep up the good work and look into colleges more. I waited until my senior year to crack down and focus on school work, taking Psychology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, and Law while everyone else had four gym classes. The biggest mistake I made in college was choosing the first school I liked, a school that ended up wasting my time and money. I do not regret it though because I learned valuable lessons about taking more time to learn as much as I can about a school or job that I am interested in. I would also tell myself to only take 12 credits, not 17 and 18 like I did the first two trimesters. I really overloaded myself and still did well, but I could have done exceptional.


I do not think I would have done anything different. I might have tried to branch out and meet more new people, but I already was forced to meet new people since none of my friends were going to the same college. I may have wanted to know my roommates before I got to college though.


What I have really gotten out of my college experince is displine to get my studying done before I went out to have fun or sleep. At the beginning of the fall semester, I hung out with my ex-boyfriend who was really crazy in the head and skipped a lot of classes and never studied when I should have. I got really behind in my classes to the point of having c's. I lost my job that I was working near the school to help pay for college. Once I broke up with him and really started spending all my time studying: I brought up my grade dramatically. They went from c's to 4 b's and 2 a's by the end of the semester. I am now in the spring semester and I am studying a little everyday so I won't fal behind again and have to spend all that time to bring my grades back up. I am looking for another job to replace the one I lost. Without going to college I would have not learned to get things done on time or early if possible before going out having fun.


My college experinece has been a smooth and bumpy road, challenges have come my way, whereby thoughts of dropping out have sprung in my head, but looking at a bright future, has helped me stay in school and dedicate more time to my books. In addition i have been able to act more independent and responsible, doing the right thing and the right time, which has given me a good impression of been a good adult. It has been valuable to attend because, it has changed my perspective on school work and social life. In order to have a good academical life, sacrifices will be made to increase the betterment of your academics, either social or academical sacrifices.


When I began my first semester of college I was put into a Learning Community, which essentially is a group of freshmen that all share the same classes together. I was unsure if I wanted to stay in this group at first, but after my first day of classes I was so greatful that I was given this opportunity. I am now at the end of my first semester and I have had the time of my life. I have made some great friends thnks to my Learning Community and I have wonderful relationships with my professors. Attend college is valuable for so many reasons. The most obvious of these reasons is that it prepares you for the future. I learned from a speech given by the President of my university that the world is ever changing and in order to succeed we must train our minds to be adaptable. That is exactly what college does. In my opinion, college teaches us how to learn.


I have already begun to learn the art of self-reliance. The value is the education I am receiving that will be the doorway to a successful future.


For me, my undergraduate college experience laid the groundwork for subsequent education, exploration, and discovery. I have since gone on to attend graduate school in a different part of the country and now am enrolled in yet another graduate program, working toward my second master's degree. College opened my eyes to ideas and concepts I had not before encountered, helped me better understand myself and the world around me, and gave me the skills I needed to better articulate my ideas, feelings, and experiences.


So far, I have met a lot of interesting people that I will hopefully be friends with well after I graduate college. It allowed me to be on my own and make my own decisions about what I do, when I study, and when I go home. Living in a dorm with a roommate has been an interesting experience. I am an only child, so I never had to share a room or anything like that for a long period of time. I've definitely gotten used to having someone else around during the week. My roommate goes home every weekend and I don't recommend doing that because she misses everything that goes on around campus during the weekends.