University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not respect others should not be allowed at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The student body is filled with people whose identities differ, whether it be by race, sexual orientation, interests, etc. The diversity is what makes it a special place, and I would love to see the diversity increase at my school. People who are not respectful have the potential to scare the diversity away and deeply wound the people on campus. The variety of people on campus is something to be celebrated, hence why people who would not respect that should not come.


The kind of person who would enjoy going to this school is someone who enjoys a small class size and exercise. The small classes are great because you can get to know all of your classmates personally, but some people do not like the small lecture sizes. There is also a lot of walking and a large hill that you must walk up and down in order to get to classes if you live on campus, but the exercise can be nice.


A person who loves city life and wants there to always be something exciting to do. The closest big city is an hour and a half away. Someone who wants the sole focus of the school to be on academics and wants strong competition should not go here either. Many classes seem to take up more time than they should and do not apply directly to what you are studying for, so you need to allow time to take care of all of these general education classes.


I think this school has something to offer to everyone; however, someone who doesn't like walking up a hill after classes shouldn't attend this school, as the dorms and cafateria are at the top of the hill and the academic buildings are at the bottom.


UWEC is a well diversified campus who willingly accepts anyone willing to further their futures in education including undergraduates and graduates. The people who should not attend are those not willing to commit four years of continuing education and seeking something below a Bachelor's degree. Also, this campus contains several majors/minors with a study abroad requirement and travel is a major component of the school. Students should readily be willing to meet new people, study hard, and travel somewhere at least once during their educational career here at UWEC.


I do not suggest the people who do not take their academics seriously to attend the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. Additionally, those seeking a university experience with a large student population or diversity should not attend this school because the university size is relatively small and mostly comprised of Caucasian students.


Someone who is not willing to walk up and down the hill daily.


This school would be a perfect fit for anyone, regardless of their background. In terms of education, UWEC can provide a quality education of many different majors. UWEC does a great job of providing the necessary materials, tools, experience, and opportunities to prepare for whatever may lie ahead in an individuals post-graduate endeavors. In terms of affordability, Eau Claire is great. A high end education at a lower cost than the majority of schools out there. Off-campus housing is very affordable and everything you would need is in the surrounding area. Overall, UWEC is a great value.


Eau Claire isn't a very large city, so those who are looking for a large city experience should not choose this school. Additionally, students who are uncomfortable with non-traditional assignments may not be completley comfortable with all the assignments as the focus is often on different ways to more effectively learn rather than just study guides and book assignments. I found though; however, that although i was more comfortable with these types of assignments, the ones assigned to me actually were very effective.


A person interested in studying engineering should not attend this school. It does not have much focus on this career field.


People who are uncomfortable going to a high population school shouldn't attend UWEC. People who graduated from small high schools seem to be more overwhelmed than people from large high schools. The campus is also very libral, so conservative people may be frustrated.


Students who are undecided on their major should attend this school. It is very liberal and well rounded in the majority of their majors.


everyone is free to attend UWEC.


I believe anyone who doesn't have the desire to attend college or a positive attitude shouldn't attend this school. I'd like to be surrounded by hard-working and positive individuals who will work together to help eachother succeed.


A person who is not self-directed should not attend this school. A person needs to be self-motivated and reliable to attend classes and complete the work assigned.


Someone who can't think for themselves. Someone who has no interest in evolving one's self into a world class citizen.


You should not attend this school if you are not open-minded, academically driven, or financially unprepared. I also believe it takes a mature kind of individual to attend this university because in order to be successful one must make adult decisions with their education being the first priority. I also think it would be difficult for individual to fully enjoy the campus if they are used to living in a big, busy city.


If you do not like group or research based projects, I do not think this would be the school for you.


Anyone should feel comfortable attending this school. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and it is accepting of all people. I have never once felt uncomfortable here. The professors are very helpful and the students are easy to approach as well.


A person looking for a big city environment shouldn't attend this school. The university is full of trees and wild animals. Nearly every time I walk on the trail that goes through the forest, I see a deer. Not many people can say that!


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is known for its cold, cold winters. The infamous hill as well as the bridge that crosses the Chippewa river are not for the weak of heart during the winter. As an art student, I must cross the bridge everyday to reach the Fine Arts building. At 7:45 in the morning, the wind sure can blow! The bridge has also been listed on David Letterman's top 10 coldest places in the U.S. So for those who prefer warm, balmy weather...this isn't the place for you.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a person that is not ready to advance their education and try new things. If the person is not ready for new and challenging experiences then the should not attend this school. Also, a person that does not want to climb a hill everyday should not attend this school because we have a huge hill to climb to get to upper campus.


