University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about school is the transition from using papers in high school to using computers to recieve ones homework. Its difficult to remind oneself to check their email and homework sites everyday. Its also difficult because all teachers are different, so some prefer to use papers for homework and some prefer to do things online. In order to be successful you have to be extremely organized.


The job availability is exceedingly frustrating on campus. Most jobs only hire students if they have Federal Work Study. However, because my family is middle class FAFSA does not provide a lot for us. Especially with two other sisters and a mom in college at the same time as myself, it is expected that I will help pay for my education as well as things I may need (books, supplies, food, etc). Without having ample job opportunity this is very hard, and makes job search extremely difficult.


The most frustrating thing about UW-Eau Claire is the lack of communication between professors and students. Since our school portal, which gives the ability to post grades and assignments for students viewing, is optional to professors it makes it difficult for the students to keep track of grades, assignments, and accademic standing.


I have not yet attended, so I am not a reliable source for this question.


The strictness of the meal plans and the block meals.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is tuition. As a college student, everyone struggles with financies and loans.


The police presence is extremely tight compared to other campuses I have heard of. It doesn't feel like they understand what it was like to be young, and they don't take into account that we're college kids.


From what I have experienced so far, the classes really aren't as difficult as one might think they would be. To be honest, the most difficult or frustrating part about being in college is the fact that if you come from a small high school with few/none college credit opportunities like I did, scheduling for each semester becomes quite a challenge. I am very pleased to have gotten into the Honors Society, so now I can hopefully have more priority than I did before. It's one of the benefits of the Honors program.

Pa Nyia

There are some racism, not enough private places or study places, and there are many people who gather in certain spots.


I believe the most frustrating thing about UW-Eau Claire is the parking allotments given to students. Many students drive to campus because many of them live around the area or outside the area of Eau Claire and must commute to campus. My advice to incoming students or returning students of UWEC is to either get to campus very early in the morning to gain a parking space on the side street, or fork up money for the parking permits...otherwise it's going to be a long bike ride or walk to class!


Biology classes and food quality.


The most frustrating thing about UWEC is the teaching style of the professors. Most of them have Master's Degrees and Doctorates in the field of study the teach. Therefore, many do not have teaching degrees. As I am sure this is common in most colleges and universities, it is just one of the transitions everyone goes through went moving from high school to college. Also, the hill you have to walk up and down between lower and upper campus is a killer!


The construction going on to build a new student center and new educational building.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that when I transferred here, there was a lot of important things that I wasn't told that has since delayed my graduation.


The thing that frustrates me the most at this school is that it is not more environmentally friendly. I can understand why most of the buildings aren't energy efficient since they were built in the 60's, but we are building a new Student Center and I really pushed for the building to be energy efficient and environmentally conscious. Hopefully it will be.


The most frustrating thing about my school is if you live off campus there is not an adequate ammount of parking space on campus.


The walk across the bridge is very cold! There should be better parking closer to the school buildings.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire is trying to find and fit the classes that you need in your schedule. It is often difficult because classes overlap or are not offered during some terms, so on many occasions classes that are not needed for a selected major have to be taken to retain a full time student status.


The landscape and set up of the academic buildings can make classes difficult to get to. There are often 10 minutes between classes, but the farthest buildings are a 15 minutes walk apart, with a long bridge that crosses the Chippewa: very wicked in winter. It depends upon your schedule. Also, residence halls can be annoyingly far from the nearest cafeteria. There are many restaurants within walking distance, however. Biggest problem for me: if you want to bring your car, be prepared to pay big: $110 a semester if you don't win a 'lottery' permit. Ugh.


Walking up and down the giant hill.


Sometimes people think they are above you because of the way they look or dress or where they grew up.


Sometimes it is difficult to get classes you may need for your major.


There aren't many things at UWEC that frustrate me. It is really an all around great place to learn and grow. Like everywhere else you get the occasional teacher that you aren't compatable with but other then that i am very happy with my decision to come here.


Sometimes I feel like many students are apathetic toward their education.


Something that can be frustrating here at UWEC is that people can be not so accepting of people who are different. Take for example my roommate, she is an amazing person who is kind, considerate, and supports her friends. The only problem is she likes to dress eclectic as I call it. I am proud that she has the confidence to carry this off but often times people look at her weird or whisper to their friends. She does not deserve this kind of treatment and I know that sometimes it really gets to her. This can be very frustrating.


For the most part, I love being at UW-Eau Claire. One thing that does get somewhat irritating is the hill. It can be a hassle to have to walk up and down it every day, especially in the cold. On the other hand, it is a good way to get some exercise if you have no other means or willpower to do so.


That they are so slow with the Finacial Aid process. Its just bring me more stress knowing that they aresn't finish with the finacial aid yet. That mean that I probably will have to take a loan out. This just make me mad and very stress out.


Recent decisions made by the Student Senate that will cause tuition increases. The Senate voted for a new student center, which I do not believe was necessary. They also voted to increasse tuition inorder to fund aspects of the university that I do not believe need more funding nor are of any benefit to me or anyone I know on campus.


All the drinking and drug use that goes on around campus dorms that the RA's, housing staff, and officers don't catch. This makes for a difficult time studying, when needed, or when one just wants to relax and have some peace while hanging out with friends.


Eau Claire as a school is a perfect size for me and so far the classes are not as bad as i could have ever imagined. The most frustrating thing for me is the extremly large hill that seperates the residential area from the buildings with all the classes in them. In order to get to my dorm room i have to walk up a large hill that is slippery in the winter and somewhat tortuous in the summer with the hotter temperatures. Walking down to class is not as bad, but over all walking up is the most frustrating.


it is hard to transfer here and find friends.


Its hard for me to work 2 jobs just to pay for my housing and food with the amount of time I also spend studying for classes.


The noisiness of the halls in the dorms during the evening hours of the weekend. Individuals that go out partying come back drunk and/or wild and disturb others from enjoying their weekend doing whatever they are doing.


The most frustrating thing about UW-Eau Claire is the amount of time you need to put into your education. It's a very difficult thing to adjust to at first, but it definitely pays off. Just make sure to put studies first and always do homework right away in case something should come up. Then go have fun when it's finished. Besides being safer, it is much less stressful knowing your homework is complete. You can just have fun without having to worry.


The food on campus is good but at times its lacking. The winter can get cold and walking across the bridge can be very cold.


The most frustrating thing is walking up the big hill in the middle of winter.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of conveniency to grocery stores, banks, and other shops near campus. There are not many resource stores within walking distance to campus however the bus system does prove useful for this problem.


Drinking community. It is a wisconsin culture - in order to have fun, you need to drink.


don't really know.


The extreme cold temperatures in the Winter months.


Walking across the bridge in the winter is extremely cold....low sub zero temperatures with wind chill are common


There are a few select teachers that stray quite a bit from the normal requirements of the classes everyone has to take to the point at which it is unfair. If a general class is given by serveral teachers, similar rubrics should be used because for those who recieve the higher challenging class, the grades tend to be lower, which is not fair.


quality of on-campus food; not enough vegetarian choices