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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would've told me how independent things would be in college and how much different the social setting was in college. In high school you're around people you've known for a while and some kids are judgmental and only focus on partying and looking good. Partying is a big part of college, but the people that aren't serious about college will get weeded out. This brings me to my other point, college is very independent. No one cares about your academics other than you. Even though that statement may not be completely true I suggest you think that way. That's how I thought all my college years and I am now an honors student and have several friends that have dropped out. They were unmotivated and couldn't handle the independence of college, in fact they abused that. No ones going to constantly make sure you're studying and doing homework, that's on you. Make sure you focus on that and get your stuff done and you will be great. I also wish I would've gotten involved in clubs and other school activities, it looks good on a resume and it makes the college experience that much better. Also make lots of friends that are serious about school. Have fun, but also study together.