University of Wisconsin Colleges Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Wisconsin Colleges know before they start?


I would tell my old self to SAVE MONEY, because that would of really come in handy right now. I'd also tell her to chin up and not let the words people say get her down, because she is a beautiful and intelligent young women. She has the world at her finger tips. Go for the gold.


I would advise myself to work more during high school because it's harder to have two part times jobs while in college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know today about college life, I would tell myself not to focus on the end goal focus on the short term goal that will get me to the end goal. To slow down and work harder in front of me instead of whats coming next. Another piece of advice i would give myself is to do the things that bring you spirital wealth and not on monitary wealth. Being happy is the ultimate goal for most people and if that means going into a field that does not pay the best then so be it.


I would definitely encourage myself to begin my college education as soon as I completed high school.


I would tell my past self to take your time with the decision, that you don't need to go to college right away. That its ok to wait. I would also tell my past self that college is fun and worth it, but you need to do your homework and projects and not procrastinate, along with studying every day.


Young man I know you?re shocked that you look so different, I can tell, but believe me I am you. I?m sure you have many questions but you must refrain and listen. College isn't different from current customs regarding school. Same idea: show up to class, be attentive, and complete your work on time. I?m aware that laziness has plagued you always. My life, for awhile at least, has not differed from that fact. But listen to me well Young Man; you must change now and approach everything you do with maximum effort. Do not let up, for that is the only thing that has ever held you back. When you tire, remember this, and dig deep; find the ambition. When distractions surround you, never lose sight of our goals. And when our mother?s husband says, ?You can?t,? I tell you it would be wiser for you to sleep in a den with starving lions, then to even consider his foolishness. Young Man I cherish the experiences I have had, but I would not be somber, if awakening tomorrow, I found that you had been diligent, my past altered, and our dreams accomplished.


Enjoy high school, college is fun but its alot of work and takes a lot of dedication. You meet cool new people and learn about many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds without taking classes, just from the people around you. You are paying for school now, and it will be out of your pocket so do not slack, you need to work and dedicate yourself to your studies. Be prepared to see your family a great deal less, especially if your working part-time because school and work will rule your life. Save every penny, the economy is bad and wreckless spending is horribly debilitating make a budget and stick to it. But as bad as all of that sounds you cannot forget the biggest thing of all, HAVE FUN! These are the greatest years of your life and you should treat them as such, go out have fun, hang with friends, make new friends this will forever change your life, but do not forget about those friends back in high school, for they miss you as much as you miss them.


The advice I would pass on to my younger self would be to accept change. Change is good. Change is great. Embrace change. Change is needed to accomplish bigger and better things. Change is necessary for things to happen in life. If you don't allow and accept change, you will lead a life that never accomplishes anything. Even though change might be scary at first, you'll grow to be a better person if you just "step up to the plate" and be confident in your decisions. Change is good.


I would tell myself honestly not to change much. I had a great work ethic in high school and continued that into my college years. With my study habbits from high school it has definitely helped me succeed in college, as I still get my assignments done while waiting for the next class to begin, so my evenings are always free. I would however tell myself not to stress about the small things, people are a lot different in college and the "clicks" from high school don't really exist, it's almost like everyone gets along. The main piece of advice I would tell myself is to take advantage of professors office hours as well as the free tudoring available on campus, why let free tools go to waste when they can definitely benefit you!


If I could go back eight years and talk with my 18 year old self, I would tell myself to try and apply yourself better in school so that you don't have to play catch up so much when you get to college. I would also say that it would be in my best interests to start my academic career sooner and instead of being in a huge hurry to start living on my own and entering the workforce right away. "You are capable of so much more, you have it in you to do really good things and achieve what you thought was unachievable", would be the best thing I could tell my past self. Highschool advisors told me that I wouldn't be able to do well in a higher learning enviornment, my former self needed to know that my now current 3.8 GPA would like to have a word with them. I know I had people telling me to apply myself when I was younger, I'm sure the impact would've been greater if I had heard it from a future version of myself.