University of Wisconsin Colleges Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The only thing that comes to mind is that UW Rock County is part of the UW Connections Program through Madison, where you take care of your generals at this two-year college and have all the benefits of a Madison student while attending a smaller campus. I think its the best of both worlds.


University of Wisconsin Sauk County Baraboo is best known for providing an enviornment that mimics private schools giving you small classes and allowing you to visit with the professors and get the help you need without having to set an appointment or worry about how much time you have to get the information you need. This also allows you to establish relationships with the faculty and be known on a first name basis. When you attend a larger school, you miss out on that opprtunity.


Being affordable. The motto is "the best start for the life that you want."


My school is best known for its academic expectations for its students and the awesome benefits that those expectations?if met?can yield. For example, the University of Wisconsin ? Marathon County is known for being a great place for prospective UW-Madison students to begin their post-secondary careers because it offers the course rigor and the opportunities for extracurricular involvement that are present at the Madison campus. It is commonly known by students in the central Wisconsin area that UW-Marathon students are desired by UW-Madison, which makes it a popular college for students in our community.