University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only thing I really don't like about my school is that the material or discussions in some of the classes is a little unwelcoming to conservative Christians.


The worst thing about my school is the availability of teachers and administration. They are rarely available when you need them and if they are, they often do not know the answers to your questions. The school provides lots of services for students but many students do not know about them. UWEC has many great resources available that I did not find out about until three years into my college career.


I would consider the lack of ethnicity and culture the worst thing about my school. Living in "small town" Wisconsin, I am used to it. However, I would prefer a more diverse campus.


How white it is, and how cold it is.


The worst thing is the walk across the bridge in the winter, for it is very chilly.


The weather in the winter is pretty much unbearable. The amount of racial diversity here is disappointing.


The worst thing about UWEC is that it is always so cold. We have to walk across a bridge that is one of the coldest places on earth according to Jay Leno!!!


Cold. Brr.


The hill. Its not fun walking up and down it multiple times a day.


how far it is away from home


I don't see any major concerns with UW-Eau Claire. There isn't anything that really stands out at the moment. I've enjoyed my experience this far.


Eau Claire is mostly middle-class white people, but we do get a few exchange students to mix it up. I would love to see more diversity.


The diversity of the degree-seeking full time students is lacking. What's more, while there is no anemosity between different groups, and i have friends of different ethnicity, there is a definate, noticable seperation of clicks/friendships based on race.


This is more personal, but I wish it wasn't so far away from home. I don't really have anything that I strongly don't like at the campus.