University of West Georgia Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of West Georgia is the Multicultural Achievement Program (MAP) Mentoring Program that they offer for incoming minority students. All freshmen are assisgned an upperclass mentor who helps with the transition into college life, including meeting new academic expectations, becoming involved on campus and feeling connected to this new living environment. They are there to answer questions or concerns , direct the student accordingly, and engage students in the intellectual, social, and cultural dimensions of learning, while challenging them to develop the skills and sense of responsibility needed to become successful college students.


Great community of students.


The best thing about my school is the resources available. By resources I mean the extra help that can be applied to my education. We have a tutoring center, a writing center etc. These resources so far have helped me tremendously in comprehending the task that I am given in my various courses. The writing center has helped me develop more concrete essays and tutoring has help contribute to my exceeding test score in Astronomy, a class that I struggled in before I received the extra help.


I believe the best thing about my school is size of the campus. Even though it is constantly growing, the size of the campus is very comfortable for most students. It is neither large nor small but gives students time to take a nice stroll to or from any location and take in the scenery while conducting conversation. The campus provides an opportunity to see friends and stop for a quick chat while en route to class. Although this may be a small characteristic of the campus, it can make a world of difference in anyone's day.


The bset thing about my school is the social events.


The best thing about the University of West Georgia is the amount of student involvement activities. There is hardly a dull moment here. Even the staff gets envolved with the students, so it is a very welcoming community! I absolutely love it here!


The best thing about my school is the resources they provide for students. I feel this way because the school has all kinds of tutoring sessions and mentors to help with every academic course.


The best thing about my school is the friendliness and the variety of organizations on campus. Everyone of all ages, ethnicities, and regardless of what year you graduate is able to join different groups. Most of the time there are organization fairs and many other events taking place to help people get involved around campus and make friends. Other than that, the staff around campus is always helpful and the vibe given off is always a positive. The University of West Georgia is really a breath of fresh air.


The best thing about my school for me is that it was close to my home. Because of this I could commute to school everyday and not have to leave my friends and family.


I will consider the teachers the best teachers ever. The teachers are realy nice ad they want to help you no matter what. They alwasys make sure that their students understand a topic before they move to the nex topic.