University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend UW-Eau Clare, or any other college, is the kind of person to have a goal and is willing to work hard for it. The person should be able to have organizational and time management skills., as these skills are so important in a collegaite career. From classes, extra-currciular activities, networking, part time jobs, there are so much to a college career, it is vital that the person has the capability to manage time spent in each of these categories wisely.


Someone who likes a smaller school feel. You see the same people a lot. There is nothing about UWEC that would exclude anyone from coming here because everyone is accepting for the most part. Anyone can attend here. The partiers, the quiet people, people from the country. It is a mixture of a lot of different things.


People who attend UWEC should be driven, motivated students. I believe they should want to work diligently while also being able to budget their time to balance their education with extracirriculars. College is first and foremost about academics, but students should also be able to have the opportunity to have fun and live in a way that is different than being a child, but not yet quite an adult.


The kind of person who should attend UWEC is someone who has a variety of interests and is looking for a place to excel in all areas. A Blugold is respectful, driven, and open minded. Everyone here is friendly, so they should be too!


Any kind of person should attend this school. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is an advocate for diversity. There are many programs for incoming students from multiple cultures and there are many programs and scholarships for students who are looking to study abroad to further their knowledge and experiences with different cultures. Nothing should stop someone from attending college and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is always willing to help.


Any kind of personw would have the opportunity to accell at this University. There are hundreds of programs and organizations that students can be involved in to find their niche. However, all students must have a drive to succeed and achieve excellence. It is not simply enough to pass here at Eau Claire - students strive for the best and become the best they can through coursework, extracurricular activities, and faculty relationships. There is a substantial amount of diversity here on campus. This allows for all kinds o fo studets ot be welcomed and involved.


Someone who likes smaller cities and climbing big hills : )!


A person who is driven, research oriented and who wants to create relationships with their professors. To leave UWEC as a successful students I think it is important to capitalize on the research opportunities we have here that most undergraduate students do not have the opportunity to participate in. Professors are generally widely available and accomodating.


I believe that anyone should consider or attend the University of Wisconsin because it is mutally benefitical in the future and rewarding. As a current student, I have already gain many experience and knowledge through student organization, academic support services, and mostly my professors. UWEC doesn't just provides "Wisconsin's most beautiful campus," it provides many ideas and culture on campus.


Any persons looking for a new experience and change of pace should attend this school. With a great emphasis on arts and known for their study abroad program, it is a good place to nurture your feelings about what you may want to become in the future and provides you with unlimited support throughout the process.


A person who wants a well-rounded education in which they learn not just about the field into which they want to go, but also about many other fields. The person does not mind that many people go home on the weekends because they live within an hour of campus. There is also not a lot of night life besides bars, so the person needs to be able to enjoy themselves just hanging out with friends.


Anyone can attend this school because it has a variety of majors and minors. A lot of people come into this college being undecided and later finds a major they enjoy.


A person that is dedicated to studying and motivated to succeed. A person that is willing to work hard and desires to have an excellent career and future that will benefit society as a whole.


A person that doesn't want a huge school. This was the perfect size for me--a small-town girl.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone who wants to meet knew people as well as recieve an excellent education. There are many opportunities to get involved on campus as well as the teachers are very didicated to their students success.


A person who is driven to succeed would attend UW Eau Claire. We are dedicated to excellence and the school provides an excellent education.


The kind of person who should attend this school is looking for an excellent and diverse academic career. They should have an appreciation for nature and enjoy a social life that is very casual. They should enjoy small town life.


Anyone looking for a great place to learn with hands on activities for their carreer.


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is a diamond in the rough. A beautiful arrangement of faculty and students set a stage for individuals interested in advancing in their personal and educational lives. UW-Eau Claire is a perfect place for those who are looking to have attention placed on their own academic success and comfortable living.


A person who enjoys real non-superficial people and enjoys a fun environment. Someone who can thrive in the community of Eau Claire if they are thirsty for an excellent education, encouraging professors, and an involved community. This person should be willing to reach their full intellectual potential but also be willing to enjoy theirselves during an exceptional experience.


In my opinion, diverse person should attend this school. I was the only diverse student in almost all classes that I been taking. I would feel confident if students in this school learned how to support and help diverse students. Also, student supposed to be adaptive to bulling and do not take bad criticism personally. In addition to this, student supposed flexible and have creative way in problem solving.


All kinds of people.


The kind of person that would attend this school is a person who wants to go to a college that isn't too big for them but that also isn't really small. The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is a perfect college size for a student who doesn't want to go too big or too small. Also, a student who is outgoing and friendly, liking interaction with others, would benefit well going to UW Eau Claire.


