University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that in college, you really learn about what it's like to gain true independency. You will not be around your friends for most of the school week, so it is important to remember to schedule times to meet with your friends and take a break from studies. Also, I wish I would have known it is expensive to join clubs and participate in the music program.


I wish I would have known how academically rigorous my classes were. I came into college underestimating the difficulty of my major and the work involved. It was not clear to me that these classes were going to require so much studying. I did study for all my classes but I could have done a better job doing so. With that being said, I am glad that my classes were as difficult as they were. I learned so much from them, such as study habbits, and it makes me that more excited to pursue my undergraduate career in biology.


I wish I had known how to practice better study habits, as well as learn better methods for saving money. It was a shock to come to college and see how quickly the money I had saved was spent on classes or bills. I also had to focus more on classes and studying because the teaching methods were so different than my high school classes.


I wish I had known how cold the winters were before I came to this school because walking across the bridge can really be painful at times. I am still happy with my decision to attend the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire though never the less.


I wish I had known what dorm life was actually like, if I had known the truth about dorm life I probably would not have been as worried as I was and would have taken the opportunity to move in early.


I would have liked to realize the reality of tuition costs, and been driven to prepare more by saving up for school and being more careful with my money. It also would have been nice to be more driven to seek after truth and God. Most of society is focused on this life, almost assuming that there's nothing after death to be worried about, but if there is, I believe that should be of upmost importance.


I wish I would've known how expensive everything is. I should've had a job in high school, and now I regret not ever having one.


I wish that I had fully understood the importance of doing well in high school because that GPA follows you. It doesn't take much for your GPA to start to slip, but it's a lot of work to pull it back up.


I wish I had known to get involved more than I had freshman year.


I wish I would have known that college was not as scary as it was portrayed to be. The amount of resources you are provided with, the moral support of your teacher and friends, and the yummy food is a great learning atmosphere.


I wish I would havea gotten a general overview of the material. I wish I would have known about this school earlier. I wish I would have taken care of all my school loans before coming here.


It is very secular and there are many different viewpoints other than your own as far as religous and political views. Often times professors will rant about a political or religious issue they feel very strongly about can be close-minded to other opinions. Also, there is no such thing as "an easy class" and each one requires a substantial amount of reading, completion of assignments, working on projects, and general studying outside of class time.


How bad the hill really was.


I wish I knew how to manage my time well at college. I know I have done real well with my studies previous years, but knowing what class to focus on more was challenging. My anatomy class took a lot of time, but I did not want to forget about my other classes.


I wish that I had known that you can start earlier with applications for scholarships. I applied for alot my senior year, but I think that if i had started earliuer than i would have had more sucess.


That financial aid is difficult to understand.


Before I have arrived to this school, I wished I knew how to prepare myself for education. I wasn't scared about being alone but I was scared of what I had to dealt academically.


It is okay not to know what you want to do with your life. Your freshman year just focus on taking generals.


I wish that before transfering to UW-Eau Claire I knew that my accounting credits I took at UW Oshkosh would transfer over to the Eau Claire system. I looked over all my electives and other classes but I assumed my accounting credits would transfer to another school within the same system.


The major I wanted to go into


I wish I would have known which AP and College in the Schools credits transferred, and how many credits you can recieve for them.


I wish that high school would have prepared me better for the challenge of studying and homework. I really did not have to spend hours doing homework in high school where as there is a greater demand for time management and hours in studying. Luckily, Eau Claire has given me steps and tools to adjust to this change.


I wish I had known how to plan my study time before I came to this school. Also, I wish I had known that it is easy to get bad grades if you do not follow each professor's syllables.


Housing availability and the resources that are actually available on campus. Also, how financial aid works and more ways to get involved around campus.


The only aspect of UW-Eau Claire that I wish I would have known before attending here is how beneficial it is to have smaller class sizes. The maximum number of students I have had in a class is around sixty, and had I known how much of an advantage this is, I would have chosen Eau Claire as my college much more quickly.


What I wanted to study. What people in the social work department were all about, they aren't bad people, I just would have liked to take the time to really make an informed decision about the people I would have to teach me.


I wish that I would have been more prepared for the work load that I was coming into, but then again, this isn't high school. I think that I had lower expectations on what was going to be expected out of me, which now, im glad its more than i anticipated.


I wish I had known that they was way too many opportunities to choose from and way too many thing you will want to do but cannot do because it would be too much.


In my senior year I didn't know what I wanted to do as a career and thus I applied to a school and went undecided. I truly wish that I would have taken 1-2 years off before returning to school to get out in the real world, explore, and make an informed decision on my career path. I feel as though I was pushed because it was the right thing to do and now I find myself going for a second bachelors degree in the field that I know I will love,.


I wish I would have known how devious the "hill" is. Im telling you it is such a great work out but will kill you at the same time. I also wish I would have looked more into clubs and scholarships available.


The opprotunities available in doing research.


I wish i would have learned more about the Student Senate and been provided with more information about student organizations that i could get invovled in around campus. I didn't know about alot of the oportunities here so I didn't get as invovled as i would have liked to this year.


There is not really anything that I do not feel I was adequately prepared for when coming to this school. While I was still in high school and making my decision about which college to attend, UW - Eau Claire's staff and students provided lots of information and were always willing to answer any questions I had.


I wish that I would have been more prepared for the college life. I wish some of my teachers in high school would have prepared me a little more for college itself. I do not think college would have been such a wake up call if I was a little more prepared. I was very intimidated with my first year of college and I think if I would have known a little more about what it was going to be like then I would have been more comfortable.


I wish I had known exactly what I wanted to do, that way I could have been more efficient in choosing my general classes.


I wish I had known being myself would bring me success in all aspects! I found happiness by just being my shoe obsessed-Catholic self! I thought college was all about partying, so I was intimidated, but there are so many extra-curricular activities to get involved in and groups to join, there is even a church right on campus! By getting involved in the things I had a strong passion for, I met friends and faculty that shared the same interests. Getting involved and being yourself is the best piece of advice I could give for students entering college!


I wish I had known more about the study abroad programs and available scholarships.


I wish that I would have known more about the facilities, but that's my fault.


I wish I had known that life is what you make it instead of being upset of what wasn't happening for me in my life.


Everything and anything about the universe in general.


I wish i had known it would not be as hard as people seem to think it is.


nothing, everything has worked out


I wish someone had told me to look up my professors on before registering for my classes.


Nothing, I wasn't surprised at all.


There is so much that you can be doing with your life...use your time to do things that are meaningful to you, and remember to live in the moment.


I wish I would have known more about Wisconsin before I cam here but other than that I can't think of anything.


I wish I would have known how awesome college would treat me and how much my life could change just by going to a University. This last school year I was blessed--I did very well in track and I am hopeful for Nationals this next season; I started a research project in molecular biology that my professor and I are counting on being published in a peer reviewed journal--allowing us to present our research at a national convention; finally, I was elected to be the Student Body President--which, has been the best expereince in my life, yet.


I wish I would have known to take micro economics before I took macroecomics. It was really hard to do the reverse and my advisor didn't give me very good advise as an incoming freshman.


I wish I had known that taking an 18 credit load was really easier than it sounded, and that I could have pulled an 18-credit load every semester


What the professors were like