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What are the academics like at your school?


My favorite course here was my intro to communications class (CJ105) or human geography (GEOG111). I enjoyed these courses so much because of the professors. I am quite interested in the study of communication, but it was not until I took this course that I realized it. My professor made things so interesting and relevant, using real life examples to explain concepts and really incorporated the class to turn learning into a discussion experience. As for geography, I was never really interested in geography until I took this course. Again, my professor made the content very relatable and memorable, telling stories and giving us articles in the news today to better understand the material. Class participation in this school is one of those things that is not always mandatory, but you are NOT going to receive the same experience from a class compared to someone who always attends class. If you don't go, you will fall behind and this will lessen your motivation and interest to stay focused and caught up in class. It's a bad cycle. Just attend class, and things will be fine. And once you're in class, participate! Be part of the conversation, it keeps you, your fellow classmates, and your professor awake and stimulated, keeping things interesting and making everybody become more motivated. My intended major currently in communications, and as I mentioned previously, I did not know just how interested I was in this field until I took the intro course. It is a broad field of study with lots of leeway as far as what you can do with your degree. I rarely spend physical time with my professors outside of class, but I definitely utilized their office hours for minor questions, and emailed them A LOT. I realized how important and useful it is to really ask a question (or 5) to solidify something in your head if you don't understand it completely.