Anyone who wants a great education and great environment should go to this school. It is a beautiful area with lots to do and great people to do them with.


I believe someone who loves nature and the feeling of living in a big city while in a small town is the right person for this school. It is great for anyone really. We specialize in music, education, and nursing; however, our social science programs are amazing and the natural beauty of the area serves geology, biology, and chemistry students well. We are learning to be more environmentally friendly. I have had many amazing opportunities here: from working in non-profit organizations to volunteering in Nicaragua as a part of a study abroad program. Anyone would love it!


I believe that anyone should attend this school. Dont come here just to party because if thats what you're thinking, college will kick your butt. This college is excellent in academics. You have to be willing to learn and want to get a degree. Students need to be very proactive about learning.


people whowant to teach


The type of person to attend this school should be outgoing, charismatic, and diversified. Everyone here is always willing to make a new friend and meet different people. You have to be mentally open to new ideas and ways of doing things because the people here will change your mind in ways you never expected. You have to be the kind of person who leaves their dorm room door open. It makes the experience so much more worth while when one takes the time to enjoy it.


I think that the type of person that would attend UW-Parkside is one that already has a life established. What I mean by this is that they are already occuped by things rather than college activities.


Someone who likes the small town feeling, intimate groups of friends, and is hardworking and dedicated.


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is the type of school where many differet kinds of people are given the opportunity to succeed. Although it is one of the higher caliber schools in the state, there are several programs offered which will give anybody who has a little motivation the chance to prosper. Therefore, if somebody has the desire to learn and the desire to get the most out of his or her college experience, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire would be very suitable for this person.


If you are a person who loves having a challenge everyday then Eau Claire is right for you. Not only does Eau Claire challenge their students academically but physically too. Eau Claire has an upper and a lower campus, so one has to walk up a hill to get to upper campus where the work out center, cafeteria, and dorms are located. One should also attend Eau Claire if they like the cold because it can be a little chilly walking between classes in the winter. Those are just a few reasons why you should attend Eau Claire.


The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is great for some one who wants to learn in an atmosphere filled with kind, caring people and beautiful surroundings. The campus is a perfect place that isn't too small or way over-crowded. Everyone I talk to loves it here.


Anyone who want to stay on campus. The students here are great. They are friendly and great to talk to. If you want to escape family and want to go somewhere than come to Eau Claire to start new and go somewhere in life.


A person who desires a quality education and wants to be prepared to compete in the global marketplace.


The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is totally a diverse school! I was shocked because I grew up in a small town with no diversity, so going to Eau Claire was an eye opener. People feel free to express who they are by what they wear without getting weird looks. Everyone is treated equally on campus by the students and faculty. It?s refreshing to live on a campus where everyone is free to be who they want to be. No one judges, we just learn. The diversity on campus has made me feel more comfortable in my own skin!


A prospective student looking to attend the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire should be a person that is very active in what they care about, looking to think outside the box, and a networker who enjoys making long lasting connections with people. Someone who wants to know there are various avenues to have their voice heard, and have a plethora of academic options to pursue knowledge in an array of areas should attend this school. People looking for multicultural and diverse experiences to strengthen their understanding of an increasingly interconnected world should attend this campus.


Anyone who likes the area and not too big of a college would be a perfect fit.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone wanting to learn a bit of everything and not just wanting to focus on their major.


People who are focused on academics, but still knows how to have a good time.


I am highly involved in the music and liberal arts at this school, and would reccomend it for people intending to be a music teacher. The education program is very well put together, and I think anyone looking for a job in the education field would be wise to seek out a program at this school.


Someone that wants to have small class sizes and a lot of financial aid or scholarship opportunities.


This is for someone who does not know exactly what they want to do; Eau Claire gives a lot of great oppertunities to explore different things, and they excel in a lot of different fields.


I think that this school appeals to a variety of people. Nursing majors, business majors, people interested in languages... all types find a good home here.


Someone who is looking to work hard, give the school a good name, and someone who wants a beautiful, friendly atmosphere.


Someone that likes to go out on the weekends and drink, small classrooms and friendly professors.


Someone who enjoys a small school feel and loves the outdoors. Also we are a very active campus so someone who likes to be involved. We have a great kinesiology program here too.


Somebody who enjoys a smaller town, but is still in for a bigger town experience. They should also like being outdoors and not mind some nature walks. Eau Claire is a great campus for students who are a little more artsy and eccentric, but also we are welcoming of sporty people. We also are not very ethnically diverse, but very welcoming.