The only person who shouldn't attend UWEC is a person unwilling to open their mind, or unwilling to put the time in to their classwork.


Having grown up in Minnesota, I have been to the Twin Cities on many occassions and the college life there is quite different from that in Eau Claire. If you are a person who is seeking an experience living in the big city, Eau Claire is not the place for you. However, just because it does not have the skyscrapers and fancy buildings or is home to a professional sports team, Eau Claire still has plenty to offer college students that is unique and special to the city.


People who dislike walking a great deal, especially up very steep hills, as a rather large one separates dorms from academic buildings. Sometimes it is required to almost power-walk between classes, with a heavy backpack, depending on the distance between your buildings. Also people who have little patience with rather ill-arranged systems of parking lots and side-streets should avoid Eau Claire.


The person who should not attend this school is a slacker who does the bare minimum and cannot handle a faster-paced environment.


Someone who is interested in a lot of diversity. Since the city isn't huge, most of the school population is white.


You probably shouldn't attend the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire if you don't care about all the positive activities both on and off campus. There is really no reason somebody shouldn't attend UWEC; the classes are great, the professors are great, and the atmosphere is great.


The types of students who do not like to participate in group activites. A lot of the work that we do for classes involves group work. So if someone doesn't like interacting with other students, it would be hard for them to really get along with group activities.


There is a wide range of people who attend UWEC. I would encourage anyone and everyone to look and tour UWEC.


Every student can and will benefit from attending UWEC. There is a wide variety of courses available that will make it easier to select a major or minor. There are tutors available and many accomodations for students with disabilites that fit in well with students of all ages.


I think that this school could be a good fit for almost anyone. The only people I can think of that might not like it here are people who like living in big cities, do not like hearing other points of view about things, or do not want to actually work for their degree. All in all, I think UW - Eau Claire is a great campus and most students really like it here.


I believe a person who is looking for a medium sized college to go to should consider UWEC. If you want to live in a city that is not too big or too small, I believe Eau Claire is perfect for you. It is also an hour west of the Twin Cities which is always a plus if you are looking for an adventure.


The kind of person who shouldn?t attend the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is a socialite. If someone is only interested in partying and being seen, they will not do well at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Instead, university life is quite focused on academics. Coursework is first and foremost, not partying. A socialite who thinks they are above studying will also not get along well with other students. Members of the student body are very concerned with their academics at the university. Someone who isn?t probably shouldn?t attend the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this university would be someone who is not devoted to making themselves a better person. The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire really makes you strive to be more than just a citizen. They teach us to be more than someone in the background by giving opportunities to help the community and better the environment and at the same time get an education. If you don't want to better yourself, don't come here.


This campus is a little smaller compared to the bigger cities. If you are used to a lot of things happening all year round, UW Eau Claire may not be for you!


Prospective post-secondary students should not attend the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire if they are looking for a party school that doesn't push the ideas of critical thinking and interdisciplinary studies. People who have no interest in socializing and making strong bonds while in college also should not bother with this campus. Students who are only interested in making money, and not strengthening their understanding of the world we live in, should seek out a different college.


People who are only attending college to party.


the person should be well motivated to do good in school.


If you are closed minded and unwilling to be open to the possibility of adventures from places you didn't imagine they would come from , this school really is not for you. There is a lot of art-oriented entertainment available at this school which I think serves it's population quite well. If you have no interest in the arts, the extra-curriculars may not be satisfactory for you.


Our school is very business orientated, so anyone looking to go into the business/marketing field. Also, anyone who love the outdoors because our campus is beautiful.


Someone that wants to be in a very ethnically diverse atmosphere. Also, someone that wants to be in a large city should not attend.


A person looking for the bright lights and glamor of the "big" city should not look to attend this university.


If you hate the cold weather you might want to go elsewhere. Otherwise this school would be great for a wide range of students


People that should attend UW-Eau Claire are people interested in nursing or teaching, or music related fields. The rest of the school is pretty mediocre in prestige compared to other universities.


People who like the hustle and bustle of big cities or people who like huge lectures. Most of the classes are pretty small.


Someone who wants a degree in engineering. Anybody who doesn't put a lot of emphasis on their social lives. If you're are african american you will not find many other african americans on this campus.


any one should


No one, I think everyone can find something they enjoy and a place to fit in on this campus.


The same type of person who shouldn't attend most 4 year universities, those that aren't willing to do the work.